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Monday, October 22, 2007

John Paul II squashes Voice of the Faithful via Fr. Richard McBrien

It is not a surprise, that Voice of the Faithful (one of the original defenders of clergy abuse victims in Boston) has now kowtowed to the Opus Dei -- through Fr. Richard McBrien, their main speaker in their recent (floundering membership and funds) meeting . What a joke, the American Opus Dei puppet mouthpiece and Cardinal Mahony ghost writer delivering a major speech at the Voice of the Faithful national convention.

It was a good sign that SNAP president David Clohessy and other survivors dared speak up against the "Voice" that has changed its tune and now prefer to holler instead about some unforseeable century of "married priest" (barking at a 2,000 years eunuch dogma)- and abandon their original cause for the victims of clergy sexual abuse of the 20th century under the John Paul II the Great quarter of a century papacy. Perhaps if VOTF are to financially survive they'll have to eat out of the the Opus Dei billionaire tentacles.

"What must seem like a bombshell to Rhode Island citizens may seem to [Voice of the Faithful] members as yet another disturbing revelation in a long litany of them," said David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, who said he was a victim of abuse and who joined a dozen other protesters on the sidewalk outside the convention center".

Fr. McBrien past barkings against John Paul II up to 2005

Fr. McBrien used to be a lion who roared and critiqued JPII and the papacy, but now he has become a meek elephant tied and captured by the Octopus Dei tentacle. Fr. McBrien is a permanent columnist for Cardinal Mahony's The Tidings and sings praises to Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei. What else would you expect him to say to the Voice of the Faithful except what Cardinal Mahony "instruct" him to say so.

McBrien never praised John Paul II, the whole world knew it. As the Globe and Mail took consensus on JPII in July 2002 for his (last) trip to North America, it reported:
At the same time, another widely known U.S. Catholic theologian, Notre Dame's Rev. Richard McBrien, puts John Paul's name neither on his list of outstanding popes nor on his list of "good or above average" ones.

On April 4, 2005 on the death of JPII, "Yet Rev. Richard McBrien, University of Notre Dame professor of theology, though ranking John Paul II as historically significant, did not include him in his list of good or outstanding popes in his book Lives of the Popes".

Fr. McBrien in Opus Dei's website 2006 (still a rebel against Opus Dei)

Opus Dei's own website qouted Fr, McBrien connecting him to the Da Vinci Code:

Dan Brown’s novel portrays Opus Dei as a powerful force for regression, which is exactly how the prelature is seen by Vatican II-era progressive Catholics, whose hopes for reform (such as the admission of women into the priesthood and a more liberal policy on contraception) have long been frustrated. As John Paul neared death, Father Richard McBrien, of the University of Notre Dame, a consistent liberal voice, said that one of his complaints against John Paul was his affinity for Opus Dei. “Opus Dei is as close to a fascist organization [as there is] in the Catholic Church,” he told me last year. “They’re a very, very definite, militant, ultra-conservative group in the Church, who are basically trying to undo the work of the Second Vatican Council. In this Pope, they had a willing ally, because there was a quid pro quo. They gave him a lot of money and a lot of support for his efforts, going way back, to support the Solidarity movement in Poland. And they had a great influence in John Paul’s pontificate.”

That deeply critical view of Opus Dei is reflected by Brown in “The Da Vinci Code,” except that Brown’s quid pro quo involves an Opus Dei bailout of the Vatican bank, repaid, in part, by fast-tracked sainthood for Father Escrivá...

Fr. McBrien today, a herald servant for Opus Dei 2007

So like the Voice of the Faithful whose focus he is redirecting, today Fr. McBrien has sold his soul to Mahony and the Opus Dei. Opus Dei "courted" McBrien and they succeeded. If Josemaria could court Franco and Pinochet, McBrien is peanuts!

You want proof? No hardcore evidence, you say? Again, it is always the Octopus Dei very subtle snake ploy. Recently in Mahony's The Tidings, on June 22, 2007, in a column entitled "Converts to Catholicism" Fr. McBrien put American Opus Dei Fr. McCloskey (photo) in the same caliber as Bishop Sheen. But he did not give the actual name of this "Opus Dei" priest, only a slight mention of the (powerful) office he runs in Washington DC (the nation's capital! Where else? The Opus Dei always control politicians of the top echelon right in the heart of the nation. You will not find them wasting their time and dirtying their elite hands in the farmland of Iowa!)

