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Monday, October 03, 2011

Fr. Marcial Maciel was protected by John Paul II. Here's proof that John Paul II has an evil Achilles Heel in Fr. Maciel

Here is a proof that John Paul personally protected Fr. Marcial Maciel his beloved companion to his favorite papal trips to Guadelupe, Mexico. John L. Allen Jr, the Vatican Pied Piper says that he was already in his "twilight" when John Paul II learned about pedophile priests, but that is an outrageous lie, read our analysis of John Allen's NEWSWEEK magazine Fast-Track Saint here It is the first chapter of the JP2 Army blog because John Allen is the best Vatican Pied Piper ever.

Fr. Marcial Maciel could maintain his pedophile activities only through the complicity of the Vatican and especially the immoral Pope John Paul II. This article is very crucial in proving that John Paul II has 2 evil Achilles Heels, Fr. Marcial Maciel on hisi left papal foot, and Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston on his left papal foot. Heil Satanas John Paul II,r ead our related article on his beatification here

Protected by John Paul II

"Surveillance, seduction, ensnaring and silencing were combined in the legionaries’ organization. The accusers’ statements are heartrending, recounting how a power appealing to spirituality and papal license committed terrible crimes against defenseless people.

González’s book presents not only testimony but also three unpublished files that the author used to reveal a web of complicity stretching from the top of the ecclesiastical institution to its base and backed by political elites. In Rome he consulted the files of the Sacred Congregations for the Religious as well as those of Father Luis Ferreira Correa, the Legion’s vicar general from 1956 to 1957, and Flora Barragán de Garza, the group’s first great benefactor, whom Maciel tried to divest of her possessions. Based on a huge quantity of uncovered, classified and thoroughly analyzed information, the author arrives at this conclusion: “It is certain John Paul II protected the pederast founder [of the legionaries] and did so consciously.”

"The legionaries still trusted that people would turn against the victims instead of condemning Maciel. They were especially confident that time and short memories would dissipate the accusations against their founder. They were even certain that the power they obtained in the Vatican could raise their founder to the altars. These leaders had assimilated the path and the logic Maciel had taught them: make the abominable look like virtue. They wanted to start by canonizing Maciel’s mother, as in the case of Monica, the mother of Saint Augustine.

For the cause of beatification to prosper, it needs connections in the Vatican and lots of money. As they had both, they managed to get the lady on the first rung of the process: she was now “servant of God.” They also aspired to get Maciel’s great uncle, Bishop Rafael Guízar y Valencia, canonized. Certain that canonization of John Paul II, Maciel’s great protector, would also be quick in coming, they expected it to culminate in an official declaration of the saintliness of the legionaries’ founder. They didn’t fear the usual practice of assigning a devil’s advocate to investigate his life, since they’d already seen it put aside in the canonization of Opus Dei founder José María Escrivá. Nonetheless, they were wrong on all counts and it now remains to see if the Maciel scandal, which has become widely known, doesn’t become an insuperable obstacle to Karol Woltyla’s own beatification process."

"Maciel’s pederasty and drug addiction had not occurred in isolation, but was organized and accompanied by a group of like-minded men who protected and abetted him.

Historian Francisco Martín Moreno laments how the Church hid accusations of sexual abuse by the legionaries’ founders and José Martínez de Velasco, a Spanish researcher and author of two books on the legionaries, appears convinced that the Church was complicit in Maciel’s acts.

With the Vatican’s complicity

"Thanks to his rigorous investigations, Fernando González has become a specialist on the subject. In his opinion Maciel’s death won’t put an end to the scandal. What is needed is to get inside his organization to see just how far it was complicit in and abetted the crimes of pederasty, drug use, absolution for accomplices and others, although in 2001 then-Cardinal Ratzinger established a 10-year statute of limitations for the latter crime."

Then in a radio interview with journalist Carmen Aristegui, a former legionary revealed that at age 68 Maciel had gotten a 15-year-old girl pregnant, a serious crime of child abuse punishable by civil law. Other people said Maciel had maintained sexual relationships with various women. A Spanish ex-legionary recalled that Maciel was known to have intimate relationships only with well-off women.

Even Alejandro Espinosa, Maciel’s nephew, alleged suffering sexual abuse by his uncle, and stated that he too had witnessed Maciel’s affairs, remembering how he boasted of his conquests. He named a good number of women whom Maciel had exploited economically and with whom he’d had sexual relationships.

