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Saturday, February 02, 2008

John Paul II muting VOTF Voice of the Faithful

This letter (below) of chairman Bill Casey distancing VOTF Board of Trustees from Fr. Tom Doyle marks a very sad day in America and our constitution that guarantees freedom of speech. The worst part about Opus Dei is that there is no freedom of speech and it demands absolute obedience to the Pope, John Paul II and to St? Josemaria Escriva......or we "go to Hell"! The VOTF is infiltrated by Opus Dei footsoldiers, MOLES and spies...I have been right all along in saying this bold statement and this letter of the Board of Trustees of VOTF ousting Fr. Tom Doyle proves my allegations right. Therefore, with Fr. Richard McBrien, Janet Hauter and now Bill Casey and VOTF Board of Trustees, Octopus Dei's tentacles have finally engulfed the heads and throats of the Board of Trustees. That is a typical Opus Dei strategy -- conquer the head and you've conquered the entire body. So Opus Dei have conquered the VOTF through its Board of Trustees.

This is a sad day for Americans who have looked up to the VOTF for legitimate reforms in the church...but when one door closes another opens and "All roads lead to Rome" indeed... because as VOTF shuts its voice in Rome La Sapienza University science faculty and students just shut off the voice of Benedict XVI hence opening the voice of "WISDOM" of us the Laity -- yes, La Sapienza by protesting the Pope and his Opus Dei written speech and visit at their school opening day last January, the Pope cancelled his visit...and now he trembles, yes the Pope and Opus Dei trembles before full La Sapienza protest coverage here.

In 1982 Fr. Tom Doyle was fired from his job as Chaplain of the US Navy for whistleblowing the priest pedophilia reality and because John Paul II and the church didn't want to hear about it. Today, 26 years later, over a quarter of a century later the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI also don't want to hear about this any longer especially after the church has already paid more than $3Billion to the victims. Opus Dei want the VOTF to be "a meek and mild voice " - speaking only about issues that are unalterable and impertinent to lives and safety of children, such as the ordination of women, which are really outside-the-vein and "harmless" to the institutional church. Opus Dei want to bury the priest-pedophilia John Paul left behind so they can canonize JPII saint as soon as possible. With a Saint? John Paul II together with St? Josemaria Escriba, Opus Dei plan to make them both as the WORD OF GOD...and through them they plan to achieve WORLD DOMINATION and rule the church of the 21st century in a fantasy land of live happily every after amidst Zeffirelli movie production at the Vatican Television daily.

Fr. Tom Doyle in the last paragraph of his letter to VOTF said:
Is there any hope at all? Yes! The hope is not in the institution or in bureaucratic policies, programs or empty pronouncements.

Alas VOTF Bill Casey and Board of Trustees have opted to join the institution.

Alas VOTF has been muted on its throat engulfed by the Octopus Dei tentacles.

Alas for America -- there is no hope in VOTF

We need to be bold like the La Sapienza University science professors and students who protested and successfully made Benedict XVI cancel his visit and speech on their opening school day last January.

It is ironic that the American VOTF Voice of the Faithful has now been muted by John Paul II from his grave through the Octopus Dei ...but meanwhile in the heart of Rome the B16-OD Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship has been hit by the Galileo Iceberg.


Thanks to Voice from the Desert with just and fitting comments by Frank Douglas in italics.

February 2, 2008

Yesterday I found in my email inbox the latest issue of In the Vineyard, the Voice of the Faithful's (VOTF) email-based electronic newsletter regularly mailed to all registered VOTF members.

I was shocked and dismayed when I read the letter from Bill Casey, Chair of VOTF's Board of Trustees to Tom Doyle, a long-time friend of VOTF's. Casey's letter responds to Tom Doyle's essay on VOTF and the Reform of the Governmental Structure of the Catholic Church...

Casey, writing on behalf of the Board, distances himself and the Board from one of VOTF's best friends and a true modern prophet.


VOTF Board of Trustees Distances Itself from Tom Doyle

Letter of Chair of the Board, Bill Casey

January 29, 2008
Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C.
9700 Woodland Glen Court
Vienna, VA 22182

Dear Tom,

I am writing on behalf of VOTF’s Board of Trustees, most of whom you personally know. You also know that we all hold you in high regard and are forever grateful for your leadership on sexual abuse, your support for survivors, and your help to VOTF as we have struggled to respond to the ongoing crisis in our church.

The trustees, all volunteers, met last weekend and of course we discussed your recent critical statements about VOTF. We agree that VOTF can do better, but we do disagree on some important points.

Voice of the Faithful has been a movement of women and men who believe that the Catholic Church is more than a mere human institution. Our church has certainly never been perfect and it has always needed reform. We Vatican II Catholics have learned that anew as we witnessed the continuing failures of the institutional church.

It has been our conviction that we should do our best to reform the church by affirming our shared responsibility for its life and work here and now, most especially in response to the corruption revealed in the sex abuse crisis. We continue to believe that we should work to strengthen the voice of the laity in the governance and guidance of the church and claim the laity’s rightful place in decisions being made every day. Our members and our leaders do not believe that the church will be best served by giving up on Vatican II reforms. Your suggestion that such efforts are a distraction from the pressing work of reform is a judgment with which we respectfully, but profoundly, disagree.

