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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony: Masters of Cunning and Deceit, Part 2

Cardinal Mahony in red at the new Basilica of the Angels in Los Angeles

In Part 1 of "John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony, Masters of Cunning and Deceit", July 17, 2007, we revealed that Mahony shortchanged the 508 victims of Los Angeles pedophile priests of their original asking price of $1.5 Billion in 2004 and that Mahony settled to avoid testifying in LA courthouse that could have become the ‘trial of the century’ and rivaled the O.J. Simpson spectacle in 1995. Most of all, we revealed ‘where angels fear to tread’ -- for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church -- that the Opus Dei is the ultimate responsible leader in the cover-up of the sin and crime of priest pedophilia in the 20th century – hence we disclose them as the real Octopus Dei. And as a sign from God that we are doing right, suddenly ferocious gigantic squids appear in the southern beaches of California. The timing is extraordinary that such sea monsters and the Octopus Dei coincidentally do exist after all.

In Part 2, we reveal how the Opus Dei operates its Octopus Dei tentacles through its vast global media empire owned by their secret members and how they send their professional journalists to write Opus Dei spins here and there around the globe like this AP article. We accomplish this by analyzing in-depth this AP Associated Press international news on Mahony and show its hidden secretive Opus Dei spin. (If one can own the AP Associated Press, one easily own Reuters and the others as a piece of cake.) This AP writer acts like the PR for Mahony on the world stage. Like all other major newspapers act as PR for Mahony and the Pope per cunning and conniving of the Octopus Dei

For an objective study on the Opus Dei go to . The OD operate the same way in USA and in all other countries.

"Opus Dei does not publish the names of its members, and many Opus Del members do not make public their membership in the organisation."

"Because of the high degree of members' allegiance to Opus Dei and its religious agenda, their work in the public sphere breaches the church-state division that is fundamental to modern democracy. It is essential, then, to monitor the organisation's undertakings in secular arenas -- a task made difficult by the fact that individuals' membership is often undisclosed to the public."

"The professions in which Opus Dei is strongest, particularly in Europe and South America (and USA), are the media, medicine, the judiciary, education (especially at the university level), and, above all, high finance and politics."

The OD international spins about the Los Angeles settlements are exemplified by links at the end of this post - from countries in the east Malaysia to countries in the west in America and Spain.

The Opus Dei spin and message is this: "WE rule, you kowtow to us. Other religions did pedophilia too, so the Roman Catholic church ain't so bad. So close shop, you SNAP, Abuse Tracker and Bishops Accountability, you are all finished and done. Put your files in boxes, especially you Bishop Accountability, and go home. The court cases are over. We have paid you off, the crime is paid. The cases are closed. Your files are now irrelevant like the old church Inquisition and the Crusaders history. Who cares to read them today? And who cares to read of your boxes of pedophile priests files? So go home and shut your doors and shut-up. And let us run the church as we deem fit – we want John Paul II to be canonized a saint ASAP so that together with our St? Josemaria Escriba they will rule over you and we’ll trample on you if you don’t obey us – just like we did with the Jesuit Jon Sobrino. Benedict gave him the Notification and the Opus Dei Bishop finished him off by imposing Silence on him prohibiting him to teach and publish [which he has done all his life for the poor people of El Salvador]. We don’t care about the poor; we only care about the impeccable reputation of soon-be-saint John Paul II and St? Josemaria Escriba.

“We don’t care about you and what you do for the survivors and victims of priest pedophilia. We have on only agenda – world domination and the cult and worship of John Paul II and Josemaria Escriba, our founder. You will all bow before us who are more holy than all of you. We pray in Latin, you don’t. The Opus Dei rules the world. See the map in our website? WE rule the world."

The Octopus Dei is so OBVIOUS yet invisible like the AIR we breathe. To prove with legal records the Opus Dei's cover-up of priest pedophilia at the Vatican and around the world is like trying to scientifically prove and hold with one's hands the air that we breathe.

But history is there for all of us to see-- Opus Dei's Joaquin Navarro-Valls was the Press Secretary of John Paul II from the beginning of his papacy until he died -- for more than 26 years.