Moreover, up to that point the sexual sphere was the only focus; a fundamental subject—the legionaries’ economic management—continued to be concealed.

Another interpretation of the leaks had to do with Rome’s attempt to uncouple the organization from its founder, to clean up and restructure a religious congregation perceived as valuable. Nonetheless, this strategy didn’t seem to be faring very well.

A Vatican inspection with what results?

In March of this year the Vatican ordered a team of clerics to conduct an inspection of the Legion. They said they aimed for truth and transparency. Once this news became public, Maciel’s successor said members of his institution were troubled and asked for forgiveness from anyone who felt harmed by Maciel’s actions.

It seemed a step forward since they used the word “forgiveness” for the first time, but closer examination of their words suggests they were only seeking forgiveness from those loyal to the organization because the legend had fallen. They said nothing to those wronged by their founder, much less clear a path to repair the serious damage Maciel had caused so many defenseless victim

In the “universal devil” category

Xavier Velasco, a man of letters, published an article in April titled “A bedroom absolution.” It began with the account of an incident that happened 12 years ago when the legionaries’ followers were still convinced they would one day pray to Saint Marcial Maciel. The legionaries had contacted Velasco because they wanted him to announce their institution’s main advantage: while others taught, they formed leaders. Velasco confessed that he was tempted to ask them if instead of forming they didn’t mean “shoe-horning”.

Velasco explained the reasons that had led him to write the article. The first was that “the tarnished cleric from Michoacan, as well as being a child rapist, pedophile, drug addict and father, was one of John Paul II’s confessors.” The second had to do with “a scandalous fault common to many hypocrites, with and without cassocks: forgiving the accomplice. How could the unwary/innocent believer not be encouraged to sin alongside the libertine in a cassock, if he who was going to absolve him absolves the pope? Who would dare to contradict his teachings having once believed in his goodness and seeing him now as a saint? Is there a pious soul in the head of him to whom the Pope confesses his own sins, an extreme hedonist disguised as a shepherd of souls? How to deny, based on the disciple’s silent genuflexed faith, that the graceful accomplice would necessarily leave the place of the incidents even purer than when he entered, after receiving such a huge indulgence? “

The writer went on to reflect that the aggressor connived with his victim for a handful of blessings. He ended by underscoring that the memory of the man who would have been a resplendent new Mexican saint was now likely “to ascend to the category of universal devil.”

Pending responsibilities for the Catholic Church

In the context of the latest revelations about Maciel, a sizable group of people of recognized honor joined with prestigious civil organizations to publish a pamphlet that opened with the question: “When will the Vatican finally stop covering up the crimes of sexual abuse committed by Marcial Maciel?” Given the latest revelations, the objective of those who signed the pamphlet was to get the legionaries and ecclesiastical authorities to publicly distance themselves from what they had previously been complicit in covering up. The signers requested from the legionaries and the ecclesiastical hierarchy a series of things they should have done for some time but that had become imperative in light of what had happened.

First, they asked for an official public declaration to establish responsibility for the canonical and civil crimes committed by Maciel and to ask for pardon for the extensive damage caused to the sexual abuse victims. They also called on the pope to demand a review of the process conducted against Maciel, in which the honor and reputation of all those called to give evidence under an oath of excommunication would be vindicated for having done so in good faith and telling the truth.

Out of respect for the victims and all Catholics, the ecclesiastical elite were obliged not only to clarify the crimes of pederasty but also to pay compensation for the damage done. The Catholic hierarchy was expected to bring about profound institutional change to avoid more innocent boys and girls falling victim to sexual abuse in the future by priests sheltered, protected and concealed by that same Church. "

"An example of the people over whom the legionaries have influence is the case of Mexican President Fox’s first lady for the six years of his administration. This politician boasted that Maciel was her spiritual guide but demonstrated a behavior far from what could be considered moral. Marta Sahagun de Fox dressed ostentatiously with public money even though most of the population lives in poverty. She was accused of favoring the illicit enrichment of her circle, and in her unrestrained ambition encouraged the serious reversal of democracy Mexico suffers today. Was she distorted by association with Maciel’s thinking, or was it a case of “birds of a feather”?

Wasn't she RC and lived on the Vatican grounds???

"Addiction to money degrades and corrupts because it leads to trading what cannot be traded: love, truth and loyalty. Keeping this in mind, it would be appropriate for the just-initiated Vatican investigation to examine whether Maciel’s organization is not a rotten fruit that should be separated from the rest so it doesn’t spoil everything. "

I don't see that happening do you?


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