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St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

On the Lot: MR. John Paul II and MRS. Josemaria OD

If I were to enter a one-minute vignette on John Paul II in the new reality TV show 'On the Lot' this is how it would be.

Title: MR. Pope John Paul II and MRS.Saint Josemaria de Opus Dei

Subtitle: The new Mystical Marriage in the Catholic Church of the Pope and Opus Dei

Wedding song: You and Me against the World

Reality: The Groom Pope John Paul II wears robe in white (only) and the Bride Saint Josemaria de Opus Dei wears robe in black (only).

The Groom's name John Paul is a composite of two males (same-sex, gay), the Bride's name Josemaria is androgynous - one name of a male and a female (go figure, like the Androgynous Devil in the Passion of the Christ movie)) Actually, heshe has mutated hisher name so many times it taste bitter to pronounce hisher name

The Church is the Mystical Bride and Christ is the Bridegroom, so it is said (and taught)in Catholic Catechism. That wedding took place in the first century. In the 20th century a new mystical gay wedding took place at the Vatican when MRS. Saint Josemaria 'bought' the Vatican for 1 Billion to bail it out of the scandal of the Ambrosiano Bank. This was hisher mystical Opus Dei bridal dowry.
(see and for the wealth of Opus Dei)

MR.Pope John Paul II abolished the office of the Devil's Advocate -- the office that proved anything negative and why a person must not be canonized a saint. That is why he was able to canonize his bride, MRS.Saint Josemaria as the fastest saint to be canonized in modern times.

So instead of spending his gay time examining his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and using his gay papal powers to stop their heinous gay pedophiliac activities during his 26 years papacy, MR. John Paul wallowed in narcisstic self-glory with MRS. Saint Josemaria as they spent their honeymoon in the gay papal bed at the Vatican -- and prepared also for his own imminent canonization by his papal clone Benedict XVI -- their mystical marriage gay love child.

Ending: St. Michael the Archangel pushes the John Paul II Millstone...... and MR.John Paul II rolls into the deep Tiber River...... and MRS.Saint Josemaria is weeping as an androgynous widow with blood dripping from hisher black cossack ......surrounded by wailing Opus Dei members beating their heads against the walls of the 86 Billion Euro Vatican real estate they've acquired......with blood dripping also from their pants - because of the cilice they wear around their thighs!

This is posted on the occasion of the the feast of Saint(?) Josemaria and monthlong celebrations of the Opus Dei with the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops concelebrating Mass in cathedrals -- as they want to show-off their imperial power worldwide.

These are the SAME Cardinals and Bishops COHORTS in the CRIME of priest pedophilia --- who control the judges handling survivors abuse cases -- to protect the Opus Dei vested interest at the Vatican and the papacy!


Here is the letter to John Paul II against the canonization of St. Josemaria. Of course he put this in the thrash can like he did with the 1985 report of Fr. Thomas Doyle and many other reports warning him on priest pedophilia.

ODAN's Opposition to the Canonization of Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer
September 11, 2002

Statement on the Canonization of Escrivá

ODAN opposes the canonization of Josemaria Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei. Based on the testimonies of thousands negatively affected by Opus Dei, and published evidence from various sources revealing the irregularities surrounding Escriva's beatification and canonization processes, ODAN strongly believes that canonizing Escriva would be a grave mistake which would produce irreparable harm to the Church and leave thousands vulnerable to the deceitful and manipulative practices of Opus Dei. Specific details and reasons for opposing Escriva's canonization follow:

Facts & Irregularities in the Escriva Canonization

The quotes and facts below are taken from Kenneth Woodward's article, "A Questionable Saint, Is Opus Dei's founder fit for canonization?" Newsweek, January 13, 1992; from the official Opus Dei website; from Kenneth Woodward in his book, "The Helpers of God: How the Catholic Church makes Its Saints" National Catholic Register World Notes May 10, 1992; from Kenneth Woodward's article "A Coming-Out Party in Rome, Opus Dei prepares to stand by its man," Newsweek, May 18 1992; from the Vatican website; and from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

1. Based on materials worked up by a team of Opus Dei priests, John Paul II declared Escriva "heroically virtuous" in April 1990.

