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St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Danish cartoonist (of Mohammed) drew John Paul II holding up robes of altar boys to expose their BUTTS to SATIATE his bestial PAPAL JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who sodomized hundreds of thousands of little boys - with inscription - I am against homosexuality but for pedophilia. Read the vision of Paris Arrow on how Saint Michael the Archangel tied the giant millstone on John Paul II's neck at his last WYD in 2002 -- in the John Paul II Millstone post August 1, 2006. John Paul II's neck broke and Saint Michael threw him into a raging sea of fire... The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for (enough) good men - and good women - to do (and say) nothing. Youths of today, do not be deceived by the pathological lies of the Pope and the Vatican. The Vatican own the Swiss Banks where all moneys from corrupt regimes are hidden and poor peoples and poor countries are therefore perpetually oppressed....ABOLISH ALL VATICAN CONCORDATS THAT USURP BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM COUNTRIES that are already BURIED IN DEBTS!!! EXTERMINATE VATICAN MAMMON BEAST -- read our NEW BLOG: POPE FRANCIS the CON-Christ. Pretender &Impostor of Jesus

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

John L. Allen Jr supports Fr. Marcial Maciel and the Legion of Christ through his headline: 'True believers' on Maciel still kicking

Every newspaper emphasizes their top story and their support for a political ideology and candidate through the headline that they wish to advertise and give the most impact to their readers and the candidates or persons they want to give credence to. John L. Allen Jr has done just that to glorify Fr. Marcial Maciel on the eve of the hearing of Maciel’s pedophilia victims for the first time in the Vatican. John L. Allen Jr very craftily, like a snake, tells the whole world that Fr. Maciel’s “true believers” or supporters are “still kicking” meaning that they are alive and well and those victims who are going to the Vatican may as well forget about getting some jsutice because they will be subdued and overcome by the “true believers” of Fr. Marcial Maciel.

John Allen Jr is the best journalist that the Vatican Swiss Banks can buy and he feed the belly of the Serpent of Deception in his All Things Catholic weekly column.

Hi use of the best Catholic terminology of “True believers” is very crafty even if Fr. Maciel is one of the worst serial pedophile rapist-priest of the John Paul II Pedophile Rapists-Priests Army.

John Allen slept well in Rome when he was a resident correspondent there and now he lives in New York because it is the American Catholics that the Vatican want him to brainwash and control. John Allen slept well just like John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger slept well while thousands of pedophile priests raped little boys around the world.

It is imperative to read our related articles to understand who is this Pied Piper paid by the Vatican Swiss Banks to deceive and media-spin for John Paul II, Benedict XVI and fool all of the English Catholics worldwide.

Premier Vaticanista John L. Allen Jr describes his unlimited access into the Vatican and Papal apartments

Commentary on John L. Allen Jr 'Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis' in All Things Catholic

Benedict calls Cardinals for a one-day conference to tackle the 26+ years Clergy Sex Abuse of Biblical Proportions (with Vatican crocodile tears)

Benedict XVI and the Vatican are the worst pathological liars on earth. Benedict XVI is the mythomaniac of the 21st century!!!

John L. Allen Jr the most cold-blooded Vaticanista nullify SNAP and all victims' misery caused by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

John L. Allen Jr. deceptions call the Vatican as the 'little guy'

Benedict XVI appoints 24 Cardinals who will perpetuate Injustice in the Sacrament of Penance

Latin is not a mother tongue and therefore cannot be the “official language” of the Vatican. Why must the Vatican Bank be above all banks?

John L. Allen Jr of NCR is the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

John Allen (defender of the Vatican Trinity,i.e. John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Opus Dei) surreptitiously undermine SNAP's financial campaign

Biggest Vatican stories of the decade: John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions

John Paul II Titanic Ship hit not only by American iceberg of priest pedophilia, also Irish iceberg, German iceberg, Austrian...Canadian icebergs....

Vatican asks victims to see church as ally in fighting abuse is as preposterous if the Legion asked Fr. Maciel’s victims to see Legionaries as allies

Tracking John L. Allen Jr, the highest paid professional journalist paid both by NCR and the Vatican trillion dollar Bank

The Pied Piper led the children with his sweet music into the cave of deception and final damnation.

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II,
Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (Vatican Trinity, Opus Dei controlled the 26 years papacy of John Paul II and therefore was responsible in the cover-up of the John Paul II Pedophiloes Rapists-Priests Army )

'True believers' on Maciel still kicking

National Catholic Reporter
by John L Allen Jr on Feb. 02, 2011 NCR Today

Last fall, I wrote a piece on the progress of a Vatican-supervised reform of the Legionaries of Christ, the religious order founded by the late Mexican Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, in the wake of revelations that Maciel was guilty of various forms of sexual and financial misconduct.

At the time, I distinguished three currents with the Legionaries and their lay branch, Regnum Christi:

-“True believers,” who play down Maciel’s failures and see current events as a trial sent by God;
-“Realists,” who accept Maciel’s guilt and the need for reform, but who believe the vision and structures of the Legion are fundamentally sound;
-“Root and branch reformers,” who essentially want to start over, beginning with getting rid of the current crop of superiors.

Vatican to Hear from Victims of Legionaries Founder

Latin American Herald Tribune

VATICAN CITY – The papal delegate for the troubled Legionaries of Christ has set up a commission to help the victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by the order’s late founder, disgraced Mexican priest Marcial Maciel.

The Outreach Commission will “listen to the people who are requesting a response from the Legionaries of Christ because of Father Marcial Maciel or in relation to him,” the order said in a message posted Tuesday on its Web site.

Panel members are to prepare a detailed report that will be submitted to the man named by Pope Benedict XVI to oversee the order, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, who will then take decisions on what the Legionaries should do in each case.


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