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Sunday, November 16, 2008

John Paul II's clone Bishop Braxton of Chicago protect-in-court Pedophile Priest

Bishop Edward Kenneth Braxton was made a bishop by Pope John Paul II since 1995 and of Chicago in March 2005, among the last ones he appointed before he died. And now Bishop Braxton is appealing the courts to drop charges against a pedophile priests.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Bishop Braxton is covering-up pedophile priests -- in action -- in the court. Inspite of the $ 2 Billion dollars paid settlements and 12,000 American victims, this Bishop clone of John Paul II still does not get it and will always cast out victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests who have no room in the Catholic church.

Opus Dei selected all Bishops and Cardinals during John Paul II’s term and now for Benedict XVI and until the imminent demise of the Vatican. The ``holiness`` of Opus Dei means nothing and does nothing for victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. The Opus Dei is there to guard the wealth of the Vatican and its own members. All other Catholics are useless and disposable members. The thousands of little altar boys only served the homosexual pedophiliac lusts of priests and now Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei do not want to hear of them.

The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven no longer exist under the Pope Benedict XVI who is simply presiding the Vatican Bank and its daily deposit of 5 BILLION Euros annually from diplomats who have diplomatic immunity. The Opus Dei are lawyers, bankers and politicians guarding the trillions of the Vatican like pythons guarding the treasures of Satan on earth!


Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008

SNAP urges Bishop Braxton to drop appeal of sex abuse case
Appellate court ruled against diocese

BY SCOTT WUERZ - News-Democrat

Members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests on Monday delivered a letter to Belleville Bishop Edward Braxton asking him to drop an appeal aimed at throwing out a 1984 abuse case brought by an O’Fallon man’s case.

“Just six months ago, during his U.S. visit, the pope told bishops and Catholics to ‘do everything possible’ to help victims of pedophile priests heal,” David Clohessy, national director of SNAP wrote to Braxton. “Do you think he meant forcing victims like Chris Amenn to wait years and years for healing, justice and closure?”

A reporter who visited Braxton’s office Monday seeking a response was told by a secretary that he was not available.

Amenn, who handed the letter to a Braxton staff member, filed a lawsuit against the Belleville Diocese in 2003 stating he was molested as a youth by a priest, the Rev. Kenneth Roberts. The diocese countered that the case should be thrown out because the abuse is alleged to have happened in 1984, when Amenn was 14 years old, and the statute of limitations has run out. In March, the 5th District Appellate Court in Mount Vernon ruled in a 2-1 decision that the case could go forward.

Braxton appealed the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court, which has not yet announced whether it will hear the case.

“If he thinks Roberts is innocent, why would the bishop appeal the ruling?” Clohessy asked of the appellate court decision. “Argue the merit of the case, not technicalities.”

Amenn, who is now a St. Louis firefighter, said it is important to him to fight on to make sure the case is eventually heard, no matter how long it takes.

“This is bigger than me now,” Amenn said. “This is about protecting innocent people who can’t speak for themselves. I hope the Supreme Court hears this case and upholds the appellate court’s decision.”

Braxton told members of the Belleville Diocese in a letter earlier this year that the decision was made to fight cases like Amenn’s because the church could not afford to pay the multimillion judgments that have been awarded in similar cases across the country.

Anne Harter, of the Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity, said that argument isn’t logical because the church is spending tens of thousands of dollars meant for programs to help the sick and the poor on legal fees to defend itself.

“What nerve they have to whine about the ministries not having enough funds,” Harter said.

Contact reporter Scott Wuerz at or 239-2626.

* * *

Here is SNAP’s letter to Bishop Braxton:

Dear Bishop Braxton:

You of course have a legal right to appeal last week’s decision against your diocese and Fr. Kenneth J. Roberts, a notorious serial predator priest who’s been suspended, faces several accusations, yet walks free because of archaic state laws and self-serving secrecy by church officials. We firmly believe, however, that not every legal maneuver is moral, however, especially when they are exploited by powerful church officials for their own benefit and to let a child molesting clergyman escape responsibility for his devastating crimes.

