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St. Michael the Archangel tied an 8ftX3ft millstone to the neck of John Paul II in North America at the July 2002 WYD World Youth Day - because JP2 refused to stop his papal army,JP2 Army John Paul II Pedophiles Priests Army. 9/11 WTC attacks 3,000 victims-by 19 Muslims-led by Osama bin Laden, USA Pedophile Priests 15,736 victims victims-by 6,000 rapists-priests- led by John Paul II...JP2 Army was JP2’s Achilles Heel so St. Michael threw him into the depths of Hell- see Paris Arrow's vision

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Danish cartoonist (of Mohammed) drew John Paul II holding up robes of altar boys to expose their BUTTS to SATIATE his bestial PAPAL JP2 Army - John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who sodomized hundreds of thousands of little boys - with inscription - I am against homosexuality but for pedophilia. Read the vision of Paris Arrow on how Saint Michael the Archangel tied the giant millstone on John Paul II's neck at his last WYD in 2002 -- in the John Paul II Millstone post August 1, 2006. John Paul II's neck broke and Saint Michael threw him into a raging sea of fire... The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for (enough) good men - and good women - to do (and say) nothing. Youths of today, do not be deceived by the pathological lies of the Pope and the Vatican. The Vatican own the Swiss Banks where all moneys from corrupt regimes are hidden and poor peoples and poor countries are therefore perpetually oppressed....ABOLISH ALL VATICAN CONCORDATS THAT USURP BILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM COUNTRIES that are already BURIED IN DEBTS!!! EXTERMINATE VATICAN MAMMON BEAST -- read our NEW BLOG: POPE FRANCIS the CON-Christ. Pretender &Impostor of Jesus

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mexico mounts a worldwide campaign against the beatification of John Paul II, they should for they are the people of Our Lady of Guadalupe

There are two Catholic Suns, one is the Pope who is the last despot controlling the world through the Vatican Swiss Banks and the Catholics through the 7 sacraments (and will not allow any free speech or criticism), and the other is Our Lady of Guadalupe who shines from Heaven. The Bible says that the sun shines on both good and evil men so if the Vatican claims to be shining from the Woman of the Sun - Our Lady of Guadalupe, so did all the thousands of the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army as they magically transubstantiation-ed the flesh of Christ instantly in the Eucharist (while Mary carried Christ for 9-months) and then these holy priests went to repeatedly rape thousands of boys. See our latest posts with images of John Paul II versus Our Lady of Guadalupe: The contrast between two Catholic Suns and The Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were both an inherently evil all-male elite hierarchy born from the Devil's bowels

John Paul II was obsessed with preaching for the unborn, against abortion, and he was also obsessed with glorifying more than 1,500 dead Catholics to be saints and blesseds. What he really missed out were the living people in-between the unborn and the dead -- the living young little boys (and girls) who were being raped by thousands of his priests for over 26 years of his glorious papacy, hence they are named aptly after him, the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army

What John Paul II also missed was the black belt of Our Lady of Guadalupe and its meaning that she is pregnant because she wanted to stop the sacrifice of little babies being thrown into the fire by the Indians as part of their worship of the sun. After her appearance as the Woman of the Sun, the Indians were converted and they stopped their pagan ways of throwing babies into the fire to pray for a good harvest and other things. But obviously John Paul II the Pope Sun (see the Danish cartoonist depiction of him as the Pope Sun was so blind as not to stop the thousands of little boys being raped and sodomized by his thousands of priests.

What good is the World Youth Day John Paul II founded when he refused to recognize the victims of the 80 pedophile priests Cardinal Bernard law aided and abetted in Boston? And to spite us Bostonians, he elevated Cardinal Law as Archpriest of St. Mary Major in Rome.

Isn't it time for the millions of Catholics of Mexico to spearhead a worldwide campaign against John Paul II after all he visited Mexico more than any other countries, Our Lady of Guadalupe to be specific 4 times, together with his beloved Mexican companion Fr. Marcial Maciel, one of the worst serial pedophile raping priest who founded the Legion of Christ worth 35 billions dollars harnessed from poor Mexicans' money heavily invested in the Vatican Bank which owns the Swiss Banks. See Beloved companions John Paul II and Fr. Marcial Maciel together in their journeys to Guadalupe: Both were great founders and great deceivers alike

Fr. Marcial Maciel was the organizer of John Paul II's "successful" trips to Guadalupe, Mexico. But like in most papal trips, John Paul II used the millions of poor Catholics as his props. John Paul II travelled around the world but he used the poor people as his backdrop (like an actor and politician) and hardly knew their true conditions. He kissed babies left and right but he ignored the thousands of little boys (and little girls) - 12,000 in America alone -- sodomized and raped by his John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army papal-priests-pedophiles.

Jon Sobrino describes John Paul II's manipulation of the poor of South America. In El Salvador, John Paul II suppressed the poor Crucified Peoples and the Jesuits Martyrs who were working for social justice - whose anniversary is November 16.

Below is an excerpt from Jon Sobrino's book that speaks of John Paul II's un-realistic papal attitudes and ignorant perception towards the poor. These are the paragraphs that made Benedict XVI issued the "Notification" and the Opus Dei Bishop of El Salvador "silence" Sobrino, meaning he can no longer teach or preach and help the poor to whom he has given all his life in service.

Witnesses to the Kingdom: The Martyrs of El Salvador and the Crucified Peoples

Page 141. Important ecclesial events, like a papal visit, are often organized in such a way that they too produce a feeling of unreality. In the Pope’s 1996 visit to El Salvador, it is true that most of the people who attended were poor. But all one could see of their reality was their religious enthusiasm, more or less effectively organized. One didn’t see their poverty, their fears, their discouragement and helplessness, not even their true faith and hope; one didn’t see their reality. As the event was organized, the poor served more as a backdrop than as the reality of the country; in the foreground were minorities that do not represent the reality: the government, legislators and politicians, the rich and powerful, and the Church beside them. The Pope’s visit neither reflected reality nor, to judge from the consequences, had any important effect on it.

On page 140. This applies to the allocutions and homilies of the Pope to the Congregation when he was an "adult-pope’. And that is still a serious problem: humanistas without sarx, factuality without reality (in the world of the poor). To give a few examples: one often gets a feeling of unreality from homilies, documents and messages that do not make central - although they may mention it - the poverty of reality, the injustice and corruption that cause it, and the cover-up that accompanies it. The feeling of unreality comes especially from the lack of commitment to get involved in the conflict, to struggle against injustice and to suffer the consequences. Words, words, words, as J. Comblin calls such messages in the article mentioned above. At another level, one gets the same feeling of unreality from a seminary formation that protects the seminarian from reality; or from the spiritualities and pastoral practices promoted or tolerated by movements that lead the human being into an a-historical transcendence with infantilizing consequences. (From Martyrs of El Salvador. By Jon Sobrino)

Links: Benedict XVI and Jon Sobrino

Benedict XVI-God's Rottweiler voracious appetite for the Jesuits

New Pope Benedict XVI's first bite: the Jesuits

So here we show in pictures how John Paul II contrast with Mary who like Rachel weeps for her thousands of little boys (and girls) who were sodomized by the «John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army see our sister weblog

This is the image of the woman as the sun Our Lady of Guadalupe defending and protecting children and holding a child up high away from the snares and snatches of the Serpent while John Paul II gave countless thousands of little boys to the Serpent of Sodomy to be sodomized and raped by his John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army for over 26 years during his glorious papacy as John Paul II the Great

The Danish cartoonist of the prophet Mohammed portrayed John Paul II as the Pope of Pedophilia with the inscription "I am not for homosexuality but for pedophilia".

John Paul II is the Sun as the Infallible Most Powerful Pope of the Catholics with seven rays of the 7 Sacraments, he is in his white papal uniform and his two papal hands pulls up the children`s robes because he enabled and allowed thousands of pedophiles rapists-priests to go on freely sodomizing and raping little boys (and girls) during his longest reigning papacy of 26 years, together with Cardinal Josef Ratzinger his right-hand man as Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Saint Michael the Archangel tied a giant millstone to John Paul II's neck at the last World Youth Day speech of JP2 see John Paul II the Pope of Sodomy: Vision of St. Michael the Archangel tying a giant millstone to John Paul II at World Youth Day in 2002

A picture speaks a thousand words and so here we show the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe saving young little children from the snares of the Serpent while John Paul II gave freely thousands of children to the Serpent of Sodomy which included his beloved companion Fr. Marcial Maciel a serial pedophile together with thousands of pedophiles rapists-priests as they satiated their lusts on little boys and young pubescent boys hence they will be forever known as the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priest Army -- they are the JP2 Army because they even out-number the 500 men in the Swiss Guard Army at the Vatican see


Opposition grows to beatification of John Paul II

The Guadalajara Report

Friday, January 21 2011 13:32
Tom Marshall

Pope John Paul II was a popular figure in Mexico and local Catholic Church leaders have lauded current Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to beatify him on May 1. But not everyone is happy.The Mexican-run group Observatorio Eclesial (Ecclesiastic Observatory) is mounting a worldwide campaign against the decision, entitled “A call to clarity.”

