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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Netherlands De-Baptism in Roman Catholic Church -- Mass exodus after scandals

Roman Catholic Church Mass exodus after scandals

Radio Netherlands

Last year some 23,000 Dutch abandoned the Roman Catholic Church because of the scandals over sexual abuse. In Germany and Austria, there were 123,000 and 80,000. The number of cancellations in Germany has direct impact on the income of the church. In the Netherlands, continues to damage to reputation

The Dutch figures are published by Kaski, the expertise of Religion and Society, Radboud University Nijmegen. Especially young people between twenty and forty years leave the church. Compared to 2009 is about one fourth more exits. Kaski expects more cancellations because not all parishes by the figures indicate.

Sexual Abuse

People leave the church mainly because the stories about sexual abuse. But that, according to Jean-Pierre Wils, professor of theology in the Netherlands, not the only reason. "Someone who has never thought about leaving the church will not do it alone as a result of such developments. Anyone who already have more about it, waiting for a reason to disconnect. "

Tens of thousands of Roman-Catholic faiths Europe flocked to leave the church as a result of sexual abuse scandals.

The exact figures are: Netherlands 23 thousand, 123 thousand German and Austrian 80 thousand. These new figures from last year alone. The one in Germany relating to the church, while that in the Netherlands caused damage to the image of the church.

Figures in the Netherlands is published Kaski, a center of religious studies and social life Radboud University of Groningen. This occurs especially among young people, ages 20 to 40 years. While in 2009, the number of people who left the church only one quarter. According to Kaski, this number will still increase because not all parishes are willing to give numbers.

Congregation left the church, especially since the news about sexual harassment. But according to Jean-Pierre Wils, Dutch professor of theology, it is not the only reason:

Jean Pierre Wils: "Someone who had never thought of leaving the church, will not do it because of one reason. While on the other hand, people who are thinking to leave, just looking for additional reasons to break with the church."


For Jean-Pierre Wils, the limit is two years ago when the church decided to return to forgive brotherhood Pius X ( "I'm not going to be a member of the extremist organizations that tolerate that kind," said Wils. Sexual harassment scandal only reinforces the reasons for him leaving the church.

Wils Europe can assess the situation properly because she was born in Belgium, working in the Netherlands and lived in Germany. While in the Netherlands wave of exodus leaving the church has gone, in Germany and Belgium are continuing. "In Germany, every year there are just people cancel the membership because they have to pay church tax. In Belgium, it is also rapid." The situation in Belgium can be followed on the internet. Many online forums where fellow citizens of Belgium to give advice about it.

Gloomy Past

One of the open mouth in the forums is John Kessel (55). He is Dutch, but living in Belgium. For years Kessel became victims of sexual abuse a brother of the monastery of Saint Louis in a Dutch village, Oudenbosch. He decided to pour his story and leave the church at (), to leave his past that smears . But he blocked the rules of the church.

John Kessel: I heard from the diocese of Breda how to withdraw from the list of the congregation at the church. But it was not enough. Your name was given additional information in the list of congregations. The message is, you have to think about your fellow human beings and Christianity, and forget the puppets under the pretext of the bishop.

Relative Figures

John Kessel did not want anymore trouble to cancel its membership in the church. He has been away from church, but remained faithful. The story also shows that the number of congregations that left the Roman Catholic church is relatively small. In 2009 there were 4.212 million registered churches in the Dutch Catholic Church. Decline of 23 thousand people do not carry a financial impact for the Roman Catholic church.

But at other German again, because it will impact on bekurangnya subdsidi against the church. In the Netherlands, there are government funds for the maintenance of monuments and the establishment of social projects, and it does not depend on the number of registered congregations. According to research last year, there are 1700 residents who terminate their membership catholic.


The resignation of the church in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria by theologian Jean-Pierre Wilss not bring big changes.

Pierre Wills: All calls, for example last week of representatives of the German parliament to remove the celibacy, it was rebuffed. I guess everyone who dreams of becoming more liberal churches must be ready to accept the fact that all this is just an illusion. This institution will not change.

Translated from

artikel: Eksodus Jemaat Gereja Selepas Skandal
Puluhan ribu penganut agama Roma-Katolik Eropa berbondong-bondong meninggalkan gereja sebagai akibat skandal pelecehan seksual.

Massale uittocht rk-kerk na schandalen

Radio Nederland

4 feb 2011

Zo'n 23.000 Nederlanders hebben vorig jaar de rooms-katholieke kerk verlaten als gevolg van de schandalen over seksueel misbruik. In Duitsland en Oostenrijk waren dat er 123.000 en 80.000. Het aantal afmeldingen heeft in Duitsland direct gevolg voor de inkomsten van de kerk. In Nederland blijft het bij imagoschade

De Nederlandse cijfers zijn bekendgemaakt door Kaski, het expertisecentrum religie en samenleving van de Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen. Vooral jonge mensen tussen de twintig en veertig jaar verlaten de kerk. In vergelijking met 2009 gaat het om een kwart meer uitschrijvingen. Kaski verwacht nog meer afmeldingen omdat niet alle parochies de cijfers doorgeven.

Seksueel Misbruik
Mensen verlaten de kerk vooral vanwege de verhalen over seksueel misbruik. Maar dat is volgens Jean-Pierre Wils, hoogleraar theologie in Nederland, niet de enige reden. 'Iemand die nooit heeft nagedacht over het verlaten van de kerk zal dat niet alleen doen naar aanleiding van dit soort ontwikkelingen. Wie daar al wel langer over nadenkt, zit te wachten op een aanleiding om de verbinding te verbreken.'



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