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St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

John Paul II canonized an Italian-missionary-rapist-priest in China and fascist-Franco ally Escriba

John Paul: A loveless legacy

Sandhya Jain
Daily Pioneer
April 18, 2005

Seemingly, all roads led to Vatican City last week. Virtually all political eminences of the Western world, as also national and spiritual dignitaries of other countries and religious traditions, flocked to pay respects to the Bishop of Rome, shepherd of the Roman Catholic Church, who had one of the best attended funerals in world history. Through all the solemn grandeur of the ceremony, however, one noted with admiration the silent dissent of the People's Republic of China, which simply stayed at home.

Unlike India's political elite, who seek international endorsement through self-abasement and compromise, China's mandarins demand respect through dogged assertion of national pride. Western media hype over the funeral of John Paul II did not send Beijing scurrying to send a representative for a photo-op with George Bush or Cardinal Ratzinger. Instead, the atheist regime remembered how the Chinese people suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church and how the late Pope bestowed sainthood upon 120 "evil-doing sinners".

Bishop Fu Tieshan of the state-run Catholic Church said: "Some of those canonised" perpetrated outrages such as raping and looting in China and committed unforgivable crimes" (Associated Press, October 1, 2000). One saint was Albericus Crescitelli, an Italian missionary who died in the anti-Western, anti-Christian Boxer uprising. He "was notorious for taking the 'right of the first night' of each bride under his diocese," according to the State Administration of Religious Affairs.

---Insert from another source:

An Italian missionary Albericus Crescitelli (1863-1900) with a Chinese name "Guo Xide" still stirs anger and feelings of humiliation amongst people of the Yanzibian area of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province. B The Italian went to this Chinese area to preach in 1898 and ordered that all the daughters of his church followers be "baptized" by him on the eve of marriage. He then raped every one of them. The wives of all local Christians of Chinese areas Pan Changfu, Zheng Ganren and Yang Hai had all been raped by the missionary before marriage. He stole land and property from the people and forcibly pillaged their fortunes. He actively converted local tyrants, bandits and hooligans to help him extort "taxes" and labor services. In 1898, the area was severely flooded, and Albericus Crescitelli was "authorized" to hand out government aid from the Qing Dynasty government. But he told the suffering peasants they had to join his church in order to get more aid as is being done to the tsunami victims of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh as reported widely in all newspapers. He also ran a blade company in China and lent the money to peasants at an exorbitant interest rate. The local christians who had Italian children by the missionary, decided that they could no longer put up with this fucking christian missionary and killed him in 1900. Albericus Crescitelli should better be called as the saint of missionary position.

India, however, crawled without being asked to bend. Perhaps out of deference to the Italian-Roman Catholic origins of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the Government followed Italy in declaring three days of State mourning. And far from remembering the atrocities of the Goa Inquisition, for which the Pope refused to apologise on his India visit, every luminary with access to a centimetre of newspaper space recorded a vacuous eulogy in honour of the departed soul.

In Tamil Nadu, where the Kanchi Shankaracharya is being persecuted by a vindictive regime trying to whip up anti-Brahmin votes for the Assembly elections, the Directorate of Schools issued a Government Order directing all schools to fly the Indian flag half-mast on Friday April 8, 2005 to mourn the death of Pope John Paul II, and send a "compliance report". Some of us wanted to ask why a secular government was issuing GOs to secular State schools and private religious schools (not Government-aided) to mourn the religious head of a foreign religious institution. But we thought it would be uncultured and politically incorrect, so we remained silent.

Such Oriental niceties have been given short shrift in the White Western world that Karol Wojtyla straddled with elan for nearly three decades. Vatican's decision to let Cardinal Bernard Law lead a funeral Mass in Rome has caused outrage in America, where Law had to quit as Boston Archbishop in 2002 for protecting paedophile priests (Reuters, April 8, 2005). The Archdiocese is currently paying over $86 million as compensation to hundreds of persons abused by priests. Law's rehabilitation as archpriest of the Basilica of St Mary Major in Rome has therefore upset the devout.

Many Catholics found John Paul II's papacy disappointing because of his painful indifference towards married priests, women who lost lives, fertility and health in botched abortions, theologians dissatisfied with many aspects of church doctrine, persons caring for AIDS victims, gay Catholics longing for communion, victims of sexually abuse by priests, women wishing to be priests, and so on. The Pope's high profile vis-a-vis the Communist regimes of the erstwhile Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in no way exonerates his "episodic and selective commitments to human rights throughout the world", as Frances Kissling, president, Catholics for a Free Choice, put it succinctly.

Kissling was anguished that while the Pope had no problem meeting persons like Kurt Waldheim, he steadfastly refused to meet a single victim of clerical sexual abuse. It bears noting that some the John Paul II's close friends, notably Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer and Kurt Krenn, Bishop of St Poeltin, were forced out of office amidst allegations of sex scandals.