Analysis of a classic Opus Dei spin via AP Associated Press

This AP news is broken down into phrases for clarity. Our comments are preceded by hyphens. We point out the deceptions written in between the lines. Now let's dissect this Opus Dei spin by this AP secret clone daughter of Escriba.

L.A. cardinal's apology may not suffice

--- The title suggests that Mahony’s apology is not enough and must require some more things other than an apology. But what are these “other” requirements? None, if you read the entire article (which is in italics).

--- Mahony's apology was a rehearsed actor’s speech. Mahony is an actor clone of John Paul II the great actor. Mahony should be charged as a criminal for aiding and abetting pedophiles. He should resign and be exiled to Rome and room with Cardinal Bernard Law at the Vatican quarters of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei eunuchs.


--- Why is this subtitle all in capital letters, to emphasize “critics”?

--- But who and where are these “critics” and what are their names in this AP news?

--- Not one, repeat, not one LA theologian, nor the LA Times and major LA newspapers hollered at Mahony and cried foul like Boston Globe did to Cardinal Bernard Law in 2002. All LA media were mute about Mahony because most are owned by the invisible tycoon Opus Dei - therefore owned by Mahony. If you need proof go to their list of board members, stock and shareholders and editors. All LA media are reporting watered-down articles just to put on the appearance as if Mahony is "hurt" a little bit but really is "unscathed."

By Rachel Zoll

---- She has written more than one AP article on the LA settlements and they are all deceptive like this one. (Can’t waste my time to search for them now. Just google her name and you’ll see the pattern of her writing)

--- She’s has the signs of a secret Opus Dei member and may have relatives and friends in Opus Dei. She’s either a graduate or has taken extra journalism courses at the Holy Cross Pontifical University in Rome or other Opus Dei run or affiliated universities. She goes to confession to an Opus Dei priest who has instructed her to write this article point by point and praise her for being obedient and for defending the agenda of Opus Dei.

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony approved a record clergy abuse payout

---“approved" is not the correct word; Mahony had to be “forced” by civil law (not church law) to settle or appear in court. He used every legal option to suppress victims’ litigations. He was too chicken to testify in court due the following Monday so he bargained out on Saturday, $660 million instead of the original 1.5 Billion asking price in 2004

opened the files of the Roman Catholic priests involved

--- This is a false statement. In fact Mahony continue to spend millions to delay court proceedings and delay the release of these files for the past 4 years and he had orchestrated to have some personal files to go "missing”.

--- And as this AP news itself suggests, the individual priest can still contest the release of their personal files which Mahony will encourage them all to do.

and looked into the cameras and apologized last week for the victims' treatment

---"looked into the camera" like a professional actor of Hollywood, all right. See his fox demeanor in our July 17 blog -- "But his eyes do not smile, they are wary, watchful, seeking the advantage, covering his sides and back.”

And it still might not be enough to satisfy some

--- This is a classic Opus Dei spin. It suggests something but prove nothing. Very vague. Typical OD line

--- To "satisfy some" who exactly? The poor victims who have no more oxygen to fight Goliath Mahony? Or is she referring to some “critics” like us who are left to voice the truth like the prophet Isaiah?

To fund the archdiocese's share of the $660 million settlement, the cardinal will have to sell property, liquidate investments and cut spending, dismantling part of what he built in more than two decades as the city's archbishop

--- She is praising Mahony now, the Opus Dei major spin.

--- She paints Mahony as a builder "built it in more than two decades" but she does not tell the other side of Mahony that for two decades he covered-up more than 500 pedophile priests, all pedophile criminals who should be rotting in jail instead of saying Mass!

--- She does not report the fact that Mahony and the Opus Dei lawyers are all laughing at the victims who had to settle for less than the original asking price of $1.2 Billion. The insurance will pay half of the settlements, religious orders will pay three-quarter of the other half, and Mahony will pay only about 50 Million which he can easily gain this in annual interest alone from the $4.5 Billion La diocese holdings and investments.