We fear that your call to abandon efforts to influence church decision-making amounts to a surrender of the church, its parishes, and its ministries to the evils of clericalism and hierarchical power.

Tom Doyle’s prophetic words and acts of compassion to clergy sex abuse survivors have motivated thousands of VOTF members. To twist Tom Doyle’s words and to use emotion-laden words like these demonstrate an inability to hear a friend’s plea for a major mid-course correction in VOTF’s present trajectory.

We have had similar disagreements with friends in other Catholic reform organizations, and within our own membership. We, respectfully, yet profoundly, reject the proposal to turn away from the existing structure [this misrepresents what Tom has written], or to confine our work to the one goal of advocacy for survivors of abuse, important as that advocacy has been, and will continue to be, to VOTF’s mission. From the start, we have argued that we serve the interests of survivors by keeping the faith [faith in whom? The corrupt institution? The enabling bishops? Or the gospel message of compassion and justice?] and trying as best we can to change the church.

Survivor support was the foundational motivation of VOTF, but it was always connected with support for priests of integrity and working for structural reform. The three goals existed together from the outset of VOTF. They are three children of the same Catholic parents. Call us foolish, if you will, but we will not choose among them!

We believe that the Catholic Church, its institutions, and ministries, built over generations by our American Catholic forebears [and controlled by an unaccountable clerical culture enabled by a compliant laity], are worth fighting for, even if its ordained leaders [to call the bishops leaders is inaccurate; the next time you write, Bill, I suggest that you use the term church officials] resist our efforts. The desire to achieve justice for survivors of sexual abuse also opened our eyes to the underlying evils of clericalism. The root problem is the clerical nature of the institution [and the attendant fear, denial, and silence that grips the laity], and restriction of power to the ordained [the power of the ordained is enabled by the learned powerlessness, and silence, and timidity of the laity]. This condition was not always true, nor is it likely to last into eternity. We can shape a different future [how do we do this, Bill?], but only if we make the effort to do so with intelligence, imagination and perseverance. Good people differ over how best to carry out our call to change the church, and we need to remain in conversation [conversation is fine, but action speaks louder than words] as we work as best we can to build a movement for genuine reform.

In a recent Commonweal article, VOTF Board members Bill Casey and David O’Brien wrote, “The bishops are deeply attached to a closed system of governance, which they claim is required to ensure the unity and orthodoxy of the church. Even on financial matters, personnel, and pastoral planning, most bishops continue to insist on total control, an attitude that has no persuasive theological justification.”

In response, Robert Blair Kaiser wrote on this blog, “If VOTF’s leaders know how to correct this situation, they seem reluctant to say so.”

After 6 years of existence, what has VOTF accomplished in the area of structural reform? There has been lots of talk, but no plan and no action. It’s obvious that we need a new approach and new leaders.

Call us naive, Tom. We have been called worse. Call us misguided, if you will, but we must endure on the course that seems right to us.

It may seem right to the Board of Trustees, but what do VOTF’s members say?

The laity’s time will come one day, and ours will be a better church when that day arrives.

The laity’s time is now. Now is the time for action. Our ship has come in. It’s at the dock. All we have do is climb aboard and take control.

Until then, our resolute choice is to continue the journey on the path we have chosen since our founding and is guided by our mission statement: To provide a prayerful voice, attentive to the Spirit, through which the Faithful can actively participate in the governance and guidance of the Catholic Church.

It’s time for a more realistic, more action-oriented mission statement.

We hope and pray that even if we can only agree to disagree over our reform efforts, you will continue to regard us as friends, seek with us opportunities for dialogue and collaboration, and keep us in your prayers. We intend to do the same for you.

Per our earlier conversation, I look forward to an opportunity shortly to meet with you to discuss your views in more detail and share ours with you. Given that many VOTF members have read and commented on your recent statements about VOTF and its future, we also intend to circulate this response within our membership.


Bill Casey, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Dan Bartley
Ron DuBois
Mary Pat Fox
John Hushon
Elia Marnik
David O’Brien
Jayne O’Donnell
Jim Post
Dan Sullivan


The verb "muting" was chosen because it is most appropriate to what John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Octopus Dei have done to VOTF.


Removal of the capacity of an animal to make a loud call. In the dog this is done by removal of a small part of each vocal cord.

VOTF's capacity to make a loud call has been Octopus Dei's removal of each of the Board of Trustees' vocal cord.


My prophetic VOTF posts: John Paul II squashes VOTF Voice of the Faithhful through Fr. Richard McBrien. Written after the VOTF national convention in October 22, 2007.

John Paul II clone Cardinal George and The Mole in VOTF -- I was called preposterous, libel and slander, "person with dirt in the head and go to confession and do penance" by Mother Angelica, adviser of The Mole in VOTF.

Well, thanks to Mother Angelica's despotic Octopus Dei recipe -- with Fr. Tom Doyle, I am in Good Company!

And Mille Grazie to La Sapienza University in Rome for PROVING ME RIGHT and PROVING MY WEBLOGS RIGHT!


Listen to Fr. Tom Doyle interviewed in YouTube
explaining how the Pope covered up clergy sexual abuse

"Sex Crimes and Vatican" - Epicenter in Boston in USA

"Sex Crimes and the Vatican"


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