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Friday, April 08, 2011

John L. Allen Jr praise for Catholic Church Sexual Abuse in Ireland

The Vatican Pied Piper is at it again.

His subliminal strategy is to make all Catholic readers "feel good" about the church no matter what their crimes are against humanity. So John Allen clevery start by praising the Irish Catholic Church by reminding his readers that they did a lot of good (so get over the sex scandal)

We put in highlight bold his Pied Piper propaganda for the Vatican Swiss Banks that pay him as the highest paid journalist.

Take this latest one that Abuse Tracker posted


On Anger, Reform and Diarmuid Martin in Ireland

National Catholic Reporter

by John L Allen Jr on Apr. 08, 2011 All Things Catholic

Dublin, Ireland -- Although the sexual abuse crisis has been devastating for the Catholic church everywhere it’s erupted, the meltdown in Ireland is fairly unique in scope and scale. Catholicism was effectively the state church, running the country’s schools, hospitals and orphanages. As a result, when the church served people well, it had a massively positive social impact -- and when the church failed and abused people, the damage was correspondingly immense.

Add accumulated Irish resentments over clerical power and privilege, plus a generalized backlash against all social institutions related to the recent economic collapse and failures of the political class, and you have a prescription for real angst.

I’m in Dublin this week for a couple of speaking gigs, the centerpiece of which is an April 6-9 conference on the sexual abuse crisis (John Allen refuse to call them pedophiles priests) sponsored by the Jesuits’ Milltown Institute titled “Broken Faith: Revisioning the Church in Ireland.” After just three days in-country I certainly can’t pretend to be an expert on what’s happening here, but I’ll toss out these fleeting observations: (Vatican message, this clergy abuse scandal is fleeting)

•Anger bred by the crisis is never very far from the surface in Ireland, among survivors themselves, (very mild use of word to describe the raped victims of the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army) inside the Catholic fold, and among a broad cross-section of the general public. (John Allen sounds like he is talking about coffee and muffins. Go to Hell John L. Allen Jr and join John Paul II and dance in the fires of Hell. You slept in peace at the Vatican knowing that thousands of priests were raping boys and girls worldwide, John Allen you smelled the Devils like roses with your millions of Vatican dollars!)

Read our related article: John L. Allen Jr supports Fr. Marcial Maciel and the Legion of Christ through his headline: 'True believers' on Maciel still kicking


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