John Paul II Millstone

St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Danish cartoonist (of Mohammed) drew John Paul II holding up robes of altar boys to expose their BUTTS to SATIATE his bestial PAPAL JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who sodomized hundreds of thousands of little boys - with inscription - I am against homosexuality but for pedophilia. Read the vision of Paris Arrow on how Saint Michael the Archangel tied the giant millstone on John Paul II's neck at his last WYD in 2002 -- in the John Paul II Millstone post August 1, 2006. John Paul II's neck broke and Saint Michael threw him into a raging sea of fire... The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for (enough) good men - and good women - to do (and say) nothing. Youths of today, do not be deceived by the pathological lies of the Pope and the Vatican. The Vatican own the Swiss Banks where all moneys from corrupt regimes are hidden and poor peoples and poor countries are therefore perpetually oppressed....ABOLISH ALL VATICAN CONCORDATS THAT USURP BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM COUNTRIES that are already BURIED IN DEBTS!!! EXTERMINATE VATICAN MAMMON BEAST -- read our NEW BLOG: POPE FRANCIS the CON-Christ. Pretender &Impostor of Jesus

Saturday, September 13, 2008

9/11 USA -- Pope John Paul II guilty of 26 years of JPIIPedophile Priests Army

St. Michael the Archangel stand over Pope John Paul II guilty of 26 years of the most heinous crime agaisnt children in the history of Christianity.

In 2006 when we first started our weblogs, we immediately posted the victims of John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army doubling that of 9⁄11 .... and then we slowly introduced Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei as cohorts-in-crime- in the most heinous crime of priest pedophilia of the 20th century. St. Michael the Archangel and Our Lady of Guadalupe requests us to persevere in our mission of truth -- to expose that John Paul II does not deserve to be called a "saint" by American children in this generation and in all generations to come. John Paul II did NOTHING to free them from priest pedophilia for the 26 years when he was pope and that is because his General of the Third Reich Cardinal Ratzinger and his media-army the Opus Dei controlled him and covered-up the priest pedophilia in order to portray a “pure and great papacy”.

This table of John Paul II with Osama ben Laden will go down in history and the Opus Dei can never erased this especially from American history no matter how much they employ their professional journalist-liars par excellence headed by John Allen of the ncr cafe.

9⁄11 is here again and it is time to remember the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army that are double those of the 9⁄11 victims.

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,448 priests - John Paul II + Benedict XVI + Opus Dei (the new Roman Catholic Trinity! the Vatican Trinity)


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