Pope John Paul II’s close relationship with Marcial Maciel (right), the disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ, is sufficient for him not be beatified, some Catholics argue.

Pope John Paul II’s close relationship with Marcial Maciel (right), the disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ, is sufficient for him not be beatified, some Catholics argue.

The group alleges that Pope John Paul II failed to recognize and possibly even covered up abuses that the founder and leader of the Legionaries of Christ in Mexico, Marcial Maciel, carried out during his tenure. Maciel is accused of abusing numerous young boys over a period stretching from the 1950s until the 1990s, fathering children and of consecrating 900 women as nuns, without the Vatican’s knowledge.

John Paul was said to be close to Maciel and encouraged him in expanding the Legionaries of Christ. The Ecclesiastic Observatory is hoping to get “contrary testimonies” to the beatification of Polish Pope John Paul II.

The other major point of contention the group has to the Pope’s beatification is his flat-out rejection of Liberation Theology, postulated by priests such as Ernesto Cardenal in Central America.

Cardenal this week criticized the beatification and accused John Paul II of “protecting” people accused of pedophilia.

Already 13 prominent theologians from Europe and Latin America have come out in support of Ecclesiastic Observatory.

Cardinal Noberto Rivera announced from Mexico City that a special trip would be organized for the May 1 beatification.

The beatification was formally announced after a French nun’s claim that John Paul healed her of Parkinson’s disease was accepted as a miracle by Catholic Church authorities.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

John L. Allen Jr showers Cardinal Castrillon’s sex abuse cover up with roses that make the Devil's bowels smell good on Ratzinger Benedict XVI and JP2

One of the biggest proofs that John Paul II knew about pedophiles rapists-priests was from Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, then head of the Congregation for the Clergy. Hoyos knew all about the clergy pedophile priests around the world and he relayed all these facts to John Paul II but who was too callous and was obssessed only with his legacy and books as John Paul II the great.

The other most important proof that John Paul II knew about pedophile priests was Cardinal Bernard Law who admitted to transferring more than 80 pedophile priests in Boston. Then there is Fr. Marcial Maciel, his beloved companion in his papal trips to his favorite Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. We will post more proofs as now that Benedict XVI and the Vatican work overdrive to beatify and canonize John Paul II in 2011. John Paul II must not be called a "saint" by American children in Ameircan soil and by all children around the world because he never tried even once to stop pedophile priests from raping thousands of boys around the USA and the world.

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Premier Vaticanista John L. Allen Jr describes his unlimited access into the Vatican and Papal apartments

Commentary on John L. Allen Jr 'Benedict XVI and Tom Doyle on the crisis' in All Things Catholic

John L Allen Jr. cements Benedict’s pathological lies

John Paul II the Pope of Sodomy. Vision of Paris: St. Michael the Archangel tied a giant millstone to John Paul II's neck at World Youth Day in 2002

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 priests - John Paul II,
Benedict XVI & Opus Dei (Vatican Trinity)

Cardinal Hoyos presiding at a TLM Traditional Latin Mass (because he is a member of Opus Dei who celebrate Mass only in Latin, surrounded by lots of ego stroking gold. Unfortunately his is an ego that need no more stroking.

Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos

Vatican denounces Cardinal Castrillon’s sex abuse cover up

Resd the full letter here:

April 16, 2010. The Vatican has confirmed a letter that shows a former top Holy See official praised a French Bishop for not turning in a priest accused of sex abuse.

The letter dated September 8, 2001, was written by Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, then head of the Congregation for the Clergy.

Cardinal Castrillon also delivered a copy of the letter, in which he praised French Bishop Pierre Pican, to bishops world wide.

Castrillon wrote: “I congratulate you for not having turned in a priest to the civil administration, and I am delighted to have a colleague in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and all the other bishops of the world, will have preferred prison rather than to turn in its son-priest.”

The bishop, who retired in March of 2010, received a suspended sentence for failing to report Father Rene Bissey who raped and sexually abused a dozen boys over the course of 10 years.

He was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The bishop acknowledged he knew about the allegations from the mother of one of the victims, so it was not a case of secret of confession.

In a statement Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi said the letter confirms the opportunity of the 2001 decision that transferred the handling of sex abuse cases in the Church from local dioceses and Cardinal Castrillon Hoyo’s office, to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was headed by Joseph Ratzinger at the time.

The Vatican says the letter is proof that sex abuse cases needed to be handled in a “rigorous and consisted manner” by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Cardinal Castrillón must feel trapped

by John L Allen Jr on Apr. 23, 2010

All Things Catholic

John L. Allen Jr deceptive ways again at work as the Pied Piper of the Vatican

In his usual deceptive ways John L. Allen Jr. describes and brainwashes Catholics through his short - but conclusive - phrases by ridiculing Sinead O'Connor (the Irish sex abuse victims who is outspoken against John Paul II and the Irish Priests sex abuse scandal) John Allen’s main media spin strategy that makes his Catholics readers feel good about Cardinal Castrillón is to make fun of singer Sinead O'Connor versus He wrote in All Things Catholics:

“Today, even if he weren't almost 81, Castrillón would have about as much chance of becoming pope as Sinead O'Connor”.

His summary of the whole thing make even Reuters, AP and CNN journalists heads spin - with subtle sublingual catch phrases - by making Hoyos look nice and sweet, here are some of them: (Our comments are in parenthesis)

(Right at the beginning n his article he praises the Cardinal:)

Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos must feel trapped in a "Twilight Zone" episode (Our comment: This has subtly sent Allen's readers googling Twilight Zone and he had cunningly made them forget all the fact about Hoyos), in which, in a flash, the whole course of his life has turned out differently. Now 80, not long ago Castrillón was a consummate Roman powerbroker, a man admired for the nerves of steel that once allowed him to stand up to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez at one point hailed his fellow Colombian as "this rustic man, with the profile of an eagle." (After reading this first paragraph, Catholics would have fallen in love with the Cardinal and forget what is in the rest of the article about regarding the incriminating letter he wrote to teh French Bishop)

To be sure, even bishops inclined to share those concerns would hardly extol Castrillón's letter -- especially because there's no word of compassion in it for the victims of the French priest, and no condemnation of the broader phenomenon of sexual abuse within the church. (John Allen is master of deceits and devious manipulation as he uses big vague words on "phenomenon of sexual abuse", very mild term of "sexual abuse" combined with phenomenon".

Still, the letter points to an important insight about where things stand in the church with regard to the crisis: By now, there's wide consensus that crimes by a priest should be reported to the police, but how and by whom remains contentious. (John Allen makes the Vatican "look good" and make his Catholic readers "feel good" about this scandal about Castrillón. John L. Allen deceives readers as if the Vatican is already "reporting to the police" when in fact they have never done and does not and will not do so up to now, and there is no Catholic Registry of Pedophile Priests to warn parents and children of priests-predators in their midst.)

Ratzinger and Castrillón

Finally, a footnote about the impact of the Castrillón episode: Ironically, resurrecting that 2001 letter may have doomed Castrillón, but it could actually help Pope Benedict XVI.

One has to ask, why didn't the Vatican tell Ratzinger's story?
(John L. Allen is trying to segue the attention away from Cardinal Ratzinger and blaming the huge (vague) Vatican.

At least part of the answer, I suspect, is because to make Ratzinger look good, they'd have to make others look bad -- including, of course, Castrillón, as well as other top Vatican officials. Lurking behind that concern is a deeper one, which is that to salvage the reputation of Benedict XVI it might be necessary to tarnish that of Pope John Paul II. Wow, John Allen really spins the heads of millions of Catholics on who is to blame by these tricky puzzle of name game!)

In this case, however, Castrillón has inadvertently licensed the Vatican and church officials around the world to use him as a foil, effectively waiving a cardinal's traditional immunity from criticism. (Here John Allen makes Castrillón becomes the scapegoat for Ratzinger and John Paul II)

That's important to keeping the record straight, because the truth is that the real choice in Rome over the last ten years vis-à-vis the sex abuse crisis was never between Ratzinger and perfection -- it was between Ratzinger and Castrillón. (John Allen makes everything sounds so doctrinally sound and sweet in his snaky choice of comparisons as he media-spin "between Ratzinger and perfection". What the trillion dollars Vatican Bank can buy for the soul of John L. Allen Jr, the highest paid journalist on the planet and most deceptive. See his speech on his unlimited access to the Popes and the Vatican ...but victims of pedophile priests could never access John Paul II and Benedict XVI, they couldn't even demonstrate at St. Peter's Square which should belong to ALL Catholics in the world).


According to premier Vaticanist John L. Allen Jr (when he was predicting the next pope in 2005) Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos was, like John Paul II was against Liberation Theology, and he presented John Paul II's first public statement on the pedophile priests crisis during a March 2002 news conference - and he came off as defensive and combative, broadly hinting that the situation was an "American problem."

