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Saturday, March 03, 2007

John Paul II and his Leadership in the Church


The Real World
what should have happened in the Church

Anyone watching the news the past two days regarding the flap over the poor facilities at Walter Reed Medical Center and the treatment of wounded GIs certainly witnessed the following:

I - Recognition

Army Secretary Francis Harvey
was traveling outside Washington Friday when he was notified that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, his boss, wanted to see him as soon as possible.

Parallel - what should have happened in the Church

Bishop xxxxx was traveling outside his Diocese Friday when he was notified that Pope John Paul, his boss, wanted to see him as soon as possible.

II – Action You're Fired!

By the end of the day, Harvey had returned from a trip to Fort Benning, Ga. and was out of a job, fired because of the scandal over the poor treatment of outpatient soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Parallel - what should have happened in the Church

By the end of the day, Bishop xxxxx had returned to his Diocese and was out of a job…fired because of the scandal over the poor response to the continuing priest pedophilia scandal.

III– Identifying The cause

“The problems at Walter Reed appear to be problems of leadership,” Gates said in a brief statement delivered at the Pentagon just after he met with Harvey.

Parallel - what should have happened in the Church

The Pope expressed dismay that leadership at the highest levels of the Church failed to protect the believers in the pews and the most innocent, the children of God, but instead unbelievably recycled abusers through the ministry system placing more emphasis upon the desire to keep a lid on scandal than to deal directly with the criminality of abuse.

The Pope was alarmed by lateral transfers of abusing priests, the wholesale ignoring of the plight of victims and lack of concern for future victims most certainly and predictably to come from the abusers who were not relieved and defrocked and turned over for prosecution allowing them to abuse again and again.

A spokesperson for the Vatican echoed the Pope’s gravest concern that the problems of the unfolding abuse scandal, its breadth and scope appeared directly attributable to lack of leadership.

IV – Clear Message - No Tolerance !

Harvey’s firing sent a strong message across the top of the military establishment that the new Pentagon chief would not be a passive manager and would hold senior leaders accountable for their actions.

Parallel - what should have happened in the Church

Continuing with the Papal pronouncement, the Vatican sought to reassure the believers worldwide by sending a strong message across the top of Church leadership that Rome would not tolerate mismanagement.

V – Taking Responsibility

Indeed, in an interview shortly after Gate’s statement, Harvey said: “ We let the soldiers down. I’m the head of the Army. What can I say?”

Parallel - what should have happened in the Church

Indeed following the emotional decision resulting in his removal, Bishop xxxxx issued a statement that said: “ I let the believers in Christ down. I am head of this Diocese. What can I say?”

The Government has shown that in today’s world transparency an honesty is the coin of the realm and will not tolerate a sham coverup. Indeed so does private industry, witness Harry Stonecipher, Boeing’s CEO who was fired by its Board when it was discovered he was having an affair with a staffer.

But what do we have in the Church? Quite the opposite! From as early as 1985 when Canon Law lawyer and Dominican priest Fr. Thomas Doyle completed his report to Pope John Paul revealing ominous signs of a widespread priest pedophilia scandal of monumental proportions looming on the horizon, it took another 10 years for the USCCB to adopt a voluntary policy of reporting in 1995.

Not until yet another 10 years had lapsed does the USCCB adopt a mandatory policy in 2005.

Meanwhile in the 20 years which ensued, abusers were routinely transferred and victimization proliferated and what did the Church do? It covered up, taking no action….perpetuating abuse….exercising NO LEADERSHIP!....TAKING NO RESPONSIBILTY…..ACCOUNTABILITY was absent everywhere as some 5,148 abusers and another 108 transferring Bishops and Cardinals in a 195 Dioceses allowed for 11,750 new victims to be life altering traumatized in the name of Christ and those ordained in his name.

Why? How? Because the Priesthood as an institution is riddled with degenerates, and all manner of weirdoes, gays and pedophiles who see in it an opportunity only too good to be true, a safe harbor from which to practice their psychological disorders under the guise of respectability, where to challenge authority is taboo and where in an all male fraternity, corruption flourishes from top to bottom.

Does anyone doubt that if ordination were open to women as well, that the Priesthood would attract the best and the brightest and that the creeps would flee the revealing light of openness and sunshine that would uncover the perverts that exist in its membership and deter future psychological misfits from entering its ranks?

So as an example we have Cardinal George in Chicago who blew it two times on his watch, (1) Fr. Michael Yakitis, a rector and ‘Spiritual Director’(?) at St. Mary’s seminary who with the aid of porn and alcohol seduced an unsuspecting seminarian who sought his counseling over confusion surrounding his sexual identity, then blackmailing the youth into not revealing the seduction by threatening to expose his sexual preference and now (2) Fr. Daniel McCormack a serial abuser whom had been revealed to the Diocese 5 years earlier by a brave nun had tipped off the Diocese but whose earlier warnings were ignored by George who today regrets and acknowledges that it was a mistake to have ignored those earlier warnings.

How many times does it take? Why doesn’t George take responsibility and RESIGN? Where does the buck stop? Where is the leadership?

Why can’t George emulate Army Secretary Harvey who said: “I let the soldiers down. I’m the head of the Army. What can I say?”

R E S I G N !!!!

Written by Sherlock H

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