Even so, critics question whether the cardinal should have done more to rein in predatory priests in the nation's largest archdiocese.

--- Who are these "critics”? Imagine an AP professional journalist who cannot support her statement with simple facts.

--- Hello! Not ONE Los Angeles theologian dared criticize and asked Mahony to resign because he put no value in the survivors’ lives. Boston’s priests demanded Cardinal Bernard Law to resign. They pounded him non-stop until he flew to Rome to join the other cohorts-in-crime papal team at the Vatican, the Opus Dei and the then Cardinal Ratzinger.

Bishops answer only to the Vatican

--- Opus Dei is the only Prelature in the church meaning it is answerable only to the Vatican. This is an Opus Dei signature spin.

--- She is declaring that Bishops do not answer to secular judges and the courts of United States. She and the Bishops believe that Bishops are the “Prince of the Church” and are above the law of the land. This is in Escriba’s writings.

--- It had to take $2 Billion dollars to show that Bishops are subject to the law of the nation, that they are “below” or subjects to the courts. But the Opus Dei will spin that this doesn’t count because $2 Billion means zero in their church account. No parishes have been closed; no church properties have been touched in LA. $2 Billion does not make any dent in the vast real estate and secret investments of the church.

which had to sign off on some funding of the settlement, but every church leader needs the trust of the parishioners.

"He acknowledged he made some mistakes, he apologized," said the Rev. Thomas Reese, a fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

--- This is the Opus Dei’s signature: to cite a Jesuit and put him in a negative light, not with hardcore evidence but in slightly negative terms. This is like putting a drop of poison in a potable system of a city; it is enough to poison the entire water system.

--- John Allen in his Opus Dei book used the same strategy, he ended his book by citing a Jesuit who was ‘ignorant’ of the Opus Dei’ work with the poor. But the fact is Opus Dei caters and recruits only the professionals and the rich, 99.9 % of their members belong to the professionals like lawyers and doctors and the richer elite with income above $50,000.

"Now the people of Los Angeles are going to have to weigh the good that he's done over the last 22 years versus the bad things he did and decide whether they can continue to accept him as their bishop."

--- This Opus Dei AP writer couldn’t find any critic of Mahony because there are no critics to quote in Los Angeles; she had to fish Thomas Reese out of Woodstock from the east coast, from faraway Washington, DC in the Jesuit Georgetown University. What happened to the many theologians in LA? They are all being choked by the Octopus Dei threatened to have their teaching licensed repealed.

--- It is important to note that Fr. Reese was the first victim of Ratzinger soon as he was elected Pope. God’s Rottweiler demanded him to resign from his post as Editor of the America magazine in New York. We covered it in our Ratzinger blog –

Last week's deal was made on the eve of a civil trial in which Mahony would have been grilled about why he left some abusive priests in churches without telling parents or police.

--- This civil trial is what forced Mahony to settle. It was the cheapest way for him to dodge the bullet of a trial wherein he couldn't hide the truth no matter how cunning he was. Still it is a small price to pay for his silence, $666 million instead of $1.5 billion.

As part of the settlement, the archdiocese agreed to release the personnel files of accused clergymen, which could reveal any direct links between Mahony and the guilty priests he supervised. But each priest tied to the 508 Los Angeles cases can challenge his records' release -- another potential obstacle to full disclosure.

--- This will be the next strategy of Mahony which is to suppress the disclosure of files. He is already doing this as of today in LA court. Church Attorneys are already objecting to production of documents over and over again.

--- Mahony strategy is “Who cares if the judge already denied this motion, if we file it 100 times, we can really wear down both plaintiff attorneys and the entire Los Angeles Superior Court civil justice system.” (a survivor)

Mahony, 71, has acknowledged the suffering of victims.

--- Oh, really? When and how did he do it? His ONE SPEECH of apology is really a sinister celebration of his own personal victory, he's fooling the people that the "biggest settlement" after all cost even less than the Boston diocese that had to get rid of its Archbishop's palace. When Mahony moves to smaller quarters like Cardinal O’Malley, then maybe he can “feel” a little bit for the “suffering of victims”. But as long as he lives in his Archbishop Opus Dei palace, he cannot feel any compunction for the victims. It’s all hearsay and crocodile tears.