Dario Castrillón Hoyos, 75 in 2005, Colombia

Currently head of the Vatican office for clergy, Castrillón Hoyos served as secretary general of CELAM, the Latin American bishops' conference, from 1983 to 1991, giving him a wide network of contacts across the continent. As a pastor in Colombia, Castrillón Hoyos earned high marks for defense of the poor, including his willingness to challenge the country's notorious drug barons. He is traditional doctrinally. He was a fierce opponent of liberation theology, an effort among progressive Latin American Catholics to place the church on the side of progressive social movements. Castrillón has been elegized by one of the 20th century's foremost novelists, Colombian Gabriel García Márquez, who described him as "this rustic man with the profile of an eagle." Castrillón alienated some Americans during the sexual abuse crisis of 2002. It fell to him to present the pope's first public statement on the crisis during a March news conference, and he came off as defensive and combative, broadly hinting that the situation was an "American problem."


The Buck Stops at the Top

January 17th, 2011 · 8 Comments

In my book Sacrilege, I said that they way tl abusehat American bishops mishandled allegations of abuse was so uniform that it looked like it was the result of a more or less explicit policy set by the Vatican.

Here is what an Irish documentary is reporting:

In a January 1997 letter to each Irish bishop, marked “strictly confidential”, the Vatican said it would support the appeal of any priest defrocked by the Irish church in connection with child sex abuse. It did so in a number of cases, leading to a threat of resignation by one Irish archbishop.

At a 1999 meeting in Rome the Irish hierarchy was reminded collectively by a top Vatican official that they were “bishops first, not policemen”.

The programme claims the Vatican and Pope Benedict himself failed to apply the norms of canon law to the issue of child abuse, one of the pope’s major criticisms of Ireland’s bishops. The Vatican failed to do so where two US priests were concerned and the pope did so in 2005 where Fr Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, was concerned.

In his letter to the Catholics of Ireland last March, Pope Benedict said to his “brother bishops’’ that “you and your predecessors failed, at times grievously, to apply the long-established norms of canon law to the crime of child abuse”.

The Vatican opposed a recommendation in the Irish Bishops’ “Green Book” guidelines on child protection, published in January 1996, which said all allegations of clerical child sex abuse should be reported to the civil authorities.

The programme, by reporter Mick Peelo, also shows a “strictly confidential” letter sent to Irish bishops by the Vatican a year later, in January 1997, which expressed “serious reservations of a canonical and moral nature” about the mandatory reporting of such crimes to civil authorities.

An Irish bishop confirmed to the programme, on condition of anonymity, that he made a note at the time describing this letter as “a mandate to conceal the crimes of a priest”.

The programme also reports that at a 1998 meeting with Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, prefect of the Congregation for Clergy (1996 until 2006), then archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell thumped a table in frustration as the cardinal insisted it was Vatican policy to defend the rights of an accused priest above all.

This was all under the pontificate of John Paul II, whom Benedict will beatify in a few months.

Castrillón Hoyos had also written a letter to a bishop praising him for not reporting an abuser to the police. Castillón Hoyos sent copies to all the bishops of the world.

The Vatican has confirmed a letter that shows a former top Holy See official praised a French Bishop for not turning in a priest accused of sex abuse.

The letter dated September 8, 2001, was written by Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos, then head of the Congregation for the Clergy.

Cardinal Castrillón also delivered a copy of the letter, in which he praised French Bishop Pierre Pican, to bishops world wide.

Castrillón wrote: “I congratulate you for not having turned in a priest to the civil administration, and I am delighted to have a colleague in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and all the other bishops of the world, will have preferred prison rather than to turn in its son-priest.”

The bishop, who retired in March of 2010, received a suspended sentence for failing to report Father Rene Bissey who raped and sexually abused a dozen boys over the course of 10 years.

This was the policy under the soon-to-be Blessed John Paul.

I do not think that Benedict or other Vatican officials realize that these facts are available world-wide on the Internet, and will be brought out repeatedly when John Paul is beatified and then canonized: “Vatican Declares Pope Who Enabled Child Abusers to be Saint.”


Colombia cardinal defends church's abuse policies


Friday, April 23, 2010

Cardinal Hoyos Speaks Again. Now It's The Masons

BOGOTA — A senior cardinal defended the Roman Catholic Church's practice of frequently not reporting sexual abusive priests to the police, saying Thursday it would have been like testifying against a family member at trial. (Theological constructs about the brotherhood of priests is not recognized in secular law. Same thing with the brotherhood of the Masons or the Mafia.)

Colombian Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos also said in a radio interview that Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was involved in a 2001 decision to praise a French bishop for shielding a priest who was convicted of raping minors.

Castrillon said last week in Spain that he showed the letter to then-Pope John Paul II, who authorized him to send it to bishops worldwide.

On Thursday, he said the letter was the product of a high-level meeting at which Ratzinger was present. (If true, this is not good for the Pope and the defenders of his 'filth' crusade.)

"It was a meeting of cardinals. Therefore the current pope (Benedict XVI), who at that time was a cardinal, was present. The pope (John Paul II) was never at those meetings. However the Holy Father was indeed present when we spoke about this matter in the council, and the cardinals ruled." (Which Cardinals? The ones with envelopes from the Legion?)

At the time the letter was drafted, Castrillon was prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and president of the Pontifical "Ecclesia Dei" Commission.

The cardinal also accused unnamed insiders and enemies elsewhere of feeding the sex abuse scandals hurting the Catholic Church.

"Unfortunately there are ... useful idiots inside (the church) who lend themselves to this type of persecution," Castrillon told RCN, using a term for people duped into sympathizing with a foe of their interests. "But I'm not afraid to say that in some cases it's within the Masons, together with other enemies of the church." (And most especially those always unnamed gay Masons in the media.)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Carlos Slim,Mexican billionaire, Legion's biggest contributor and Fr. Marcial Maciel's wealthy contributors

Maciel, who died last year at 88, was the greatest fundraiser of the modern church. He courted rich supporters in building dozens of elite prep schools and several seminaries and universities, backed by a 60,000-member lay group called Regnum Christi (Kingdom of Christ). The Legion and RC distribute promotional videos in which Pope John Paul II appears with Maciel, celebrating the movement’s resurgent orthodoxy.

The Legion’s biggest benefactor is Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who is by some accounts the world’s richest man. Slim recently lent The New York Times $240 million in its financial struggle. The Oriol family, among the wealthiest in Spain, aided Maciel early and often.

Harvard Law professor Mary Ann Glendon, the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican under the last President Bush, scoffed at the abuse allegations Maciel faced before his punishment. So did William Donahue of the Catholic League.

Read our related article in the JP2 Army Vatican Swiss Banks $25 billion owned by ‏Legion and Fr. Marcial Maciel who went frequently to Thailand for 7 and 8 year old boys


Vatican Investigates Legionaries of Christ
The Catholic Church looks into cult allegations — and $1,000 hams

By Jason Berry

Editor's note: A sweeping Vatican investigation of an international religious order — and the cult of personality built around its founder — has just begun in Rome. Five bishops are delving into the finances and internal dynamics of an organization suspected of influence peddling. Award-winning investigative reporter and author Jason Berry has tracked these events for years in a book he co-authored and a documentary he produced on events leading to the Pope's decision to investigate. In this exclusive report for GlobalPost, Berry breaks new ground on the Vatican investigation of the Legionaries of Christ, and the case against Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, the founder.

ROME — Pope Benedict XVI recently appointed five bishops from as many countries to investigate the Legionaries of Christ, a religious order founded in 1941 by the late Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado, a Mexican priest who is accused of sexually abusing young seminarians, and who left a grown daughter who was born out-of-wedlock.

Even after death, Maciel wields power through the influence he secured.

While the American Catholic Church has been publicly battered by two decades of priest sexual abuse scandals that erupted in the press and devastated church finances with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on compensating victims and legal fees, the Maciel scandal has gone largely unnoticed by most of the American press.

There’s a reason: For decades, the Legion shunned the media while Maciel cultivated relationships with some of the most powerful, conservative Catholics in the world. He also forced his priests and seminarians to take vows never to criticize him, or any superior. The legion built a network of prep schools and an astonishing database of donors. In Maciel's militant spirituality, Legionaries — and their wing of lay supporters, Regnum Christi — see themselves as saving the church from a corrupted world. Behind the silence he imposed, Maciel was corrupt — abusing seminarians and using money in ways that several past and present seminarians liken to bribery, in forging ties with church officials.

The silence Maciel imposed on his followers allowed Maciel to pursue a double life.

Maciel, who was born into a wealthy ranching family in Mexico, wooed cardinals and bishops with money, fine wines, $1,000 hams and even a new car — and in so doing secured support for his religious order inside the Roman Curia.

Now, as the investigating bishops, called “visitators” — from America, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Chile — begin travels for interviews in the order’s far-flung religious houses, two Vatican officials are in the Legion’s corner.

Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals and the former Secretary of State, and Franc Rode, the cardinal who oversees religious congregations, were both longtime allies of Maciel and strong supporters of the order today.

The issue facing Benedict has no precedent in modern church history: whether to dismantle a movement with a $650 million budget yet only about 700 priests and 2,500 seminarians, or to keep the brand name and try to reform an organization still run as a cult of personality to its founder. Excessive materialism and psychological coercion tactics continue Maciel’s legacy.