Regarding John Paul II's reputation as a crusader for human rights, well, many Catholic women think he excluded half of humanity. A staunch advocate of traditional Church policies on women, he refused to ordain women as priests, and condemned contraception, condoms and abortion. He and his conservative advisers worked hard to roll back reforms from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), which gave women more say in the liturgy and allowed altar girls to serve Mass. In fact, the Church excommunicated seven women from Germany, Austria and the United States, who were ordained in Austria in 2002.

This arch conservatism alienated both religious and lay women who felt ignored, with the result that the US alone saw a sharp drop in nuns' orders, from 179954 in 1965 to 73316 in 2003. In Ireland, church opposition to divorce and contraception has led it to being perceived as irrelevant and outdated. Critics especially carp at the Pope's opposition to the use of condoms to combat AIDS in Africa, artificial birth control to curb rising population in many countries, and abortion for Bosnian women (mostly Muslims) who were raped by Serb soldiers.

Much has been made of his extensive travels across the world, and his so-called inter-faith dialogues. Former Prime Minister Inder Gujral's wife, Sheila, lauds him for visiting synagogues and mosques and meeting the Dalai Lama (Indian Express, April 9, 2005). It is true that the Pope apologised to the Jews for the Vatican's anti-Semitism and its aloofness during Hitler's Final Solution. He also apologised to the Eastern Orthodox Christians and the Muslims for papal advocacy of the Crusades and the forced conversions and massacres in the Balkans during World War II.

But how sincere were these apologies? The Pope elevated to sainthood such scum as Cardinal Stepinac of Croatia, who supported the Nazi puppet regime of Ante Pavelic and endorsed the shameful treatment of Orthodox Christians and Jews there. Similarly, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, the sinister founder of Opus Dei and close ally of the Spanish dictator, General Franco, was canonised. Many justly felt that such actions undid the benefits expected from "dialogue".

Of course, cunning political spiritualist that he was, John Paul II was much too canny to advocate respect for or dialogue with Hindu dharma, the native and majority faith of this land. This is because he had identified India as a recruiting ground to revive his dying church by converting the populace and subjugating it to the diktat of Rome. Ms Gujral may not notice or care, but those of us who love our Ishta Devatas see the hectoring of men like Karol Wojtyla as an affront to our religious freedom.

Even Western Catholics are disturbed over the manner in which Karol Wojtyla, from the time of his tenure as Archbishop of Krakow, aligned completely with the financially powerful but secretive Opus Dei movement, which has been linked to fascist regimes and is now active in the world of finance, politics and journalism. He went so far as to give Opus Dei special legal status, exempting the organisation from supervision by local bishops, as dissident German theologian Hans Kung points out. Clearly the Catholic Church is in deep crisis. It remains to be seen if it can see the way forward.


Chinese Scholars Expose Evils of "Canonized" Missionaries

Over 20 Chinese experts on history and religions held a symposium Thursday, exposing the crimes committed by recently "canonized" foreign missionaries and their followers.

Scholars listed a number of facts to illustrate that in mondern history Catholic missionaries' activities were closely linked with foreign forces' invasion of China.

Prof. Dai Yi said, "lots of foreign missionaries followed the warships of foreign aggressors to China in and after the Opium War, and actually foreign aggression and missionaries' activities are combined into one. That is, missionaries' activities were an integral part of invasion, missionaries acted as guides and tools for foreign aggressors and in return, aggressors paved the way for the missionaries' activities."

Some participants elaborated on the historic background and inner causes of "religious cases" in history, stressing that it is the foreign missionaries that should answer for the consequences because their monstrous evils exasperated the Chinese people and eventually fused the outburst of the Yi He Tuan (known as Boxers) Movement.

Participants pointed out that foreign missionaries executed in certain "religious cases", such as Auguste Chapdelaine, Franciscus de Capillas and Albericus Crescitelli, had only themselves to blame for still being hated by people today, because they had stopped no evil.

The Holy See, disregarding the strong opposition from the Chinese people, "canonized" these infamous missionaries, which reveals the Vatican's vicious intention to intervene in China's internal affairs through religious activities, the scholars said, pointing out that the "canonization" tramples on the sovereignty of the Chinese Catholic Church, as well as a severe provocation to the 1.2 billion Chinese people.

The scholars all voiced their protest over the perverse and vicious deeds of the Vatican, saying that the present China is strong enough to protect its national security and national dignity and any attempt to distort history and humiliate the Chinese people is doomed to failure. According to the sponsors of the symposium, the participants are professors and researchers from the People's University of China, the Beijing University, the Beijing Normal University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other academic institutes, who specialize in history or religion.

Benedict XVI Ratzinger: God's Rottweiler

JP2 Army- John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army

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