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Monday, January 21, 2008

John Paul II clone Cardinal George and the MOLE in VOTF

Campaign is now underway for the election of new VOTF National officers and it is but fair to examine the campaign words of the candidates and see what they really mean in-between-the-lines. After disclosing Fr. Richard McBrien as the Opus Dei-HERALD in the USA when he was the main speaker at the October National Convention of VOTF, I think that I have now just cracked the secret Opus Dei-MOLE in VOTF. (The worst spy-for-Russia in USA history was an Opus Dei member Robert Hanssen).

I originally got a hunch of this Opus Dei-MOLE among the letters of a VOTF Vice-President candidate and "Questions for Candidates" in VOTF election website. Drums roll... Here is the Opus Dei-MOLE in her words which have identical parallel with the Opus Dei and Benedict XVI words "for a purer Church" in his inauguration speeches. I highlight in bold - her SECRET Opus Dei words - that are unsuspecting to non-Opus Dei watchers. I will post additional points of PROOFS in the days ahead.

BREAKING NEWS: Benedict XVI-Opus Dei Titanic Ship hit by Galileo Iceberg in Rome

Is Janet Hauter - The Mole, the Opus Dei Mole in VOTF ? by these words of hers:

The OD-Mole clue #1

"We have two years to build an incredible foundation. We need individuals who know that this foundation is the foundation of a newer, healthier Church by being open and healthy ourselves. Much of the change must begin with us. We, ourselves, need to master two arts: fraternal correction where we speak and act in the common good and speak to the voices who demean and criticize..." #2 in "Fraternal correction" is an Opus Dei daily mantra and is the main relationship and way of life especially between the numeraries (celibate lay Opus Dei nuns and brothers) who act as weekly "spiritual directors" to all lay members -- the supernumeraries. These words of Janet are almost verbatim words so common in Opus Dei and Benedict XVI writings.

Note that her priorities are not the victims of priest pedophilia but the building of "a newer, healthier Church". Fr. Doyle just reminded us that the church is "delusional" and here is Janet Hauter preaching of "building a newer, healthier church" in a two years term of a national VOTF officer! How unrealistic and deluded can she be! Fr. Doyle said: "The U.S. bishops still live in their delusional world as far as clergy abuse is concerned....In State legislatures throughout the country, State Catholic Conferences and the local bishops spend millions of the faithful's dollars to defeat any legislation that would offer greater protection to child victims. They insult our collective intelligence with a variety of false claims based on erroneous information.... How ironic! The world's largest religious organization which is based on the mission of Christ and it opposes State laws that do what it not only could not do, but would not do…protect children from deranged predators and self-centered institutional enablers."

And Janet Hauter is singing of a "newer, healthier church" -- (the institution GUILTY of all that Fr. Doyle has just mentioned in his letter to VOTF ) -- exactly on what planet is she on?

The OD-Mole clue #2

See #11

Janet said: "While I personally initially favored the call for George's resignation, the vote of the affiliate through prayer changed minds and hearts and our plan was and remains sequential."

"Through prayers changed minds and hearts" is the strategy of Opus Dei to close down VOTF and SNAP as expounded in The John Paul II Millstone The Opus Dei and Pope's strategy is for all victims of priest-pedophilia to simply "PRAY, pay and obey" and the whole thing will be "forgiven and FORGOTTEN".

Get real VOTF! Wake up to the giant Fr. Richard McBrien and his cunning snaky infiltration in VOTF. Do not make him the infallible papal envoy in VOTF!

And be-aware and beware of Janet Hauter and her secret Opus Dei agenda in VOTF!

The OD-Mole clue #3

See No. 19 and 20 Questions for Candidates, VOTF elections

Janet Hauter's mild (and protective) stance on Cardinal George, an Opus Dei member and clone of John Paul II:

"Firing a Cardinal is not within our purview but we publicly discredit any actions that do not fall within an accountability framework."

Paul Kendrick said to Ms. Janet Hauter:

It is interesting to note that, on the one hand, you want us to know that you are already a seasoned “leader”; i.e. as an established VOTF leader in Chicago, yet, on the other hand, you blame the group, not yourself, for its failure to engage in an ongoing campaign to remove Cardinal George as archbishop of Chicago.