Two years ago Benedict abolished the “secret vows” by which each Legionary swore never to criticize Maciel or any superior, and to report any criticism to the leadership. The vows helped facilitate Maciel’s secret life of sexual plunder.

In 2006 Benedict ordered Maciel to “a life of prayer and penitence” after an investigation of pedophilia charges that shadowed him for years. Ex-Legionaries from Mexico and Spain filed the allegations in 1998 in the tribunal of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who was elected pope in 2005.

Maciel, who died last year at 88, was the greatest fundraiser of the modern church. He courted rich supporters in building dozens of elite prep schools and several seminaries and universities, backed by a 60,000-member lay group called Regnum Christi (Kingdom of Christ). The Legion and RC distribute promotional videos in which Pope John Paul II appears with Maciel, celebrating the movement’s resurgent orthodoxy.

The Legion’s biggest benefactor is Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who is by some accounts the world’s richest man. Slim recently lent The New York Times $240 million in its financial struggle. The Oriol family, among the wealthiest in Spain, aided Maciel early and often.

Harvard Law professor Mary Ann Glendon, the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican under the last President Bush, scoffed at the abuse allegations Maciel faced before his punishment. So did William Donahue of the Catholic League.

Bill Bennett, the conservative Reagan-era official and CNN contributor, has been a featured speaker at Legion fundraisers. Jeb Bush spoke at a 2007 gathering in Atlanta.

The Legion typically pays its speaker and draws support from commercial sponsors, explained insiders in Rome.

Benedict ordered the new investigation after Legion superiors, hand-picked by Maciel, disclosed to followers in February that he had a daughter. In the Spanish press and on websites she has been identified as 23 and living with her mother in Madrid. The question of financial support for his daughter and her mother and how long Legion officials have known about it is a question of the inquiry.

Baltimore Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, not one of the visitators, banned the Legion and Regnum Christi from his archdiocese, all but calling them a cult.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput is the American visitator in the case. Earlier this summer Chaput and four other bishops were given a dossier of findings on Maciel at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Ratzinger as cardinal directed for years.

Starting in 2004, at least 30 witnesses testified to Msgr. Charles Scicluna, the C.D.F. investigator, that Maciel abused them as youths. But the 2006 Vatican order punishing Maciel failed to specify what exactly he had done, nor did it acknowledge the victims.

Legion leaders used the vague wording in a bizarre spin control on its website, pledging support to Benedict while casting Maciel as wrongly accused, a future saint.

Sodano, then secretary of state, softened the language of the order, easing the blow against Maciel and effectively encouraging the Legion's damage control campaign, according to two priests here close to the case, speaking on background.

"When the Holy See asks a person to live a life of 'prayer and penitence,' it presupposes that an investigation has been concluded and that person has been found guilty," explained a Vatican canon lawyer. "The Maciel case was about a lifetime not compatible with his vocation. It's wrong to say Maciel was not condemned."

The Legion website, however, suggests no such guilt.

Marcial Maciel befriended Angelo Sodano in Chile in the 1980s when the latter, an Italian archbishop, was the Vatican ambassador. As Maciel and Sodano became close, the Legion cemented ties with the Pinochet regime in building a prep school, college and radio station.

Back in Rome, in the 1990s, as cardinal-secretary of state, Sodano, according to several former Legionaries, helped Maciel gain zoning variances in Rome to build Regina Apostolarum, a Legion university campus here.

“Sodano was instrumental,” said Glenn Favreau, now an attorney in Washington, D.C. According to others, Sodano’s nephew, an architect, worked on the building project. Sodano appears with Maciel in a promotional video for the university.

When Maciel died last year, the Legion's website, with no whiff of irony, said he went to heaven. But he was buried in his remote hometown, Cotija, Mexico, far from the tomb in Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica in Rome, which he built during his rise to power.

Maciel stepped down from the Legion leadership in 2004 after Ratzinger ordered the investigation. He picked the director general, Father Alvaro Corcuero, and his assistants, Fathers Luis Garza and Evarista Sada. All come from well-to-do Mexican familes.

For the bishop-visitators, questions loom. Is the Legion subsidizing Maciel’s daughter and her mother? If so, how long did the priests know about Maciel’s shadow life? When did they tell the pope and Vatican officials?

Larger issues of integrity have emerged. The Legion uses sophisticated web and mass mail appeals for mission work and seminary expenses.

“When donors learn how money is actually spent, they will think again,” said Jose Barba, a Mexico City college professor who filed the 1998 Vatican case against Maciel.

Barba said that the bishop-visitators should investigate Legion finances. “Fifty people in the States wanted to give testimony to Scicluna on [the legion's] financial abuses, but couldn’t get to Rome.”

The lay affiliate, Regnum Christi, raises funds and helps run Legion prep schools — some 21 in America alone. Maciel’s letters are a staple of RC prayer circles.

“The atmosphere in House of Studies is bizarre,” a Legion priest said glumly, sitting on a bench near the Tiber River, fearful of repurcussions should his name be used. “Even now, the brothers [seminarians] have not been told about Maciel’s pedophilia. Their mail is screened and web access restricted.”

He considers the 320 seminarians “brainwashed. They read the letters of Nuestro Padre” — Our Father, as Maciel, touted internally as a future saint, was called. “Three years after the Holy Father punished him, they study his writings. Priests can spend time freely outside. The brothers are in a concentration camp.”

Fr. Thomas Berg, who recently left the Legion for the New York archdiocese, in an interview with L’espresso called on the order to completely disavow Maciel. He worried that other Maciel abuse victims would emerge.

In February, when the superiors revealed that Maciel had a daughter, the Legionary priest in Rome said: “We were told Maciel had multiple personalities, but that despite the founder’s flaws, the Legion is God’s instrument for good.”

Money was an instrument by which the Legion secured Vatican support.

Maciel spent lavishly to woo cardinals and bishops, even after a 1997 Hartford Courant investigation exposed his sexual abuse of early seminarians.

Another Legionary, over coffee, fumed: “So much money at Christmas goes to the wine, the whiskey, and the special hams for the gift baskets. Legionary brothers are sent in cars to deliver them to cardinals and other allies, always for a purpose. To gain power for the Legion and Maciel ... . A small gift, I understand; but a large gift is a bribe.”

He said that Maciel had subsidized the publication of a book for a Latin American cardinal, and presented a new car to the late Cardinal Pio Laghi, former Vatican ambassador to the U.S., who spent his final years as Vatican prefect of the Congregaton for Education. This was when Maciel was building the university. Laghi rebuffed the offer. The car went to another cardinal, who has since died, according to the priest.

Religious centers typically send gifts to church officials in Rome at Christmas, said Father Giovanni Adena, an inactive priest and editor of Adista, an independent religious news service in Rome.

Adena considers the Legion extreme in gift-giving, but he said it has been encouraged by Cardinal Franc Rode, the Vatican prefect in charge of religious orders. “When Rode’s congregation asks groups for gifts, those who want the support will send money and presents. Rode loves this kind of stuff,” said Adena.

Rode has spoken glowingly of the Legion in speeches and sermons since Maciel’s dismissal. In 2007, according to a Legion insider, the cardinal was a guest at a Legion conference in Atlanta on family values, where Jeb Bush was keynote speaker. He said Rode went on to a Legion-paid vacation in Cancun.

Rode’s office said the cardinal was not in Rome, and unavailable for comment.

Christmas gifts were divided into category by declining levels of importance, the Legionary continued. For weeks, “eight or 10 brothers prepared the baskets in the basement. Fine Spanish hams cost quite a lot — 30 euros per kilo. You can spend $1,000 for a large one,” said one of the Legion priests who spoke on condition that his name not be used.

Another priest here who left the Legion years ago recounted how Maciel in 1946 arrived in war-ravaged Rome and presented Cardinal Clemente Micara, then the vicar of Rome, with $10,000 cash.

“That was an enormous amount in those days,” the former Legion preist said.

Micara would return the favor at a pivotal moment in Maciel’s life.

In 1956 the Legionary founder was suspended by Pope Pius XII while hospitalized for morphine painkiller addiction, amidst abuse allegations in the seminary.

Barba and others have stated that as boys he abused they lied to protect Maciel in questioning by Vatican officials. “We obeyed our vows to the Legion,” he said. “You must realize, it was the only world we knew.”

When Pius died in 1959, Micara had Maciel reinstated, though whether the cardinal had the formal power to abort a papal investigation is in doubt. Micara would preside at the opening of the Guadalupe Basilica Maciel built in Rome.

Letters accusing Maciel that several men sent to the Vatican in the 1970s and 1980s were ignored.

Pope John Paul II was impressed with the sight of dozens of Legionaries in formation, and the large number of men ordained in the 1990s. John Paul’s presence in Legion videos was pivotal to its marketing efforts.

The 1998 charges Barba filed in Ratzinger’s tribunal sat dormant for six years, a sign of Sodano’s power over the process, he says. In late 2004, with John Paul’s health failing, Ratzinger — perhaps sensing he would one day become pope — ordered Scicluna the canon lawyer to begin his investigation. When the report was done, Ratzinger had become pope.