Roberts is so irresponsible that he has been found guilty of violating his own suspension. By all accounts, he is a charming, charismatic, well-educated man, which of course makes him all the more dangerous. To take advantage of your vast resources and high-priced lawyers and shrewd legal moves to protect yourself is shameful. To do so while simultaneously rubbing salt into already deep and still fresh wounds of Roberts’ victims is worse. And worst of all is to take such expensive steps using the donations of generous Catholics to benefit a known child predator and keep vulnerable kids are risk.

So we implore you: please let just this one victim, who suffered a horrific crime as a child from this cunning predator, have his day in court. Please allow Chris Amenn his chance to warn parents and educate the public about Roberts, and thereby protect innocent kids from him and hold him accountable for just one of his many criminal actions.

You may say you’re concerned about diocesan assets, and even claim that it’s your job to be a good “steward” of church finances. There’s obviously a shred of truth in that. However, such narrow, short-sighted attitudes are in large part the cause of the church’s widespread, devastating and on-going child molestation and cover up scandal. Hundreds of your colleagues have voiced similar sentiments, putting short term monetary considerations over the long-term health of the church, not to mention the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of thousands of children).

We beg you to make a wiser, more courageous and morally sound choice. We ask that you put the safety of children, the healing of victims and the overall benefit of the church itself (particularly the trusting, generous parishioners) above the short term fear of your predecessor or your top staff, of having to face tough questions in open court about how much they knew and how little they did about Roberts’ crimes.

Please consider, too, the morale and faith of your flock. How reassuring and inspiring it would be to them to see you act in a truly pastoral way. How comforting it would be to them to witness their bishop breaking with the tired, hurtful and self-destructive and legalistic patterns of the church hierarchy. How refreshing it would be to them to be able to tell their friends and families and neighbors “Our bishop is different. He’s not spending thousands in court fighting child sex abuse victims and preserving secrecy and evading responsibility.” We believe that Catholics across the country, not just in your diocese, would heartily applaud such courage and compassion.

So please give serious consideration to our simple request. Please give Chris his day in court. Please let him bring public attention to this dangerous predator. Please shun the predictable, narrow-minded advice of your defense lawyers and PR advisors. Please act as Jesus would. Please do what’s right.

Jeff Mueller

Southern Illinois SNAP Leader

David Clohessy

National Director

Barbara Dorris

Outreach Director

6245 Westminster Place

Saint Louis, MO 63130


2 Responses to “Must Read: SNAP urges Belleville (IL) Bishop Braxton to drop appeal of sex abuse case”

October 28, 2008 at 4:29 pm
“Braxton told members of the Belleville Diocese in a letter earlier this year that the decision was made to fight cases like Amenn’s because the church could not afford to pay the multimillion judgments that have been awarded in similar cases across the country.”


Bishops like Braxton are an embarrassment to all the PEOPLE OF GOD.

Braxton together with his fellows, the most notorious being Cardinal Mahony of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, have been spending millions upon million of dollars opposing victims’ lawsuits for years. Add to more millions for PR people, lobbyists, more lawyers, etc., etc., and he dares to say that?

HUBRIS AND CHUTZPAH BIG TIME! Since when did Jesus say to do right by “these least of my little ones,” except if it has a high price tag?

We all have suffered for the conspiracy, collusion and cover-ups by our bishops of rogue pedophile priests these past fifty years.


Thomas Says:

October 28, 2008 at 6:08 pm
This man who is nolonger an abused child will not be abused again by persons representing the Church of Rome. It doesn’t matter if Belleville and Bishop Braxton believe that they have funds for settlement or not…child abuse is now and was then against the law and when persons are harmed by criminals, there should be restitution. Jesus spoke highly of children and it shames us all to know that those who have represented what we believed in for all of these years have let us down. Send the trial to Chicago….or any other county of choice…the voice of the people will not be ignored—what is wrong in one dioceses is wrong in another, what is wrong in one court is wrong in another, what is wrong for one representative of God is wrong for another…and, the American people will protect their children regardless of who the perpertrator is. Of course Bishop Braxton inherited this issue by default but one cannot accept responsibility and liability for it and hope that it goes away. Healing cannot come through ignorance…we all have to defend what is right!


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