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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Opus Dei mysteries behind the most secretive sect of the Catholic Church

Opus Dei is the most secretive cult of the Roman Catholic church. They never define themselves outwardly but hide behind secularism and behind secular titles. All their religious houses are named after secular things. They now control the Vatican and the Vatican Swiss Banks.

Mysteries Behind Opus Dei
By Marie Henrie

Pope John Paul Two made Opus Dei a Personal Prelature in 1982. The founder Jose Maria Escriva gave the title, which means “Work of God” in Latin. He is now an officially canonized Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Escriva based the charism or it's purpose, to be that of helping people seek holiness in their daily activities and ordinary life, thereby evangelizing the world to Christ's message. “The Opus Dei Prelature is made up of ordinary lay people and secular priests governed by a prelate. Most of its members called supernumeraries lead traditional family lives and have secular careers. The other three classes of members, numeraries, associates, and numerary-assistants, are celibate, and often live in special centers.” Sometimes referred to as the ‘White Mafia', It is not without controversy which is attributed to it’s secrecy and a perceived affinity for politics and financial gain.

The real life events of the 1980s and 1990s surrounding the kidnapping of a fifteen year old girl in Rome which was preceded by the Vatican Bank Scandal makes Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, the fictional work on Opus, look like a Hardy Boys novel.

Beneath the Opus Dei owned Basilica of St Apollinare in Rome rests a crypt shrouded in mystery and protected by the Vatican State. The boss of the most feared mafia gang in Italy is buried there by special permission from Cardinal Ugo Poletti, now deceased. Also in 1990 Opus Dei had been granted the Basilica of St Apollinare by Pope John Paul Two. Cardinal Ugo Poletti was the champion of the title of Sainthood for the founder of Opus Dei, Escriva. Thus, he ensured the elite status enjoyed by the sect in the Roman Catholic Church. "The decree in regard to the heroic quality of his virtues was issued on April 9,1990.”And “From ARKANSAS CATHOLIC, May 17, 1992. "Despite vehement protests, Pope John Paul II plans to beatify Msgr. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei (`Work of God'), one of the most powerful organizations in the Church.”

De Pedis, aka “Renatino”, was the head of the notorious Magliana Mafia and was shot in February of 1990 and in March, 1990, Escriva’s longtime friend Cardinal Ugo Poletti gave permission to have De Pedis reburied in the Opus basilica crypt only one month after he was buried in Summer Cemetery. Initially, Italians were shocked since the Basilica’s crypts were reserved for Popes, Bishops and martyrs, but the anomaly was soon forgotten…At least until 2005.

In 2005 a request was made by Italian investigators to the Vatican to exhume the remains of De Pedis from the crypt beneath the Basilica but the Vatican denied it. "The statement admitted that "current authorities" did not know why permission had been given but said the diocese wanted to stand by the decision taken at the time by Cardinal Ugo Poletti, then vicar of Rome.” Apparently, some in the Vatican had no problem granting this request, while others did.

During 2005 Italian investigators were still searching for answers to the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi in 1983. Emanuela was a fifteen-year-old Vatican citizen whose father was an employee of the Vatican. She had been kidnapped two years after the assassination attempt on the pope and one-year after the Vatican Bank Scandal. A series of convoluted messages were leaked to the Press directing responsibility for the crime at the KGB and a Turkish terrorist organization. However, neither group was confirmed to have masterminded the deed. In 2005 an anonymous phone call made to the Italian equivalent of a CrimeWatch Show, tipped off the authorities that the answer to Orlandi’s whereabouts could be found in De Pedis’ tomb. It was also explained that the reason behind the honorary entombment of the crime boss had something to do with a favor granted to Cardinal Ugo Poletti.
”During the investigation in 2006 the voice of the caller was identified by an ex-member of the Magliana Gang, to be that of “Mario”, a killer who worked for Enrico De Pedis. "In yet another more recent news brief, the caller was identified as the son of one of the Magliani mobsters and the mastermind behind the kidnapping was now thought to be Renatino De Pedis himself.

A thorough time line of the events of the Orlandi kidnapping which includes statements made by family members, judges and investigators may be read here…

To date ...Here we go again… It was reported last July that the Vatican has granted permission for exhumation of the remains in the crypt to Italian authorities. The event was reported to be scheduled for September or October of this year. “Five years on, the Vatican, through the Vicariate of Rome, has finally given police and magistrates permission to pry open the marble crypt and analyze its contents.”