Adena, the news editor and inactive priest, faults John Paul for failing to investigate Maciel. “Hard questions must be asked as the Vatican considers him for sainthood.”

Adena considers Benedict’s 2006 order removing Maciel from active ministry “a mistake. He should be have been excommunicated. But he was protected because of the money he was bringing into the church.”

Last week in Atlanta, a small liberal arts school, Southern Catholic College announced that it merged with the Legion “to attract students from across North America,” the SCC president Jeremiah J. Ashcroft stated. "This expanded reach and support greatly enhances our ability to achieve our mission to prepare moral and ethical leaders who will enlighten society and glorify God."

Jason Berry is coauthor of “Vows of Silence” a book on the Maciel case. He is producer of a film based on the book, which recently screened as part of RomaFictionFest. He is working on a book about church financial conflicts.

Reprinted from the GlobalPost (July 19/09). With thanks to Phil Little.

Diamond bride Mother Angelica’s EWTN acquires Fr. Marcial Maciel’s National Catholic Register: same God and Mammon, same hypocrisy

Wow, from one Catholic empire to another, from the Legion of Christ to EWTN, both part and parcel of the Vatican autocracy and trillion dollars Bank. It is only a change of the same hands. Or let’s say, Mother Angelica and Fr. Marcial Maciel are of the same cloth, they are both obsessed with outward looks and wealth and absolute obedience to the autocracy of the Vatican and the Pope. The agenda of National Catholic Reporter will stay the same, to serve the WORLD DOMINTION Agenda of the Opus Dei and to perpetuate the wealth of the Vatican Bank by telling and continuously brainwashing Catholics to “pray, pay and obey” whatever the pope and the Vatican say especially all the writings of John Paul II that is why he must be declared “saint” as soon as possible. EWTN and National Catholic Reporter perpetuate the despotism and totalitarianism of the papacy and brainwash Catholics to be stupid fanatics.

We had to make a special feature of Mother Angelica on February 04, 2008 see because really, she may be indeed holy but her chapel is adorned, according to her official biographer whom we cited, with 50 million worth of diamonds. “Only the best for Christ” she said. Now we showed in our post how diamonds are blood money as they are harvested from one of the most destitute countries Sierra Leone.

This is precisely the same problem with Mother Angelica and John Paul II and Fr. Marcial Maciel: They believe that the “Word of the Pope is the same as the Word of God” and that to obey the pope , it is enough to be “saved”. But look again, and look deeply what hypocrisy does Mother Angelica has to harness 50 Million worth of diamonds for her chapel and by doing that, she has perpetuated the blood money and theft of dictators in diamond countries like Sierra Leone. So she a few handful nuns, brides of Christ, of the highest “contemplative order” are worshipping Christ in a chapel filled with 50 Million dollars worth of diamonds at the price of thousands of starving and murdered people so they can reach her chapel in Alabama.

And to say that only the Vatican Bank could have arranged all the payment and the safe transportation. Just like only Fr. Marcial Maciel could arranged a 35 billion dollars deposit into the Vatican Bank into the Swiss Banks all owned by the Vatican.

We post some excerpts here:

How many women members of VOTF can afford to wear a one-carat diamond ring or at least a 0.25 carat on their finger…while Mother Angelica has $50 Million worth of diamonds and jewels within her monastery in Alabama? And how many women of VOTF or women in America can afford the time to pray and chant and speak like Mother Angelica? Most of all, how many of the $3 Billion settlement victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, more than 12,000 American boys and girls, can afford and have one minute of safety in Mother Angelica’s secure $250 Million fenced monastery? (And these were the prices of more than 10 and 20 years ago.)

In the movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio, based on a true story, the introduction states:

Sierra Leonne, 1999.

Civil war rages for control of the diamond fields.
Thousands have died and millions have become refugees.
None of whom has ever seen a diamond.

In the same year, on December 19, 1999, another television event in America was happening in Alabama at the EWTN Eternal Word Television Network when its founder Mother Angelica inaugurated the Temple of the Eucharist" that holds her diamonds at her monastery...... and her intention was to “overwhelm everybody” – according to her official biography. Mother Angelica's Temple of the Eucharist surpasses the Taj Mahal and imitates the jewels of the Temple of Solomon...and is encrusted with the Blood Diamonds from Sierra Leonne.

Leonardo's character in the movie says : "God has left this place long time ago". And he is so right because Jesus apparently is now living in the Blood Diamond temple of Mother Angelica, his Diamond Bride who houses him - away from Sierra Leone: Mother had ordered that the interior back wall of the tabernacle – home of the monastery’s most precious possession, the Eucharist – be encrusted with diamonds, visible only to the Occupant. Jesus deserved the very best.

EWTN, Alabama, Deceomber 19, 1999

“After spending more than $50 Million and expending countless hours approving and planning every details of the temple, Mother Angelica, like millions around the word, watched its consecration on television.

The Consecration of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament had to be moved to December 19, 1999, due to shipping delay of chapel furnishing from Germany and Spain.
For the public, it was a first time glimpse of the Romanesque-Gothic Temple Mother had talked about for years. Her intention to “overwhelm everybody, should they forget the reality that this is God’s presence – God’s House -” was more than fulfilled.

The camera honed in on the twenty-four-karat-gold-leaf reredos rising like a castle from the chapel’s sanctuary. Behind the altar, the tabernacle: a resplendent cathedral of glittering spires and hand-carved gold arresting the eye. Mother had ordered that the interior back wall of the tabernacle – home of the monastery’s most precious possession, the Eucharist – be encrusted with diamonds, visible only to the Occupant. Jesus deserved the very best. As she viewed the image of her labors on the big screen, Angelica’s mind must have wandered back with satisfaction to her promise made in 1956 to “build God’s monastery in the south.” (Page 292)(Bold emphasis added)

Jesus deserved the very best...from the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army? GET REAL, Mother Angelica! What planet are you living on?

A nun is a Bride of Christ but Mother Angelica is a "Diamond Bride" because of all the diamonds she possesses in Alabama...a sharp contrast to the Mother of Christ who couldn't afford a diamond ring in Nazareth!

In the movie, protesters carried banners that said: "Diamonds equal death"

Therefore, Mother Angelica has death spattered on the walls of her Temple of the Eucharist.

The movie also cites:
"In Janaury 2003, forty nations signed "The Kiberly Process" -- an effort to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

But ilegal diamonds are still finding their way to market. It is up to the consumer to insist that a diamond is conflict-free."

So, Mother Angelica, are your diamonds "conflict-free" or are they "Diamonds equal death"?

The song of the movie sings:
Everybody want Heaven but nobody wants death.
Everybody wants diamonds without the bloddshed.
Shine on, Shine on, Shine on...

Mother Angelica nd EWTN, shine one, shine on......


Biography Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles, (Doubleday 2005)

Author Raymond Arroyo is about as much of an insider of EWTN and one Mother Angelica's associates as you can get. He is the news director and a lead anchor at EWTN who has been close to Angelica for years. Most interesting in the book is his discussion of her early life in poverty with a highly dependent mother who simply couldn’t get by without her daughter, Rita Rizzo. This created a dysfunctional relationship that would affect both of them for the rest of their lives. Against all the odds, however, she managed to create a massive television network that reaches millions of people all around the world...the EWTN Eternal Word Television Network.


In the official website of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, it says: The Church, all throughout Her existence has spared no expense, neither has She been silent in showing forth her joyful gratitude and profound amazement for so sublime a Gift as the Holy Eucharist. Following this example, our own Mother Angelica has become an instrument in bearing testimony to this reality.(Bold emphasis added)

Indeed, she can afford to spare no expenses because the Church is the wealthiest institution on earth!


EWTN is one of the main (secret) media networks of the Opus Dei that carried LIVE the canonization of their St? Josemaria Escriba in October 2002. An Opus Dei priest regularly preaches and writes for EWTN. Every year EWTN advertise the global and national celebration of Masses with complete list of presiding Bishops and Cardinals held in honor of St? Josemaria in June (which we posted last June 2007)

Mother Angelica is the biggest clue of the Opus Dei Mole in VOTF. The Vice-President candidate who ran to her received this advice:

I consulted with Mother Angelica on this and she said that moles can only be identified by people who have their heads in the dirt. She also said “It’s naughty to slander and the accuser needs to do penance!” Janet Hauter

Interpretation: Mother Angelica says that Paris Arrow can only identify moles because she has dirt in her head...and that she is naughty to slander and needs to do penance!

I've got news for you Mother Angelica, YOU are not qualified to be a member of the VOTF because you are under the payroll of Opus Dei and you are a puppet of the papacy that wants to shut down VOTF. You live in a unreal world so different from us laity and the VOTF. VOTF voice is not the same as yours…and must not be similar to yours. You are a typical preacher of "PRAY, pay, OBEY" and "ASK NO QUESTION". You would be a disastrous adviser to VOTF because you are as VAIN as Benedict XVI who puts on make-up everyday for the television and cameras and dress up pompously to meet world leaders and celebrities. The ONLY advice you will tell us is "Go to confession and do penance" (like you told Janet Hauter about me). You think that confession would have solved the sins of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army crying out to Heaven? Your diamonds-studded Temple of the Eucharist is inutile for the sins of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and your diamonds are like the jewels of the Temple of Solomon... someday your temple too will crumble with not one stone standing up.