More OD-MOLE clues in days ahead......stay tuned


February 1, 2008

4 more clues on THE MOLE of VOTF

Because of the recent number 96 reply of Janet Hauter there are more clues "The Mole in VOTF" I was able to extract. First, here are Janet Hauter's replies to my "analysis" of her being The Mole of VOTF:

#93—Marie Tupper Says:

Dear Ms. Hauter,

A certain blogspot ( is accusing you of being a member of Opus Dei.
Are you a member of Opus Dei, or in any way associated with Opus Dei?

Marie, I find this bizarre/preposterous question a clone of the private correspondence exchange I had with Paul Kendrick recently. Because I believe in total transparency and have no fear of his “Johnny one note” rants, I offer them to you exactly as was discussed.

(Edited out repeat of OD-Mole clues above. Bold emphasis added))

I consulted with Mother Angelica on this and she said that moles can only be identified by people who have their heads in the dirt. She also said “It’s naughty to slander and the accuser needs to do penance!” Janet Hauter

Paul Kendrick writes: Please stop being silly. Just answer the simple question. Are you a member of, or in any way associated with Opus Dei?

Secondly, the Ignatius Group message was distributed only to you and your son, George Bouchey. I wanted to first determine what your reaction would be. However, if you do not respond to the question about whether or not you are an Opus Dei member (or in any way associated with Opus Dei ; i.e., is your spouse a member?), then I will publish the link to the blog and your refusal to answer the question.

Janet Hauter’s post:

A type of defamation. Slander is an untruthful oral (spoken) statement about a person that harms the person’s reputation. Because slander is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement. If the statement is made via broadcast media — for example, over the radio or on TV — it is considered libel, rather than slander, because the statement has the potential to reach a very wide audience.

Subject: Why are you so upset about a simple question? You need to take a deep breath.
Date: 1/26/2008 3:41:56 P.M. Central Standard Time
From: IgnatiusGroup
Reply To:
To: JMWHauter

Janet Hauter’s post: The question is ludicrous. I am not now, never have been, have no relatives that are or would ever consider membership in Opus Dei. Bizarre question.

Do whatever you need to do. This conversation is closed. J


4 more CLUES why Janet Hauter is "THE MOLE in VOTF"

OD-Mole clue #4 : My question is simple and a valid one to public candidate Janet Hauter and she is already blowing full steam and irritation -- is she capable of handling the VOTF 2 years tough office of Vice-President? VOTF is one of the "last hope" of Catholics and if she cannot handle a valid querry, how tough a cookie is she?

The OD-Mole clue #5 Hauter's immediate response in the form of "libel and slander" is typical of Opus Dei who has tons of lawyer members. Opus Dei cannot carry a decent conversation without pounding legal liabilities even on honest legitimate questions. That is why they want to canonize John Paul II as soon as possible so that he and St? Josemaria Escriba will be the two "WORD OF GOD" in the 21st century. But luckily, Sapienza University in Rome just rejected Benedict XVI from speaking at their opening of school year last January .. yes, Benedict XVI is tasting his own bitter medicine of not giving the Jesuits "freedom of speech" and eventually VOTF whom he wish to shut-up!

The OD-Mole clue #6 Probably the biggest clue that Janet Hauter is the Mole in VOTF is her running to and asking Mother Angelica's advice -- this is sure sign of her Opus Dei affiliation.

I consulted with Mother Angelica on this and she said that moles can only be identified by people who have their heads in the dirt. She also said “It’s naughty to slander and the accuser needs to do penance!” Janet Hauter

So Mother Angelica says that Paris Arrow "can only identify moles because (she) has dirt in her head...that she is naughty to slander and needs to do penance!"

I've got news for you Mother Angelica, YOU are not qualified to be a member of the VOTF because you are under the payroll of Opus Dei and you are a puppet of the papacy that want to shut down VOTF. You are a typical preacher of "PRAY, pay, OBEY" and "ASK NO QUESTION". You would be a disastrous advicer to VOTF. The ONLY advice you will tell us is "Go to confesison and do penance" (like you told Janet Hauter about me).