2. In July 1991, a miraculous healing authenticated, in part, by Opus Dei doctors was attributed to Escriva's intercession.

3. There is no devil's advocate to systematically challenge a candidate's claim to holiness. Thus some Vatican officials said Opus Dei was able to use its influence to manipulate the church's saint-making system for the benefit of its founder.

4. Opus Dei's first prelate, Alvaro del Portillo, who was also Escriva's successor, was a consultor to several congregations and councils of the Holy See, such as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Congregation for the Clergy, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. As a member of the Commission for the Revision of the Code of Canon Law, he also helped in the drafting of the current Code that eliminated the "devil's advocate," promulgated by John Paul II in 1983.

5. An Opus Dei member, Dr. Raffaello-Cortesini, a heart surgeon, headed the medical board that reviews potential miracles for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

6. Serious charges were brought that Opus Dei prevented critics of Escriva from testifying at church tribunals called to investigate his life. Opus Dei officials insist that 11 critics were heard among 92 witnesses. Several former members were refused a hearing. Among them: Maria del Carmen Tapia, Father Vladimir Feltzman and John Roche.

7. Escriva defended Adolf Hitler. He told Father Feltzman that "Hitler had been unjustly accused of killing 6 million Jews." "In fact he had killed only 4 million."

8. Even some Opus Dei sympathizers, like retired Cardinal Silvio Oddi who served the Vatican for decades in key posts, believe the push to make Escriva a Saint has done Opus Dei "more harm than good". Although bishops are reluctant to criticize Opus Dei openly, says Oddi, many are "very displeased" by the rush to judgment and see "no need for the immediate beatification of their founder."

9. Normally to assess potential saints the Vatican appoints "consultors" who come from the candidate's homeland. Curiously, eight of Escriva's nine judges were Italian - a sign say critics that the congregation wanted to avoid Spanish theologians, many of whom are known to oppose Opus Dei. Opus Dei officials argue that because Escriva was an international figure and lived in Rome, there was no need to have Spanish judges.

10. Opus Dei has refused to let outsiders see the material on which Escriva's "heroic virtues" were judged -- an unprecedented act of secrecy, say priests familiar with the process.

11. Opus Dei officials have claimed that Escriva's cause had been unanimously approved. However Newsweek has learned that two of the judges, Msgr. Luigi De Magistris, deputy head of the Vatican's Holy Penitentiary, and Msgr. Justo Fernandez Alonso, rector of the Spanish National Church in Rome, did not approve the cause. In fact, one of the dissenters reportedly wrote that beatifying Escriva could cause the church "grave public scandal."

12. Under Pope Paul VI, Opus Dei was suspect. Vatican documents show that Paul worried that Opus Dei priests in the Vatican were leaking confidential decisions to Escriva.

13. John Paul II has increased the number of Opus Dei bishops . . . (there were only 4 before, all in Latin America) and granted Opus its own Pontifical "atheneum" in Rome despite objections from the rectors of the Church's established pontifical universities.

14. In 1982 John Paul II awarded Opus Dei a unique status as "personal prelature" which means its clerical and lay members take spiritual direction from their own prelate in Rome and not like other Catholics from their local bishop.

15. Opus Dei's real power is inside the Vatican bureaucracy . . .several ranking cardinals and at least one of the pope's personal secretaries, Father Stanislaw Dziwisz from Cracow are either [Opus Dei] "cooperators" or like the Pope himself, strong sympathizers.

16. Officials who supervise the media-conscious pope's liaisons with television are members of Opus Dei.

17. Officials of the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints not only gave the cause top priority but, as the official positio on Escriva shows, they also bent rules to exclude damaging evidence about Escriva's character and commitment to the church.