While we are so busy focusing on the assets of Bishops and dioceses, we miss to see that the millionaire palace of Bishops pales in comparison with the eccentricity and ostentatiousness of the Temple of Mother Angelica - who is the loudest voice for the Pope and the church in America. It is amazing how the most religious and famous “holy people” like Mother Angelica and Benedict XVI use the name of God in vain… all in the name of the poor Christ whose Mother Mary couldn’t afford a 0.01 carat diamond ring. GET REAL, MOTHER ANGELICA!

Watch the movie "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo di Caprio.


Catholic media empire acquires National Catholic Register

The Christian Century
Jan 21, 2011 by Greg Garrison

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (RNS) EWTN Global Catholic Network, the Alabama-based international media enterprise founded by Mother Angelica in 1981, has signed a letter of intent to acquire the National Catholic Register newspaper.

"I am very pleased and excited that the Register will now be a part of the EWTN family," said Michael P. Warsaw, the Network's president and chief executive officer.

Warsaw said EWTN will provide "the stability that the Register needs at this time" and "give it a platform for its growth in the years ahead" after being run by the scandal-scarred Legionaries of Christ.

Under the terms of the transaction, no cash will be exchanged between the parties. EWTN will take over the ongoing operational expenses of the Register and will assume the paper's future subscription liabilities.

EWTN will take full control of the newspaper on Feb. 1, according to a story on the newspaper's website. The story quoted a newspaper official saying that "Due in part to the fallout from revelations regarding the congregation's founder, the Legion of Christ did not have the resources to bring the previous turnaround efforts to fruition."

Last year, the Vatican denounced Legion founder Marcial Maciel Degollado, who died in 2008, as "immoral" after allegations that he molested as many as 20 teen recruits and was supporting a secret mistress and children with ministry funds. The Legion of Christ took over the newspaper in 1995.

The acquisition of the Register is the latest in EWTN's efforts to expand its news presence in the global Catholic digital and multimedia market. In 2010, EWTN entered into a partnership with the Catholic News Agency, a Denver-based independent Catholic news media outlet with bureaus in North and South America and Europe.

EWTN Global Catholic Network, which operates in 140 countries, transmits nine separate television channels in several languages. It also operates multiple radio services including a network of hundreds of AM and FM stations, a Sirius satellite radio channel, and a global shortwave radio service. The National Catholic Register grew out of Denver's Catholic Register, which began on Aug. 11, 1905, with the first national edition appearing in 1927.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bertone and Vatican hypocrisy on Berlusconi (who slept with 1 paid minor)...but John Paul II allowed thousands of priests to freely rape boys

See our latest post in our sister weblogs, Benedict XVI Ratzinger: God's Rottweiler. Benedict XVI's endless pathological lies: John Paul II sainthood and "Child abuse won't happen again"...but he could not buy Fr. Maciel's victims, Stella Maris: John Paul II versus Our Lady of Guadalupe: The contrast between two Catholic Suns JP2PRPA John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army: The Nazis and the John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army were both an inherently evil all-male elite hierarchy born from the Devil's bowels

Cardinal Bertone came out speaking during a church event in Rome about an investigation on Italy's Prime Minister Berlusconi who is suspected to have paid a 17-year-old prostitute and other women for sex at parties in his villa near Milan. (“Paid” means it was consensual like Tiger Wood’s paid young mistresses). Cardinal Bertone said: "The Church pushes and invites everyone, above all those who hold public responsibility in any administrative, political and judicial area, to be committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness," Now isn’t this an absolute hypocrisy on Cardinal Bertone’s and the Vatican’s part because who else had the highest administrative public responsibility if not the all powerful Pope at the Vatican John Paul II, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinals and Bishops like Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston) who held ” public responsibility in…administrative area” but they were not at all “committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness” because they enabled thousands of pedophile priests to continuously rape thousands of little boys and pubescent boys – who were not consensual at all with these priests - unlike this paid starlet of Berlusconi? And these rapes by priests occurred for over a quarter of a century under John Paul II’s Holy See watch and he is now to be the fastest saint to be canonized? So what kind of double standard of morality are Cardinal Bertone, Benedict XVI and the Vatican demonstrating here right before the whole world to see?

Berlusconi’s allegedly paid this 17-year old minor young woman, who looks like one of the mistresses of Tiger Woods as she flaunts her half-naked body before the Italian media. None of the little boys and pubescent boys whom thousands of pedophile priests raped was paid. That is the difference, the main difference between the starlet of Berlusconi’s and boys-victims of rapists-priests but Cardinal Bertone and Benedict XVI cannot seem to see that?

Likewise Benedict XVI also said in Rome (according to the BBC, Opus Dei owned media Notice in this BBC article that on the photo caption of Benedict, it says that he did not mention Berlusconi, but the Opus Dei writer insist in his news article that Benedict XVI was referring to Berlusconi. The texts are highlighted for clarity and to show how Opus Dei are so subtle like the serpent in their agenda for Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION to make the Pope absolute ruler in the world, first by canonization of John Paul II.

"Society and public institutions must rediscover their soul, their moral and spiritual roots," Pope Benedict said in front of an audience of police chiefs in the capital, Rome.

"The singular vocation that the city of Rome requires today of you, who are public officials, is to offer a good example of the positive and useful interaction between a healthy lay status and the Christian faith."

So why hasn’t Bertone and Benedict XVI and the Vatican likewise been "particularly worried" about the impact the sex abuse scandal of the Catholic Church have on Italy especially the impact that Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston who continue to sit as Archpriest of the most prestigious “mother of all basilicas of Rome” the St. Mary Maggiore when he himself has admitted to his crimes (hence he resigned as Cardinal of Boston) of transferring from one parish to another for decades at least 80 pedophile priests who were raped hundreds of boys in so many churches in Boston?? And what kind of impact is a "saint" John Paul II will send to the world that one can be a saint and yet be the worst enabler of the Priestly Sodomy of Biblical Proportions of pedophiles rapists-priests for over 26 years as John Paul II the Great??

See our related articles:

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The Devil’s bowels smell like roses in the Vatican

Beloved companions John Paul II and Fr. Marcial Maciel together in their journeys to Guadalupe: Both were great founders and great deceivers alike

Cardinal Bertone, stop fooling us with the “Communist” trump card; the Belgian Police raid proves that you Vatican Princes are not ‘above the law’!

John Paul II's official spokesman Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls reveals the true reasons why there's the Pope and the Pedophile Scandal

Benedict XVI’s Consecration to Mary cannot protect children from pedophile priests

From Fatima, Jacinta would throw the first stone at John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army‏ to defend her little brothers and sisters

Benedict XVI & Bertone, liars of Fatima?

Sins and crimes are not synonymous. Sinners and criminals are not one and the same

Sins and crimes are not synonymous. “Sins” is a Roman Catholic Church's word and theological concept while “crimes” is a secular word and society's reality. Sins are blamed on the Devil or Satan who tempted the Catholics’ first parents Adam and Eve to commit Original Sin while crimes are blamed on the criminals.

John Paul II the Great clashing cymbal of St. Paul

John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army expands into Ireland &John Paul is elevated as "Venerable"... only in the Catholic Church are criminals glorified

Benedict XVI’s phony sorrow, superficial shame & crocodile tears in Malta; how long will he continue his Papal lies and Papal parody?

Penance is not justice; penitence is inequality to the lifetime suffering of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

Compare these Catholic sinners and secular criminals

Sinners & criminals - Victims - Responsible Leaders

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 6,000 pedophile priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI & Opus Dei, the new Vatican Trinity

Theology and John Paul II are heartless and together they made the immoral Fr. Marcial Maciel thrive

Spiritual healing, the Eucharist and the Rosary bring NEITHER JUSTICE NOR SAFETY FOR CHILDREN, the preys of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

The French Revolution at the Vatican might start in England with the arrest of Benedict XVI led by the British Dawkins and Hitchens

Opus Dei female symbol for John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army

John L. Allen Jr of NCR is the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

Benedict XVI is the mythomaniac of the 21st century!!!


The Vatican: ‘Concern’ on Italy Scandal

The New York Times
Published: January 20, 2011

The Vatican is watching the sex scandal engulfing the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, “with concern,” its secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said Thursday, the news agency ANSA reported. The cardinal’s remarks are a sign of Mr. Berlusconi’s growing political weakness a week after prosecutors began investigating whether he compensated “a significant number” of women, including a minor, for sex. The prime minister denies all wrongdoing. According to ANSA, Cardinal Bertone said the Roman Catholic Church urged greater “morality” and “legality” in public life, especially from those holding public office. His remarks were seen as lending support to centrist politicians who seek to oust Mr. Berlusconi. In a television interview on Wednesday, the minor, Karima el-Mahroug, denied that she had sex with Mr. Berlusconi or asked for money in exchange for her silence, as wiretapped phone conversations published in the Italian news media this week suggested.