Fr. McBrien beatified (OD herald and mouthpiece) a living Opus Dei priest alongside Bishop Sheen in this professional journalistic manner:

"Bishop Sheen is no longer with us, and there is no Catholic comparable to him who functions in the same capacity. But a priest in Washington, D.C., who runs the Catholic Information Center there and is a member of Opus Dei, has been doing an impressive job of drawing fellow conservatives into the Church." (Bold emphasis added)

Interpretation: There is no American Catholic at par with Bishop Sheen except Opus Dei priest Fr. McCloskey, the most powerful Opus Dei priest in the USA!

This is a typical Opus Dei tentacle strategy as they secretly put their SAINT(?) Josemaria at par with SAINT(?) John Paul II in the world.

And through Fr. McBrien, they place a living Opus Dei priest at par with Bishop Sheen in America.

Bishop Sheen = Fr. McCloskey

Opus Dei Fr. McCloskey = Bishop Fulton Sheen

This Opus Dei saintly recipe in the saint-factory at the Vatican is recipe for theological diarrhea!

Just like the way they put Bishop Sheen at par with St. Theresa the Little Flower, the Doctor of the Church! Catholic brainwashing in action!

Bishop Sheen = St. Theresa

Bishop Sheen = Fr. McCloskey

Fr. McCloskey = Bishop Sheen = St. Theresa

What an Octopus Dei narcissism! What an Octopus Dei tentacle media spin!

Do you get the picture yet of Opus Dei a.k.a. Octopus Dei?

Opus Dei is quashing Voice of the Faithful by letting them focus only on the issue of marriage for priesthood (keep barking at the wrong tree) - and nothing for the clergy abuse victims.

Opus Dei will make SNAP disappear like a sniff in history.

All organization like Voice of the Faithful, as ALL theologians have, will abandon SNAP and clergy abuse victims!

The only OXYGEN left for SNAP to survive - and thrive - is to be the voice of the Achilles Heel of John Paul II and the hundreds of thousands of victims of his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army worldwide.

America is the first and last bastion of justice for the victims of JPIIPPA as $2.3 Billion was paid to victims thanks to the secular (not church) lawyers who sacrificed their time and personal money.

Now Bishop Brom by order of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei want Catholics in San Diego to donate $25 million (the only amount missing? a small change in San Diego's $6 Billion+ coffer)) to complete its $200 million penalty. What a snake ploy of Octopus Dei as it fools Catholics again through its media spin - as it owns LA TIMES and major media outlets in the USA and worldwide.

Lord, save us from the Octopus Dei tentacles, the new dinosaurs MASTER of the Vatican and the world.

WORLD DOMINATION is the only obsession of Josemaria through the FACE of John Paul II

Wake up, SNAP! Wake up, America!

Benedict and SNAP do not mix. So Opus Dei sends McBrien to quiet down the Voice of the Faithful and make the group become another "servant" of the Octopus Dei, thus, also taking down SNAP with them.

The only way you at SNAP are to remain "breathing" with some oxygen - thus relevance - is to protest the canonization of John Paul II and hold an annual vigil on behalf of clergy abuse victims -- on April 2 (JPII liturgical feastday) - and on October 16, his 26 years papacy anniversary.

SNAP, if you do these protests annually and call on the Achilles Heel of JPII -- SNAP will remain VITAL to children around the world - especially the tens of thousands of cases in Third World countries that will never come to light because Opus Dei are bribing the judges and lawyers - just like they have bought Fr. Richard McBrien's soul! Imagine how "easy" it is to buy the souls of those Third World countries lawyers and judges who have no theological backbone like Fr. McBrien.

Use SNAP to BOYCOTT ALL John Paul II medals, statues, rosaries, etc. This protest is your LAST CHANCE for some oxygen in the clergy sexual abuse movie that is ending and a new movie starring JPII and Josemaria is unfolding subtly......

Links: SNAP statements in Cardinal Bertone's response to clergy abuse

The difference between the Jesuit Jon Sobrino and Fr. Richard McBrien is this: Sobrino refused to kowtow to Opus Dei and therefore was silenced by the Ops Dei Bishop in El Salvador and is now forbidden to teach even to the poor whom he has served and loved all his life as a missionary from Spain.

While Richard McBrien kowtowed to Opus Dei, got a lucrative job at the Tidings of Mahony and party with the $1Billion a year income from oil revenue which the LA Archdiocese inherited from a wealthy mistress of a California heir -- which Mahony gets to manage and ship to the Vatican Bank in Rome. No wonder, not one theologian dared criticize Mahony on the clergy abuse, they have all been bought like Fr. McBrien!


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