18. The positio claims that the volatile Escriva lost his temper only once, yet many former members who knew him will insist he was routinely abusive of anyone suspected of being an enemy of Opus Dei, including Pope John XXIII and Paul VI. Former numerary Maria del Carmen Tapia relates in her book Beyond the Threshold: A Life in Opus Dei that Escriva routinely lost his temper, and that as secretary in charge of writing down his words and actions, she was not allowed to right down anything negative that she witnessed. She herself was subjected to abusive words from Escriva, who called her the most filthy names, e.g. WHORE, SOW, PIG, and then screamed during this meeting with both men and women present, that someone should "pull down her panties.... and give her a spanking," referring to a fellow numerary woman who had assisted Tapia by mailing letters for her. Regarding this statement, a supporter of ODAN wrote the following: "This is the most bizarre and perverted talk coming from anyone, man or woman, but for a man to say this to an adult woman...for a priest to use this language and make this statement to a woman; for a saint to make this statement, completely perverts not only the rules of civilized behavior, but sanctity itself. There is no excuse for this conduct, no excuse at all. This, in and of itself, belies his sanctity."

19. A Vatican source said, contrary to established procedure, no published writings critical of Escriva were included in the documents given to the judges of his cause; nor did the congregation investigate Escriva's celebrated conflicts with the Jesuits, reports of his pro-fascist leanings and Opus Dei's involvement with the Franco government.

20. 40% of the testimony came from just two men, (Alvaro) Portillo (deceased Opus Dei prelate and Escriva's successor) and his assistant Father Javier Echevarria, (current Opus Dei prelate).

21. Although 1,300 bishops and cardinals from all over the world had written to the Vatican giving positive statements on the Opus Dei founder, only 128 of them had actually met him in person.

22. According to [Woodward's] research, Opus Dei members allegedly have put hundreds of bishops under financial pressure in order to have them send positive reports about Escriva to the Vatican. Especially in the Third World, bishops were allegedly told that financial contributions from Opus Dei might be in jeopardy if they did not answer the request for positive testimony.

23. The "devil's advocate" that had been part of the canonization process before 1983 was replaced by a "relator"; thus the door was open for the rapid canonization of Escriva. (Note that the current Opus Dei prelate at the time, Portillo, was part of the committee that eliminated the devil's advocate.) In the past, it was the job of the devil's advocate to ask "why shouldn't this person be canonized?"

Feedback from ODAN supporters:
(Opinions held by the persons below do not necessarily reflect the views of ODAN, its officers or Board of Directors.)

Joseph I. B. Gonzales, Former numerary, six years

The problem is not the man. It is the institutionalization of the man.

My real concern is that his faults--his harshness, duplicity, or immoderation, for example--should by the fact of canonization render these traits dubiously normative, not only for Opus Dei but for all Catholics as well.

I hope that now that Josemaria Escriva is canonized, his life and the organization he founded will be opened up to the critical perspective that time and reflection by necessity lends to the fair understanding of the lives of the saints. At this point we may perhaps begin to acknowledge the glaring reality of his defects as well as their potentially damaging influence, just as today we easily recognize the vindictiveness of St. Jerome, the rigorism of St. Alphonsus de Liguori, or the neuroticism of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Joseph Gonzales has written the Vocation Trap for the odan website.

Dr. John Roche, Linacre College, Oxford

"I am concerned about the harm that the canonization of Josemaria Escriva will do to the reputation of the whole process of beatification and canonization."

To read Dr. Roche's personal testimony of his experience as a numerary in Opus Dei, please read his True Story, "The Inner World of Opus Dei."

John Roche has also added the following points to the list of Facts and Irregularities in the Canonization of Monsignor Escriva:

1. Words of Monsignor Escriva

"... as Jesus received his doctrine from the Father, so my doctrine is not mine but comes from God and so not a jot or tittle shall ever be changed" (Cronica);

"I will pass away, and those who come afterwards will look at you with envy as if you were a relic" (Cronica i, 1971);

". . . when I think of this divine predilection, I feel ashamed" (Cronica i, 1971);

"As we come to know the Work ... not finding other more expressive words of love, perhaps we had to have recourse to scripture: tota pulchra est, amica mea, et macula non est in te (Song of Songs 4:7) ... the Work is tota pulchra ... this wonderful jewel that men admire" (Cronica v, 1960);

2. Words about Monsignor Escriva, from the internal magazine, Cronica, while he still lived

"The heritage of heaven comes to us through the Father" (Cronica i, 1961);