Vatican to Berlusconi: Politicians must be moral

News Daily

By Philip PullellaPosted 2011/01/20 at 1:53 pm EST

ROME, Jan. 20, 2011 (Reuters) — The Vatican on Thursday finally weighed in on the latest sex scandal shaking the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, saying Italian politicians must show "robust morality."

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at Chigi palace in Rome January 20, 2011. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's secretary of state and second only to Pope Benedict in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, said the Vatican was "particularly worried" about the impact the scandal was having on Italy.

Bertone, speaking on the sidelines of a church event, was asked about an investigation of Berlusconi by magistrates who suspect he paid a 17-year-old prostitute and other women for sex at parties in his villa near Milan.

"The Church pushes and invites everyone, above all those who hold public responsibility in any administrative, political and judicial area, to be committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness," he said.

While editorials in Italian Catholic publications have expressed concern over what has emerged from the investigation so far, Bertone's remarks were significant because the Vatican still holds enormous political influence in Italy.

Berlusconi, a 74-year-old billionaire media mogul, has been under increasing pressure to resign since magistrates in Milan accused him of paying for sex with a 17-year-old nightclub dancer who goes by the stage name "Ruby Heartstealer."

He denies all accusations against him, saying the investigation is the latest attempt by what he calls leftist magistrates to destroy his political career.

While the Vatican has clearly been irked by Berlusconi's various sex scandals over the past two years, it has until now held its fire because many in the church hierarchy feel more comfortable with a conservative government at Italy's helm.

Bertone's comments indicated that the latest scandal was too much.


Italian newspapers have been full of reports of parties at Berlusconi's villa attended by young starlets who want to break into show business.

Ruby says she received 7,000 euros ($9,390) from Berlusconi after attending one of his parties, but had not slept with him.

Italian media have published leaks of transcripts of wiretaps in which Ruby, a Moroccan, says she asked Berlusconi for 5 million euros in exchange for her silence. She denies this.

Though Berlusconi has seen off a series of sex scandals, his public image has taken a beating with the Ruby investigation and the publication of phone transcripts describing kinky parties at his house with showgirls in, among other things, nurse uniforms.

Bertone said the Vatican was worried about the effects that reports of such behavior was having on families, young people and future generations.

He said Italians wanted to see "exemplary behavior" from their politicians, who he said should be concerned, above all, "with the problems that weigh on Italian society."

Earlier this week, the Vatican newspaper took the unusual step of publishing a statement by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano in which he said he was very worried about the effect the crisis was having on Italy's stability.

On Wednesday Berlusconi, in his latest broadside against magistrates, said he would propose new laws to prevent them from pursuing elected officials.

Magistrates have summoned Berlusconi for questioning on the case but he has refused, saying they were biased and did not have the right to preside over the case.

The latest scandal comes at a particularly difficult time for Berlusconi, who narrowly scraped through a confidence vote last month and lost automatic immunity from prosecution after a top court ruling last week.

(Editing by Mark Heinrich)

Pope weighs in as Silvio Berlusconi sex scandal deepens

The Guardian

Officials must 'rediscover moral roots', says pontiff, as Italian PM digs in amid growing evidence of sexual misconduct

John Hooper in Rome, Friday 21 January 2011 19.09 GMT

Macri said that on 24 April last year the then 17-year-old Mahroug, known as Ruby Rubacuori (Ruby the Heartstealer), was dancing topless and a bit drunk round a pole in a specially equipped room at Berlusconi's home outside Milan. In a remark which may have been aimed at Italy's beleaguered prime minister, Pope Benedict XVI told an audience of police officers that public officials must "rediscover their spiritual and moral roots".

An opposition politician close to the Vatican, Pier Ferdinando Casini of the Christian Democratic Union of the Centre (UDC), cast doubt on that interpretation, saying: "A true Catholic listens to the pope and never uses him for his own ends."

But the pope's remarks echoed comments on Thursday by his secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who urged public figures to be "committed to a more robust morality, a sense of justice and lawfulness.

Berlusconi reportedly told his weekly cabinet meeting the cardinal's comments were too vague and generic to have been intended for him...

Berlusconi's mansion is in another judicial catchment area, as is the house of a police official to whom the call from the prime minister's office was diverted last May. According to Macri's account, she and Ruby both received €5,000 (£4,250) from Berlusconi for attending his party.

She said that after sharing a swimming pool with an allegedly nude prime minister and five or six other girls, she watched as he headed for a room used for massages.

"After a bit, he said: 'Next one. Next one.' And every five minutes we opened the door and had sexual relations. One at a time."

Another woman who has attended the 74-year-old prime minister's parties, Marysthell Garcia Polanco, cast doubt on Macri's account, however. "He's not Superman," she said.

The Vatican's stance could be crucial to Berlusconi's chances of survival. He has done the Roman Catholic church a number of favours, providing it with tax breaks and closely following the Vatican's teachings on ethical issues such as euthanasia and in-vitro fertilisation...


Pope makes moral appeal to Italian public officials

BBC news, UK
21 January 2011 Last updated at 13:02 ET

Pope Benedict XVI has said public officials must offer a strong moral example, his first apparent comment on the sex scandal engulfing Italy's PM.

Though Silvio Berlusconi's name was not explicitly mentioned, the Pope's words echo those of a senior Vatican official who said the issue was troubling.

Mr Berlusconi's lawyers have said he will not attend questioning on charges that he paid for sex with a minor.

He has denied the allegations, which he insists are politically motivated.

"Society and public institutions must rediscover their soul, their moral and spiritual roots," Pope Benedict said in front of an audience of police chiefs in the capital, Rome.

"The singular vocation that the city of Rome requires today of you, who are public officials, is to offer a good example of the positive and useful interaction between a healthy lay status and the Christian faith."

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said earlier that those in authority should show a more "robust morality".

Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano has also been outspoken on the matter, saying more "sobriety and responsibility" is needed from public figures in times of austerity.

'Indecent example'

Milan prosecutors have placed the prime minister and three associates under investigation, alleging he paid for sex with a 17-year-old girl nicknamed Ruby. They also allege that he had sex with several prostitutes during parties at his Milan estate.

Frequenting prostitutes is not a crime in Italy but having sex with one under the age of 18 is an imprisonable offence.

According to unsourced comments published in Italy's left-leaning newspaper La Repubblica, Mr Berlusconi dismissed the Pope's comments as being too generic to refer specifically to him.

But the BBC's David Willey, in Rome, says there was no mistaking the Pope's intention.

He says the fact that the pontiff added his voice to the criticism is very significant as the Roman Catholic Church remains very powerful in the country.

The Pope did not mention Mr Berlusconi

Mr Berlusconi, despite the numerous scandals that have surrounded him, has tried to position his conservative coalition as supportive of the Church's stance on family, life and social issues.

In a highly critical editorial on its website, the influential Famiglia Cristiana publication said that Mr Berlusconi had divided Italian Catholics as never before, arguing that his actions represented "an indecent representation of how to live".

Mr Berlusconi's lawyers have been quoted by Italian media as saying the Milanese prosecutors do not have the jurisdiction to investigate the matter.

Much of the investigation focuses on Karima El Mahroug, an 18-year-old Moroccan belly-dancer who attended Mr Berlusconi's parties when she was 17 and, prosecutors say, was paid to have sex with him.

Both Mr Berlusconi and Ms Mahroug have denied having sexual relations, and she has described a sum of 7,000 euros (£5,900) that he gave her as a gift.

Ms Mahroug, nicknamed Ruby, has denied being paid to have sex with the prime minister

Should the Church Ever Punish

Leon J. Podles: Dialogue

Pope John Paul did not want criminal abuser priests reported to the police.

He will be canonized and 99.99% of the laity will applaud.

No one wants anyone to be accountable – for fear they THEY might be held accountable.

John Allen interviewed Cardinal George, who tip-toed around the delicate issue of whether bishops should ever be held accountable for their failures – basically, George thought, no.

George did admit that bishops had failed to punish abusive priests, and that they should use their authority of governance to act against such people.

Many of laity heartily disagree: Here are some of the reactions (and remember, George is speaking of the failure of bishops to punish priests who molested children):

I am concerned that Cardinal George is talking about governing - Jesus promised servants and persons who lead by example - the use of the term govern indicates that the bishops have forgotten that they are servants first - I also am not sure about the reluctance to punish - servants don’t punish - shepherds don’t punish they guide and they teach - rulers punish - Cardinal George nor any bishop is a ruler.

John Paul and the Church of Public Relations


Leon J. Podles: Dialogue

Sardath said in the comments:

This is a man who survived the Nazi genocide against the Poles, out-maneuvered the Soviets, and utterly crushed liberation theology; and yet we are to believe that he had no idea what he was doing when he signed false bank documents, had no idea that bishops and priests in Latin American were giving aid and comfort to state terrorism, and had no idea what Law, Groer, and Maciel had been up to all those years?

The “santo subito” people can’t have it both ways. If JP2 really was the intellectual and spiritual titan that he pretended to be, then he must have had the capacity to know and understand what his own people were up to. If he knew and did nothing, he was an accomplice in their crimes; if he could have known but chose not to, then he was criminally negligent, which is almost as bad. Either way, they have no business putting him up for sainthood, because he doesn’t even remotely qualify.