He was among only a handful of bishops who revealed the names of suspected clergy so the public could be protected from them.

--- Who are you kidding? “Only a handful of bishops”? Who is this handful? Why don’t you name facts and faces? The fact is ALL Bishops had to be brought to court by secular lawyers to force them to reveal names of pedophile priests.

After a California judge approved the settlement Monday, Mahony received support from a lead lawyer for the victims. Attorney Raymond Boucher praised Mahony for meeting with victims and for working to persuade religious orders to sign onto the deal

--- This is one of the most insulting things to say to the victims and their good lawyers who worked hard to bring them some compensation and justice. It is tantamount to saying that “Hitler apologized to the Holocaust victims but at the end, their lead Jewish lawyer praised Hitler for convincing the Germans to pay the survivors.”

AP, you have sold your soul to Octopus Dei. How pathetic.


International Opus Dei spins

Editorial: Light at the End of a tunnel

Battle Fatigue

Vatican statement

Religion Beat becomes a test of faith

Clergy sex scandal a lesson for all - (Malaysia)

Sequitur, et Non

Chicago Bishop discusses abuse cases,4_1_JO29_SARTAIN_S2.article

L.A. cardinal's apology may not suffice
AP -

The Teflon Cardinal
Los Angeles Times,0,2757313.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Nuncio in Spain says Catholic Church's cases of clerical sexual abuse rank among the lowest


“Mahony belongs behind bars.”

On Saturday night, June 24, after the première showing of Amy Berg’s film DELIVER US FROM EVIL at the Independent Documentary Association’s Los Angeles Film Festival, a packed house stood amid thunderous applause as the father of victim who had been sexually abused as a five year-old proclaimed, “Mahony belongs behind bars.”

To say that the film documents the career of Fr. Oliver O’Grady, a priest born and educated in Ireland and ordained for the Diocese of Stockton, California would be true, but as deceptive as saying that Gone With the Wind is the story of how Scarlet O’Hara lost the farm.

Berg tells the story of people—parents, children, believing, faithful, church going folk—so easy to identify with that one is drawn delicately into a story as intriguing and riveting as a best-seller summer mystery novel. The story is woven between the families and kids who trusted the priest and the church—and how they became aware of the true nature of both—and O’Grady quietly, casually telling how he was abused by a priest as an altar boy and details the methods he used to groom, seduce, and sexually violate innumerable boys and girls in his parishes.

The camera follows the priest now freely walking the streets of Irish towns that are still unaware of the danger he presents and the trail of spiritual and psychic carnage he left in California as he was transferred from parish to parish to cover his trail of violations of children one as young as nine months old. (Yes, nine months old and vaginally penetrated.)

What could be visually as gruesome as open-heart surgery on TV becomes just the opposite in Berg’s production. It is like being drawn in to viewing Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp. It has a quiet, but somber, intriguing, and instructive mood.

The camera reflects with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel how the church delays, denies, deceives, and defies efforts to protect children from abuse. The anatomy of church control and the shield provided for abusing clergy is a powerful lesson. The depositions of Monsignor Cain, and especially Cardinal Mahony, speak louder than any imaginable commentary. Their performance exudes power precisely because it is literally unbelievable.

The church in predictable knee-jerk reaction will condemn this movie as anti-Catholic or anti-clergy. It is not. But this is no Da Vinci Code. Deliver Us From Evil is fact—well told fact and presented with artistry.

This documentary can be seen in Los Angeles August 18-24 during the Independent Documentary Associations’ DocuWeek. See it there if you can or hopefully in the future at a “theater near you” or the “Academy Awards.”


On June 28 this film was awarded $50,000 for Best Documentary


Thanks to a kind soul from LA for sending me these two very long news articles that illustrate that the LA Times is Mahony's PR machine, therefore a property of Opus Dei. I qoute some paragraphs here because the news are 5 pages long!


