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St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Danish cartoonist (of Mohammed) drew John Paul II holding up robes of altar boys to expose their BUTTS to SATIATE his bestial PAPAL JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who sodomized hundreds of thousands of little boys - with inscription - I am against homosexuality but for pedophilia. Read the vision of Paris Arrow on how Saint Michael the Archangel tied the giant millstone on John Paul II's neck at his last WYD in 2002 -- in the John Paul II Millstone post August 1, 2006. John Paul II's neck broke and Saint Michael threw him into a raging sea of fire... The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for (enough) good men - and good women - to do (and say) nothing. Youths of today, do not be deceived by the pathological lies of the Pope and the Vatican. The Vatican own the Swiss Banks where all moneys from corrupt regimes are hidden and poor peoples and poor countries are therefore perpetually oppressed....ABOLISH ALL VATICAN CONCORDATS THAT USURP BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM COUNTRIES that are already BURIED IN DEBTS!!! EXTERMINATE VATICAN MAMMON BEAST -- read our NEW BLOG: POPE FRANCIS the CON-Christ. Pretender &Impostor of Jesus

Thursday, November 23, 2006

John Paul II Titanic Ship hit by priest-pedophilia-iceberg

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Vatican is finally admitting the iceberg that sunk the John Paul II Titanic Ship. To be more precise, an American Archbishop at the Vatican is beginning to identify the American iceberg that sunk the John Paul II the Great Roman Papal Ship.

As Peter, Paul and Mary used to sing "Oh, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn."
"The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind."
Indeed, how many more priest-pedophile-victims must come out. 12,000 in American soil alone.
How many more Diocese must go bankrupt.
When will the Pope and the Vatican ever learn?
Oh, when will those self-professed holy men learn?

Let us learn from the Sinking of the Titanic and transpose into it the Catholic soul victims and Captain John Paul II in the helm.

"The largest and finest steamship in the world; on her maiden voyage, loaded with a human freight of over 2,300 souls, she collided with a huge iceberg 600 miles southeast of Halifax, at 11.40 P.M. Sunday April 14, 1912, and sank two and a half hours later, carrying over 1,600 of her passengers and crew with her.

"CAPTAIN E. J. SMITH of the ill-fated giant of the sea; a brave and seasoned commander who was carried to his death with his last and greatest ship.

Dr. Van Dyke's Spiritual Consolation to the Survivors of the Titanic :

The Titanic, greatest of ships, has gone to her ocean grave. What has she left behind her? Think clearly.

She has left debts. Vast sums of money have been lost. Some of them are covered by insurance which will be paid. The rest is gone. All wealth is insecure.

She has left lessons. The risk of running the northern course when it is menaced by icebergs is revealed...

She has left sorrows. Hundreds of human hearts and homes are in mourning for the loss of dear companions and friends. The universal sympathy which is written in every face and heard in every voice proves that man is more than the beasts that perish. It is an evidence of the divine in humanity. Why should we care? There is no reason in the world, unless there is something in us that is different from lime and carbon and phosphorus, something that makes us mortals able to suffer together "For we have all of us an human heart."

But there is more than this harvest of debts, and lessons, and sorrows, in the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic. There is a great ideal. It is clearly outlined and set before the mind and heart of the modern world, to approve and follow, or to despise and reject.

NUMBER of persons aboard, 2340.

Number of life-boats and rafts, 20.

Capacity of each life-boat, 50 passengers and crew of 8.

Utmost capacity of life-boats and rafts, about 1100.

Number of life-boats wrecked in launching, 4.

Capacity of life-boats safely launched, 928.

Total number of persons taken in life-boats, 711.

Number who died in life-boats, 6.

Total number saved, 705.

Total number of Titanic's company lost, 1635.

The cause of the disaster was a collision with an iceberg in latitude 41.46 north, longitude 50.14 west. The Titanic had had repeated warnings of the presence of ice in that part of the course. Two official warnings had been received defining the position of the ice fields. It had been calculated on the Titanic that she would reach the ice fields about 11 o'clock Sunday night. The collision occurred at 11.40. At that time the ship was driving at a speed of 21 to 23 knots, or about 26 miles, an hour.