If "Go to Confessiona and do penance" are all that the lawyers did, Cardinals Mahony et al would still be laughing at the victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. Instead $3 Billion has been paid to victims. And I bet you are praying endlessly for John Paul II's canonization - like you did for St? Josemaria Escriba de Opus Dei. Right? Why don't you just gon on chanting in Opus Dei Latin and let us LAITY live our life in the outside world -- apart from your multi-million dollar monastery -- like the pompous Vatican of Benedict XVI and Opus Dei villa in Rome.

FYI Mother Angelica EWTN broadcasted the canonization of St? Josemaria Escriva LIVE in October 2002 and repeats it every year. EWTN gives the lists of BISHOPS and CARDINALS (guilty of cover-up) who celebrate Escriba's feast in June -- which I posted last June 2007

Janet Hauter running to Mother angelica for advice is the BIGGEST proof that she is THE MOLE in VOTF!

The OD-Mole clue #7 Janet denies being a member of Opus Dei. It is a rule in Opus Dei that their members "NOT tell in public" if one is an OD member so that they can carry on the clandestine agendas of Opus Dei on the group they are spying on. Remember the greatest USA spy (for the Russians) was an Opus Dei member, Hanssen.

So, Janet Hauter, if everytime you receive a simple question like mine and you RUN to Mother Angelica who is an Opus Dei affiliate -- her EWTN is supported by billionaire Opus Dei, what kind of a leader -- or footsoldier of Opus Dei are you? And what a temper for an oficer of VOTF. God forbid there are other moles like you in VOTF.

---------Video broadcast of Vice-President Candidates Feb. 4, 2008 9-10 pm

First of all, there was no audio on David's video broadcast, not even for one minute. I was following the moderator's questions. Janet had both audio and video throughout the broadcast. This is the most UNFAIR CAMPAIGN in American history...what a shame for VOTF giving all air time to only one candidate, Janet. (If this happened between the Democrat and Republican candidates, there would be an uproar demanding for justice) What a coincidence that Janet could be the Opus Dei Mole in VOTF and she got all the air time.

The OD-Mole clue #8: Janet said that "women are the main caretakers of the family" and that "it is not necessary for women to make formal statements" but simply “ make women march for causes”. This is a typical Opus Dei mentality: women are second-class citizen in the church and must keep quiet and only “march” and act once in a while for appearances sake.


The OD-Mole clue number 9 - a recluse candidate with one sole OD agenda -- Opus Dei WORLD DOMINATION agenda.

It is incredible how Janet Hauter keeps saying that "Calling for Cardinal George’s resignation will achieve nothing but a small obscure place in the media." This is precisely what the Opus Dei want to prevent -- the MEDIA coverage of SNAP and VOTF demanding that Cardinal George, the President of the USCCB, must resign ...because of the clergy sex abuse scandal. That is tantamount to impeaching the President of the United States because of the Watergate scandal. Opus Dei know the strategy very well because they use it all the time -- capture the head and you have imprisoned the body -- just like they do with countries by capturing the heads of state and justices of the Supreme Courts, major media, etc....and Mother Angelica.

VOTF Questions for Candidates
Paris Says:

February 7th, 2008 at 8:22 am

Paris Arrow, author of The Mole in VOTF and Mother Angelica & VOTF in question to Janet Hauter:

1) In your #130 reply (to my question #121) you said: “I make no judgements about correspondence from other organizations. I addressed only VOTF issues which I better know than other organizations” — shows you are a recluse candidate (driven by only one hidden OD agenda) — which I would add as The-Mole-in-VOTF-clue-number-9 to my list .

Aren’t you aware that SNAP and VOTF recently TOGETHER wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XVI demanding that Cardinal Bernard Law resign before the pope’s visit to USA this coming April ? You said that “demanding Cardinal George to resign is hollow, empty and meaningless” therefore, do you likewise find this unified letter of SNAP and VOTF to the pope hollow, empty and meaningless?

jhauter Says:

February 6th, 2008 at 9:42 pm

#121: Paris Says:

Personally, to me, statements (asking for Cardinal George’s resignation or making a statement about women) is hollow, empty and meaningless. It’s action that I support but action that is based on hard data!