Mahony has been adding salt on victims wounds through his lawyers.

See "Cardinal Sins
How the Catholic Church, legal community and PR machine are conspiring to protect Roger Mahony"
February 25, 2004

Mahony’s strategy has been executed masterfully by J. Michael Hennigan of the law firm Hennigan, Bennett & Dorman. His plan has exploited weakness in his opponents, the media and the court. His preference to negotiate with victims behind closed doors has tested their emotional vulnerability and need for closure, while at times pitting them against their own lawyers, who can barely afford to litigate all the cases they have. p.1

Media disclosures, orchestrated at times with the help of public relations gurus Sitrick and Company, have driven a wedge between key reporters at the Times, while betraying a gutless editorial policy of walking on eggshells around the cardinal. (See related story.) And his attempts to reach out to victims and the public have played on the sympathies of a passive, largely ethnic laity in Los Angeles, which has never openly questioned the integrity of Catholic leadership. p.2

Concerns of institutional deference to Mahony should come as no surprise, but perhaps the most troubling is the judiciary. Though Dennis and fellow survivors have complained for months that they have been deprived access to the courts by the trial lawyers they turned to for help, more troubling are the judges who have protected both the Catholic Church and the court’s resources by channeling potentially explosive litigation into private backrooms where the cardinal’s dollars could make all the difference.

The legacy of power among Catholic judges in Los Angeles goes back decades. For years, until recently, no non-Catholic held the position of presiding judge. The St. Thomas More Society sponsors the annual Red Mass, a special church service for prominent members of the legal community. The society seeks “to provide a haven where those who are committed to their Catholic faith can find fellowship and encouragement in the face of overwhelming media and cultural forces working against that pursuit.” “The leadership of Los Angeles Superior Court is almost always Catholic,” says one local judge, who is not. “There is a real interest by people running the courts to protect the church and its assets and preserve papal law. It’s like a scared cow.”

Although the judges handling the clergy cases, Marvin Lager and Peter Lichtman, are not members of the St. Thomas More Society, they still have to deal with the political influence of the church if they are to function in Los Angeles, the nation’s largest archdiocese, with 5 million Catholics. Anyone who questions an institutional juggernaut like the church in the name of judicial independence runs the risk of being accused of being anti-Catholic, according to another Los Angeles judge, a non-Catholic. Similar pressure exists among Catholics, the judge says. “The Catholic Church is very totalitarian,” says the judge. “No doubt there are those who are concerned about perceptions among fellow Catholics that they are disloyal to their faith.” p.2

Likewise, Mahony’s recent denouncing of hundreds of accused priests, whose names were already public, including some who remain in the ministry, is of little solace. “May God help us all,” Dennis writes in an e-mail upon reading Mahony’s disclosure last week, in which he expresses regret for his “mistakes” — two days before a court hearing on his refusal to release Rucker documents. “Mahony will say anything to save face, and he believes he can get away with anything,” she says. “The church thinks it is above the law.”


The Los Angeles Times belong to Mahony and Opus Dei

Journalists covering the clergy sex-abuse scandal have dogged the Catholic hierarchy from Boston to Phoenix, but the Los Angeles Times has skirted around Cardinal Roger Mahony and helped him craft his own public image. With the criminal and civil justice system favoring secrecy in examining charges that Mahony has concealed pedophiles, critics accuse the Times of caving to pressure from Mahony, at times acting as his platform to urge the public to look forward, not back, at what he’s done.

...the Times has allowed Mahony to control the media....

Sex-abuse survivors and their attorneys take an increasingly dim view of the Times. “The Times will publish only what it has to,” says one plaintiff’s attorney who talks to reporters on a regular basis. “Whenever Mahony looks like he might be in trouble, the Times gives him a way out,” says Richard Farnell, who represents victims of priest sexual abuse. “The Times has done a terrible job,” a local trial attorney says.

See complete text "Blessed by the Times
Inside one of the newsroom deals to go soft on the man in the red robe"

By Jeffrey Anderson
Wednesday, February 25, 2004


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