There had been no details of seamen assigned to each boat.

Some of the boats left the ship without seamen enough to man the oars.

Some of the boats were not more than half full of passengers.

The boats had no provisions, some of them had no water stored, some were without sail equipment or compasses.

In some boats, which carried sails wrapped and bound, there was not a person with a knife to cut the ropes. In some boats the plugs in the bottom had been pulled out and the women passengers were compelled to thrust their hands into the holes to keep the boats from filling and sinking.

The captain, E. J. Smith, admiral of the White Star fleet, went down with his ship.

The Titanic had 1635 souls. The John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army had 12,000 American victim souls (we are still counting, wait for California to explode). The World Trade Center had 5,000 victims.

Which is the worst? Of course, it is the John Paul II Titanic Ship filled with his Pedophile Priests Army!! Even a child can see that. One does not need to be a theological-rocket-scientist to see the plain truth. But those learned men at the Vatican cannot see - with their "open eyes wide shut"! For 26 years the Vatican turned a blind eye on John Paul II's pedophilia-papacy; and now on Benedict XVI's which will be short lived- as his short pedophiliac-eye-sight. Those Pope are suffering from self-inflicted "infallible-papal glucoma". Unbelievable!

Below are some excerpts from a speech of American Archbishop John P. Foley. He should be also busy protesting the canonization of John Paul II who headed his 26 years JPIIPPA - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army - who abused 12,000 American little boys (and girls).

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The sexual abuse of children by priests is only "the tip of an iceberg" of the wider scope of abuse perpetrated against the world's children, a Vatican official said.

U.S. Archbishop John P. Foley, head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, said there is "a much wider and even more tragic story of child abuse that takes place, first of all, in the family and then, in many ways, throughout society."

In his speech, released the same day by the Vatican, the archbishop said "the violation of children's rights is one of the contemporary sins crying out to heaven for vengeance."

"The innocence of children should be protected at all costs," he said, adding that "we should all be free to hear their laughter, to watch them at play, and to see them running securely in our streets." Children need to witness Christ's "loving and saving message" through the living example of the "love and self-sacrifice" of their parents, family, neighbors and teachers, he said.

"We must learn from the media how to prevent children from becoming victims of predators in society and even of the very media which report their plight," he said.


Blogger derek said...

hi paris, this is derek from the site "A Thinker's Progress" you checked out earlier today.

Please don't take offense, but after looking at your blog(s) i was hoping you could show me some evidence to back up your claims, especially regarding John Paul's knowledge of pedophilia nad Ratzinger's cover-ups.

Let me mention that i am not a catholic, so i am not quite as biased as many would assume.

I look forward to hearing from you.


November 26, 2006  
Blogger Paris Arrow said...


"For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
For those who WON'T believe, no proof is possible."

Until you start looking at the VICTIMS of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army,
you will NEVER see any proof.


November 26, 2006  
Blogger derek said...


i think that you might have misunderstood me. I wasn't asking for proof, but rather for evidence.

I don't think that we can "prove" anything either way regarding whether whether or not JP or Ratzinger had knowledge of these events, because that would rquire us to hear them say to us personally or be inside their heads.

All that to say that i am not trying to vindicate them arbitrarily or out of bias, but was hoping to hear evidence for why you came to these conclusions.

Let me close by making one more thing clear. While iam not convinced tha certain higher ups had knowledge of tehse events, i do find these events atrocities that need to be dealt with. Hopefully, with God's grace and forgiveness, all affected can move forward.


November 26, 2006  
Blogger Paris Arrow said...


If you (or we) are waiting for any of the Popes to "say personally to us or be inside their heads" regarding their decades of cover-ups of the priests-pedophilia, you (we) will wait for eternity (like the case of Galileo and the Inquisition), etc.

You sound more "catholic" than the catholics in your defense of John Paul II and Ratzinger.

An obviously you haven't read through my blogs and links - in detail.


November 26, 2006  

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