" ... we will bless the Lord ... because He chose our Father as the firm base for a Work projected through all the length and breadth of time" (Cronica i, 1971);

"God's grace prepared the priestly soul of our Father, making it to the measure of Christ's heart, that is open to the multitude that our Lord wanted to call to his Work with the passing of time, and even to all humanity" (Cronica i, 1971);

3. Facts about the Founder

L. Carandell, Vida y milagros de monsenor Escriva ... (Barcelona, 1975), 62-67. On 24 January 1968 Mgr. Escriva solicited the title 'Marquis of Peralta' claiming that there was a family connection. He was granted the title. At the same time his brother, Santiago, solicited the title 'Baron of San Felipe'

4. Testimony of former members

During the period 1959-1973, while I was a member of Opus Dei, it was frequently stated publicly at get-togethers of members of Opus Dei, that Monsignor Escriva had stated often that places where important events happened to him during the early years of Opus Dei would become centers of international pilgrimage -- John Roche

In July 1973, in Galway, Ireland, Fr Daniel Cummings, the then Procurator-General of Opus Dei informed me the Monsignor Escriva was divinely inspired to found Opus Dei, that he could not err in matters of the spirit of opus Dei, and that, therefore, as a condition of membership I must believe in that Divine inspiration -- John Roche

"On one occasion the Father was given the news that ... an old priest ... of Opus Dei ... had a severe haemorrhage and was near to death. Monsignor Escriva replied that this son of his lacked supernatural outlook, that he wished to go outside without wearing his cassock" -- Maria Angustias Moreno, El Opus Dei, 1993, 57.

Other comments about the canonization

Kenneth L. Woodward, Newsweek New York, NY

Fair to Opus Dei? Letter to the Editor of First Things, 61, March 1996, 2-7

I am pleased that Richard John Neuhaus ("The Work of God," November 1995) finds me "often fair-minded," though I suspect that is only when my views mirror his -- as they often do. That he detects a "long-standing hostility to Opus Dei" is not quite fair-minded of Father Neuhaus. My writing about Opus Dei has focused almost entirely on the beatification of its founder, not the organization itself. On this point, the only fair-minded conclusion I can reach, given the evidence of the positio itself and interviews with people in Rome involved in the process, is that Opus Dei subverted the canonization process to get its man beatified. In a word, it was a scandal -- from the conduct of the tribunals through the writing of the positio to the high-handed treatment of the experts picked to judge the cause. That Newsweek caught Opus Dei officials making claims that were not true is a matter of record. Escriva may have been a saint -- who am I to judge? but you could never tell from the way his cause was handled. Then, too, there is the matter of the banality of his writings, especially the axioms. Not the sort of stuff, I think, to build a spiritual community around. As for the organization itself, I'm sure it meets the needs of some Catholics. But as a parent, I am naturally inclined to worry about its methods and to take more seriously than does Father Neuhaus the complaints of those who feel they have lost a child to the organization. I, too, thought Jim Martin did a good job in his America piece, and am sorry only that so many folks felt they could not speak on the record. Whatever else it does, Opus Dei strikes fear in the timid and the mitered. I've met some likable people in Opus Dei but I'd hate to have my daughter marry one. To be fair-minded, I wouldn't want her to wed a Jesuit either, though I hope she'd ask one to say the nuptial mass.

Kenneth Woodward is the author of Making Saints, How the Catholic Church Determines Who Becomes a Saint, Who Doesn't, and Why, Simon and Schuster, 1990, in which he writes about Opus Dei and Escriva's beatification on pp. 383-389. One former numerary testifies that this book is on Opus Dei's Index of Forbidden Books, with the most restricted classification.



This was a missive sent to an Opus Dei member who was featured on a Christianity segment of Chris Matthew's "Hardball"

Patti Lechner:

Seeing you on MSNBC’s “Hardball” stair-mastering your way to heaven fingering your rosary ring reminded me of the “drill” that takes place daily on every dairy farm across this country…as the herd makes it way, in the same “pecking order” worked out among the animals, to the “milking parlor” twice daily, 12 hours apart…without being summoned, exactly at the same time each day without watches or clocks…consistently and regularly day in and day out….truly amazing to see….all without the prompting of a bell….the summoning call of a “herdsman” or any other contrivance….just plain simple unwitting, thoughtless, routine behavior….a regimen so ingrained that 7 days a week and 52 a year they make the journey from meadow to milking parlor twice at the very same time daily, save those who periodically are “dried up” before being “freshened again”….farm lingo.