Oddly, rather than revealing any further discoveries made in the crypt search, headlines arose this September of the freezing of assets in the Vatican Bank under suspicion of money laundering…Shades of the 2002 Banco Ambrosio Scandal? Yet again the secretive Opus Dei sect makes the news because the Chief Executive of the IOR or Vatican Bank Gotti Tedeschi, is a member of Opus Dei. Bankers seem to have an attraction to the sect.

Aside from the murders and suicides associated with the IOR, Banco Ambrosia scandal in 1982 more recently in 2006 an Opus Banker was kidnapped and found dismembered.
“A BANKER who had been questioned over a huge corporate scandal was found murdered yesterday, having apparently been kidnapped on his way home from a meeting of the Roman Catholic organization Opus Dei.”


During the Pontificate of John Paul Two Opus Dei grew in Vatican influence and power throughout the world. In politics and in the world of finance they acquired many new adherents. The Legion of Christ another wealthy sect, made huge financial gains and also enjoyed favor of Pope JP2 during his tenure. Today it is known that the founder of the Legion Order was an arch pervert, having had a number of illegitimate children whom he molested along with a wake of young seminarians whom he also defiled. Many of the donors now feel swindled.

One of the main criticisms coming from Catholic sources against this sect now concerns the proselytizing of the young by the Legion. Even conservative Catholics, who exited the Legion, now acknowledge it was a cult. Curiously, Opus Dei has been accused of the same thing although reports have been muffled in English speaking countries. Note:

“ Regrettably, it is our understanding that the domain name has been purchased by Opus Dei and is no longer a source for information about Opus Dei. Opus Dei has enjoyed an active presence much longer in Spanish speaking countries. Please contact ODAN if you would like to be placed in contact with others from Brazil.”

Recently, I found a Yutube play list site made to warn people against the Opus Dei organization. A friend sent me a rough translation for which I am grateful. Portions of the translated interviews are as follows:

From school aged children…

“They tell why they hope to be called to be numeraries of OD to become better, to help others, etc. They explain that they will not get married, will not have a family, and will live consecrated lives. The viewer can be forgiven for wondering how little girls this age can have a clear idea as to which vocation God is calling them.” The translator went on to write,

“The first of these videos is apparently by his accent from a Spaniard, though I may be wrong about that. “The saints had friends, as did Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.” This definitely comes across as strange. “Because the numerary is not allowed to be friends with anyone else... the numerary has no idea of who enters and who leaves. In OD the members never talk about that, but he says it became clear over time that most of the numeraries quit. Some become cooperators among the laity.

He said that among those who do not leave OD, the majority are on anti-depressants, which he says they take as frequently as aspirin.” In another video, “This man is Peruvian and was in OD for fifteen years. He said he was recruited at the age of 15 years old and asked at that age to make a lifetime commitment. He recounts the institutions that OD has in Peru and that the numeraries are untouchable, cannot be criticized inside of the apostolates, i.e., parents are not allowed to complain about a teacher. If the numerary decides that OD is no longer for him or her, the person becomes persona non grata, banished to the outside world to do penance for his or her sins, etc. This banishment involves getting fired from the school or institution. He said that whenever anyone leaves OD it is the best decision that they ever made.”

The same kind of testimonials were given against the Legionares of Christ /Regnum Christi cult. Their founder is now discredited and the Vatican is restructuring the group. Yet Opus Dei continues on and may even absorb the Legion. Only God and possibly Opus Dei knows. After all it IS purported to be HIS WORK.

Opus plans for the future?

For it’s part, privately Opus member owned productions are targeting the Catholic world. They are taking advantage of the recent disgust amongst Catholics to the sexual abuse crisis. Many have turned against their individual Diocesan Bishops who were complicit in shielding the pedophile sodomites by transferring the accused to different locals.

Rather than blindly supporting the Local Bishops, as was their previously stated objective, the opportunistic sect has decided to promote themselves as The Answer to,”Real Catholicism via an internet production called, RealCatholicTv.
The production’s financial backing comes from an Opus Dei affiliate, “..Seeing the future was on the Internet started work on Real Catholic TV earlier this year.

Financial help came from Marc Brammer of South Bend, Ind., a director at Moody's Corp”. A keen observer posted this information on a blog that challenges the program’s suggestion that we need a Catholic Dictator, rather than a Democracy now.

“ Whois on RealCatholicTV shows registrant as Marc Brammer in South Bend, IN.

Today's Catholic News of Fort Wayne-South Bend on 2/1/2009 has a Day of Reflection and Prayer with reservations being made by a Linda Brammer at the same address.” A Day of Reflection and Prayer is hosted by Opus Dei.

In one presentation they warn Catholics may undergo a persecution and possibly death in the not so distant future.

The Orlandi family and those of other countless victims may take issue with the prophetic nature and timing of this Opus Dei warning!


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