1) What exactly are the hard data you are waiting for — hasn’t Bishops Accountability provided enough ‘hard data’?
I can only respond locally. After a year of research using SNAP data and BA data compared and contrasted to Archdiocesan data, we found the Archdiocese reported slightly over 60% of the predator priests we uncovered. We are still doing research but we also found that some parishes (and zip codes) had multiple sequential and (in some cases) simultaneous predators assigned either to the same parish or in proximity. We will assess trends when data collection is complete.

I make no judgments about correspondence from other organizations. I addressed only VOTF issues which I know better than other organizations.
Janet Hauter, Candidate for Vice President

jhauter Says:

February 6th, 2008 at 4:59 pm

If you haven’t garnered already I am an action oriented individual. Calling for Cardinal George’s resignation will achieve nothing but a small obscure place in the media. The Cardinal will only dig his heels in further to reinforce the clerical culture. I’ve met with him, I’ve talked to him on the phone. Chicago solutions were tailored to the issues and facts presented. The story is not over. There was never any negotiation with Cardinal George and that myth has been beaten to death–it is simply a misunderstanding of what happened in our two hour meeting with him. It began with a contentious tone on his part and ended with him inviting us back.

The OD-Mole clue number 10
February 8, 2008

The son of Janet Hauter signs his name with the word "pax". Pax is the Latin Opus Dei standard greetings among members.


Paris Says:

February 8th, 2008 at 11:45 pm

Question to George Bouchey in #138 (February 8th, 2008 at 10:23 pm)

So, George Bouchey, you are the son of Janet Hauter and by your tone you are one hell of a campaigner… but did you know that you are clue #10 in The Mole in VOTF because of the way you signed your name with “pax” ? Pax is the Latin Opus Dei standard greetings among members.

Cited the word “PAX” in your post #46
george bouchey Says:
January 19th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

Welcome, Marie without a full name. Hmm, I sense underneath your sleazy slander an “old friend” who has supplied us with similar posts. Is Marie your real name?
Are you a VotF member? Or is it just an alias used for harrassing nice, honest people who aren’t afraid to identify themselves? Is there an honest question in your two post? Perhaps you would try again and be at least a little honest. Give us a reason to pay attention to you!
pax - george bouchey

Cited that you are the “son of candidate Janet Hauter” in her own #96 Janet Hauter Says: (quoting Paul within her reply)
January 27th, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Paul Kendrick writes: Please stop being silly. Just answer the simple question. Are you a member of, or in any way associated with Opus Dei?
Secondly, the Ignatius Group message was distributed only to you and your son, George Bouchey. I wanted to first determine what your reaction would be. However, if you do not respond to the question about whether or not you are an Opus Dei member (or in any way associated with Opus Dei ; i.e., is your spouse a member?), then I will publish the link to the blog and your refusal to answer the question.

Janet Hauter’s reply:
The question is ludicrous…

(Bold emphasis added)

Well, George Bouchey, perhaps you can help your mother Janet Hauter answer this very important and more relevant question and pertinent matter (than your endless bickering against Paul Kendrick and others):

#131 February 7th, 2008 at 8:22 am

Paris Arrow, author of The Mole in VOTF and Mother Angelica & VOTF in question to Janet Hauter:

1) In your #130 reply (to my question #121) you said: “I make no judgements about correspondence from other organizations. I addressed only VOTF issues which I better know than other organizations” — shows you are a recluse candidate (driven by only one hidden OD agenda) — which I would add as The-Mole-in-VOTF-clue-number-9 to my list .

Aren’t you aware that SNAP and VOTF recently TOGETHER wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XVI demanding that Cardinal Bernard Law resign before the pope’s visit to USA this coming April ? You said that “demanding Cardinal George to resign is hollow, empty and meaningless” therefore, do you likewise find this unified letter of SNAP and VOTF to the pope hollow, empty and meaningless?