Having “worked out” my entire life, I am familiar with the drill and monotony of “jogging” around an elliptical indoor track, the mind numbing ennui of using a treadmill, the incredible tedium of riding a stationary bicycle into oblivion and the joyless restlessness of climbing a stairmaster endlessly to nowhere.

To ameliorate boredom, all exercise centers have incorporated a number of diversions to “distract” from the lassitude of unending repetition of the exercise. Thus, there is “piped in music”, numerous TVs hung, each offering a different channel with audio obtained by a headset tuned to the appropriate FM frequency, different color lights, “offbeat artwork”, and of course the exercisers themselves tuned into radio headsets or listening to the music of a favorite CD.

The whole experience is testament that unless some effort is either made by the club or exerciser, the repetition of the experience is overwhelming causing the mind to “drift off” in thought, focusing on anything but the boring repetitious exercise… on the day’s forthcoming work goals, tonight’s dinner party, yesterday’s excitement, the anticipated vacation coming up or just onto any “mental escape” which mentally transports the exerciser from having to contemplate the repetitious routine of the exercise.

The same is no different with the rosary. Everyone who has ever experienced its recitation and who is honest with themselves has to admit that concentrating on a “joyful” or “sorrowful” mystery while reciting 5 sets of 10 “hail Marys” separated by an “our father” and a “glory be” is impossible without the “mind drifting off” to some other thought, “such as is this repetitive experience” akin to other mind numbing activities….requiring something to break the monotony brought about by reciting “hail Mary full of grace….holy Mary mother of God….now and at the hour…” 10 times x times 5 times more in repetition, with the very words uttered, then finally “droned” in monotone mental chant.

C’mon admit it…you are no different than anyone else…. My point being that saying the rosary and its mind numbing prayers is the intellectual equivalent of having a mouse traverse the maze….no thought, unbelievable repetitious routine, all requiring our “human side” to “drift off” to some other thought while “going through the motions” of reciting this same set of words…over and over, again and again.

Want to know the origin of the rosary? Conceived and created before the invention of printing to provide some form of recollection of the life of Christ when a print version was unavailable to be used and at the same time as a prayer for the “faithful” whose lack of education left them unable to dialogue in “meaningful prayer” with their creator.

So is this where your education and Catholicism has taken you?..... to the cult like ritual of Opus Dei accompanied by “thoughtless repetition” of the rosary, accomplishing two repetitious tasks, both rosary and stairmaster in “lemming like fashion”, followed by daily attendance at mass?....whoa….the shallowness….the blind unfettered rule following with no thought to reality, Christianity as a philosophy, the ignorance of the Catholic church and the failings of its leaders….indeed your part or role in all of this as a Catholic?

To see you go through the motions and recite the “drill” of the non-thinking “ghetto Catholic”…."I always tell the kids that Christ has a plan mapped out for them and only they can execute it." to which I reply…Oh? Really?….…incredible…and in this day and age…can there exist someone seemingly so educated still perpetuating the “hapless drill” of the less educated Catholics from decades previous.

Mapped out for them? Ever heard of free will? Think Christ has plans mapped out for Catholics only….others find theirs at Wal Mart?

One needs to ask what of the poor souls who preceded the coming of Christ, who were without prophets, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron, Joshua, Samuel, Eli, or Moses, tablets, an Ark of the Covenant and uh, uh, ….well you know the rest…. Saved? Doomed? Forgiven? Redeemed? Or, are they getting there on frequent walker miles… earned trodding a lifetime through their individual vale of tears?

* Don’t you just love the Catholic Church… do not just have original sin, you’re stained with it no matter when you entered the time line of humanity !