There’s also a big problem with some of the theological positions that Ratzinger staked out on these issues while he was head of the CDF, including the claim that while the pope may not be infallible in his disciplinary decisions, those decisions are nevertheless “not without divine assistance” and therefore “call for the adherence of the faithful.” So if JP2 was not without divine assistance in the way he ran his shop, why has everything come to ruin? What sort of saint is it who holds the position of “Vicar of Christ on earth” but somehow consistently fails to avail himself of the divine assistance which, we are assured, was always available to him if he only asked for it?

And now Ratzinger is pope himself, and so is also presumably not without divine assistance in the decisions he makes–and yet he is not only rushing headlong toward a disastrous premature canonization of his predecessor, but has continued to surround himself with the same people who, we are now being told, wrecked the papacy of JP2 with their lies and corruption. We have been told that it was Ratzinger who tried and tried to clean up the corruption around JP2, but was checkmated at every turn by the evil Sodano. So what is his excuse now? He of all people must know what Sodano and the others were up to, and he of all people has the power to send them packing. Why has he not done so?

John Paul’s refusal to act was inexplicable. Benedict’s is explicable but discouraging.

I am of course an outside observer, but even Cardinal Schönborn, who pleaded with John Paul to make a statement about Groër and to stem the resignations for the Austrian Church, was baffled by John Paul’s refusal even to say anything.

I repeat. Cardinal Schönborn read my book Sacrilege, and he said that in the case which he was familiar, that of his predecessor Cardinal Groër, things were worse than I knew. Groër had made strongly homoerotic gestures to almost every student he had come into contact with over the years; Groër stopped short of penetration, but that was the only thing he didn’t do.

If Only the Führer Knew! Part IIUNITED STATES

Leon J. Podles: Dialogue

January 21st, 2011

Les Femmes website linked to my criticism of the beatification of John Paul.

This reply I think is typical of the Catholic reaction:

It is an out-and-out lie to claim that Pope John Paul II failed to carry out the duties of his state in life. Could he have done a better job? Yes, but then again, one could say that about anyone in any situation — no matter how well anybody may do something, they could always do better. Podles’ article is devoted to His Holiness’ handling of the sex abuse situation in the Church. How does he, or you for that matter, know that he did nothing and ignored the problem? He may very well have taken action behind closed doors; I mean, the Vatican doesn’t call press conferences to broadcast such things. Even so, during his years in Communist Poland, the Communists often slandered priests by falsely accusing them of sexual impropriety. So if His Holiness was slow to believe such charges about any given priest, can you really blame him? As for allegedly raising most of the bad bishops in question to the episcopacy, do Podles or you know for certain that he was aware that some of those whom he was appointing weren’t going to be good bishops? Even if he was aware, did it ever cross your mind that maybe he chose the ones he chose because there was literally NOBODY better at the time? But then again, remember that Our Lord chose Judas to be one of His disciples. He also chose Peter, who denied Him three times, and the other disciples, who, except for John, were nowhere to be found during His Passion. One might as well accuse Our Lord of doing a terrible job of choosing disciples.

In closing, I want to say to you, Mary Ann, but also Kindred Spirit, that if the Church does indeed beatify and/or canonize John Paul II (I say “if” because anything could happen between now and May 1), I hope you will humbly submit to the Church’s judgment (and believe me, the Church makes sure to do its homework when it comes to the causes of saints), especially if he gets canonized, as canonizations are infallible.

You see there must be a good reason for what John Paul did or failed to do, because, because, why BECAUSE! Otherwise we could not place childlike trust in the popes and might have to think like adults, judging character and actions by normal human moral standards.

The outpatient clinic
Friday, January 21, 2011

After what appeared to be a relatively quiet spell, Catholic news has been like a blizzard. Fresh off the heels of the announcement of the beatification of John Paul II sparking requests for vials of his blood comes the discovery of a letter to the Irish Bishops during John Paul II's reign.

The 1997 letter is a response to a letter from the Irish Bishop's discussion of mandatory reporting of sexualabuse to civil authorities.

The letter, signed by the late Archbishop Luciano Storero, Pope John Paul II's envoy to Ireland, it instructs bishops that their new policy of making the reporting of suspected crimes mandatory "gives rise to serious reservations of both a moral and canonical nature"

The letter also says reporting such abuse would be embarrassing. I bet.
Yet the Vatican and groups like the Catholic League are saying this was merely a suggestion that they meticulously follow the Code of Cannon Law. This didn't mean they couldn't report the abuse. It just meant they shouldn't. Isn't that better?
Bill Donohue, spokesperson for the Catholic League, defended the letter by saying:

"Last month, several media outlets ran a story on how a rabbinical court in Brooklyn ordered its 10,000 members not to report crimes to the police. Not among those reporting on it was the New York Times...

So who wants mandatory reporting for everyone? The Catholic bishops want it—it's the liberal media and liberal activist groups who don't."

What? Maybe it is because I haven't had a cup of coffee yet but I have no idea what The New York Times has to do with the behavior of the Catholic Church.

As for the Jews, well the Catholic League also thinks they need to re-examine the role of Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. Right. I wonder if he was the one who suggested Sarah Palin use the term "Blood Libel."

Did you know his salary is close to $400K?

So according to the well paid Mr. Donohue the Catholic Bishops want mandatory reporting. That's curious.

Let's look at a letter written in 1984 by Silvio Angelo Pio Cardinal Oddi, who was from 1979 to 1986 Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Clergy - that is, the Curia, which is, together with the Pope, the governing body of the Catholic Church. The Pope still being near saint John Paul II.

The letter addressed to Bishop Moreno of Tuscon says there isn't "any need for engaging in the so called "due process" procedures," and "The files of a Bishop concerning his priests are altogether private; their forced acquisition by civil authority would be an intolerable attack upon the free exercise of religion in the United States."

I've got to hand it to Donohue, he may be right. The Bishops may want mandatory reporting. It is the vatican who doesn't. Along with the New York Times.
But what about the Cardinals?

Boston attorney Mitchell Garabedian released on his Web page the names of 117 priests, deacons and lay members that he claims abused 750 children over half a century. He released the names in order to prompt the Boston Archdiocese to release the names for sake of public safety. Of the 117 names, 19 were new. Never before reported.

Of the 19 new names 12 are now deceased. Spokesperson Kelly Lynch for the Boston Archdiocese said “Since all of the new names are deceased men, clearly no child was put at risk because these names were not in the public domain.”


On December 21st Pope Benedict said in reference to the abuse scandal, "We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustice that has occurred."

Okay, instead of asking yourselves why not ask me? I would suggest releasing all of the names, including the ones who are deceased so a person who may have been abused by that dead priest may start to get the help they need to cope with the abuse and try to lead a normal life.

Or are you afraid they might just lawyer up to help repair the injustice and handing over files is just too intolerable?

Full disclosure can repair as much as possible the injustice that has occurred. So would a Congressional Hearing into what appears to be an organized cover up. Or a federal prosecutor with some balls.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Maybe the Pope finally gets it. In his traditional end of the year address, held on December 21st - The Winter Solstice - Benedict said revelations of abuse in 2010 reached "an unimaginable dimension" that required the church to accept the "humiliation" as a call for renewal.
It is about time. He continued.
"In the 1970s, pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children," the pope said. "It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself. There is only a 'better than' and a 'worse than.' Nothing is good or bad in itself."
In the realm of Catholic Theology, in the 1970's the church believed that pedophilia was normal?
Why am I not surprised?
Maybe because they have believed that behavior was normal for quite some time. Sister Mary MacKillop, from Australia who was excommunicated from the church in 1871 after making charges against a pedophile priest. I guess protecting the pedophiles has been the policy of the church for a very long time.
And why not? According to the theology of the church, as the Pope said, it is normal behavior.

Unless the Pope misspoke and meant to say the 1870s it was considered normal and not the 1970s.

Not that 100 years makes a huge difference to the church. It took them over 350 years to officially pardon Galileo

But I digress. Still I'm baffled at how the church could come to this conclusion.
In Mark 9:42 Jesus says:
“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea"
Translation: Don't screw around with kids. Literally.

Which makes me wonder, who the heck is in charge of PR at the Holy See. Seriously.
Why would you encourage the Pope to say it was "normal" publicly?
Just recently released from the PR department, the Pope said it was okay for male prostitutes to use condoms to prevent the spread of aids.
And why not?

I'm imagining that if the church believed - as late as the 1970s - that it was okay for a man to have sex with a child, that it isn't too much of a leap to believe it is okay for two consenting adults to have sex without the risk of spreading disease.
Unless, of course, they are the same sex, then it is evil.
Unlike pedophilia in the 1970s. And earlier.

The Catholic Church, the gift that keeps.
Merry Christmas Folks. Thanks for reading.
I will leave you with a Holiday Celebration from the Vatican.

See GAY Benedict XVI's eyes swell to see these half naked male acrobats

Proof of Benedict XVI is GAY

Benedict XVI and Georg his GAY Private Secretary are GAYS.!.

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