How is it that you can “dutifully ramble on” droning the rosary while stair-mastering and come away confident that, daily attendance at mass and performing “other mindless devotions” are accomplishing anyone’s salvation much less yours or that of your children, particularly when there is so much else going on in the world and in the Church around you that demand that an honest, thinking Catholic at least question, if not involve himself or herself in the pro-active “change thereof ” to the betterment of church and mankind?

The next scandal on the horizon is the number of children fathered by Catholic priests but being raised in secret by the Catholic Church in orphanages in the U.S. , Canada , Ireland , Mexico , South America , France , Germany , Spain , and Italy .

As for Scripture in which you profess a unquestioning belief, experiments have done seeking from individuals visual recall identification, asking a group of ten “eyewitnesses” to a subject whom they were allowed to view, to describe clothing content, hat, clothing color, facial features, apparent ethnicity, scars, tattoos, missing teeth, etc.

The varied results were amazing with only two out of ten “eyewitnesses” identifying at least three out of five of the same characteristics on the subject viewed.

Similar experiments were conducted using a phrase whispered by several subjects one to each other in rotation with the last subject reciting something totally different than the original phrase.

Given the imperfections of human behavior in attempting to maintain exacting visual or message integrity even at these levels, is there not any question at all on your part as an educated person that the “words and stories contained in the Old and New Testaments” are at best approximations.

Accordingly, are the three tomes, Torah, Bible or Koran a compilation of the musings of the male* philosophers of their day who with too much time on their hands….formulated fairly obvious truths of human nature and expressed them in a code of conduct for human behavior to enable a civil society to exist, selling them as the word of God ‘revealed’ to them as prophets….explaining life and its purpose through the concept of a "higher being", and an "eventual reward".....termed salvation, attainable only by following rigid rules of behavior?.... or as we know by now, are they precepts which essentially call for leading an honest, kind, charitable, humble, law abiding life leading to salvation.

Do you think that Christ is a sexist? Does ordination somehow confer partially divine wisdom to its male recipients allowing them and only them to sermonize, as this current Pope has proclaimed?

As for John Paul II, pray for the repose of his soul, hoping that age and Parkinson’s contributed to his inability to be decisive with regard to his lack of leadership, failing to dismiss member’s of the ‘old boys network’ and for not finding fault when and where it was due.

John Paul II may have seen many issues through the prism of life with righteousness, clarity, understanding, empathy, honesty and integrity but on the issue of Priest pedophilia, he missed it entirely….and perhaps as far as eternity is concerned….permanently!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. This scandal, the cover up, the lack of accountability in the leadership from the top firings, no demotions, no dismissals....well it simply take your breath away because in any other company, corporation, organization...they would be gone with this record!

Think about what the Church has become since the time Christ said to Peter, "and I say to thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Matthew 16:18

Want to know what Christ is probably doing right about now….sitting with his face covered by his hands buried in his lap, weeping and shaking his head from side to side saying, “ I can’t believe they are doing this in my name!”

Finally as a woman, the philosophical question you should be asking yourself is how is it that the priesthood attracts so many gays, weirdoes, pedophiles and psychological misfits instead of the best and the brightest?

The answer is because of its very construct being open to men and only men, it seeks not the best and the brightest but rather appeals to a sizeable segment of misfits among the male population who see in it an opportunity only too good to be true…like putting the fox in charge to guard the hen house…a ready made stable of ‘boys’ to prey upon.

Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it. But, in the end, there it is.

Advocate for ordination of women priests…..and give up the mind numbing rosary routine and start dialoguing with your creator….get involved in adult discussion or prayer groups….get out and minister to the “shut ins”, those in the hospitals requesting a visit…whatever…anything but that “blind mind numbing ghetto prayer recitation” which if you are honest, you know turns into a drone…going through the motions.

I won’t even touch corporal mortification espoused by Opus Dei except to say the title alone conveys its inanity......

Believe me the Catholic church does not have a corner on the market of ideas for salvation….witness the subjects I addressed in this letter….the church’s response or lack thereof and the age old custom and practices still revered and employed without any thought to the worth thereof in terms of bringing the abider closer to God and salvation.

Hope you are not offended by my intrusion into your “comfortable world” God bless and good luck!

Name witheld for protection from the Opus Dei White Mafia


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