There is finally a TOP 10 here!

Thank you La Sapienza University in Rome for proving me right and my weblogs right!


February 19. 2008
Questions for Candidates
Use the form below to submit a question for any and all candidates.

Paris Says:

February 18th, 2008 at 11:26 am

Hey Janet Hauter, you - your team mates candidates -footsoldiers of Opus Dei and their Opus Dei blueprint for VOTF — and your son George Bouchey owe VOTF the answer to this FUNDAMENTAL question:

Question from 12 DAYS AGO
#131 February 7th, 2008 at 8:22 am

Paris Arrow, author of The Mole in VOTF and Mother Angelica & VOTF in question to Janet Hauter:

In your #130 reply (to my question #121) you said: “I make no judgements about correspondence from other organizations. I addressed only VOTF issues which I better know than other organizations” — shows you are a recluse candidate (driven by only one hidden OD agenda) — which I would add as The-Mole-in-VOTF-clue-number-9 to my list .

Aren’t you aware that SNAP and VOTF recently TOGETHER wrote a letter to Pope Benedict XVI demanding that Cardinal Bernard Law resign before the pope’s visit to USA this coming April ? You said that “demanding Cardinal George to resign is hollow, empty and meaningless” therefore, do you likewise find this unified letter of SNAP and VOTF to the pope hollow, empty and meaningless?

Janet Hauter, is your secret agenda to make VOTF the laity’s VOOP Voice of Opus Dei? And are you - and your team mates - going to always run to Mother Angelica for advice and pray at her Blood Diamond chapel ?

How many women members of VOTF can afford to wear a one-carat diamond ring or at least a 0.25 carat on their finger…while Mother Angelica has $50 Million worth of diamonds and jewels within her monastery in Alabama? complete article in


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for enough good men and women
to do and say nothing.


Cardinal George MUST RESIGN!

VOTF Elections

Topic: Cardinal George, Chicago

I want to make it clear my opposition to my opponent, Janet Hauter’s position on Cardinal George of Chicago. She was 100 % wrong!! We can complicate the issue as much as you like with wordage. The bottom line , his actions resulted in abetting a child abuser. No matter what his intent was, that is what happen. And for that he should have been asked to resign, and Janet, and VOTF, should have lead the charge for that action .

Janet, please stop with the lectures and calls uponGod, roll up your sleves, get out on the sidewalk in front of the Chancery ,and protest at every turn your Cardinal when he takes such actions. This is how VOTF was founded. I know my Faith by my ACTIONS..

David Biersmith

Candidate for VOTF Vice-President (Watch David's video)

8 Responses to “Cardinal George, Chicago”

Robert Harrison Says:

Mr. Biersmith’s approach of taking a club to Cardinal George’s head is not the way to attack the problem. Hostile confrontation, as he proposes, accomplishes nothing. He forgets that it was a building crescendo of incidents quickly coming to light within a few months, and a swell of public disdain for Cardinal Law that caused his resignation.

That is not the case in Chicago. Cardinal George is guilty of bad judgment concerning a pedophile within the last year. But he has taken action to publish the names of bad priests and has put in place a program to address the problem in the future. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect plan, and has ignored suggestions for improving it.

He has not acted swiftly as he should have. He has equivocated and dragged his feet. Even though there is discontent with some of his actions, there isn’t a groundswell of ill will against him personally. He is not a bad bishop. His problem is that he cannot adjust—nor the hierarchy in general—to the fact that he is no longer the sole judge when it comes to pedophile priests as it was in the Middle Ages.

He IS THE CARDINAL, and has total control of the Archdioceses. To make personal attacks on him and demand his resignation gains nothing. It makes him more hostile and hurts our cause. He is largely respected and revered by Catholics in the Chicago area. Attacking him personally, as Mr. Biersmith proposes, will only alienate Catholics who are not fully aware of what is happening. To constantly appear on the sidewalk in front of the cathedral to protest—unless a specific incident warrants it—only makes VOTF and others look like a bunch of whacky malcontents to the public. When needed, it is effective; otherwise it is counter-productive.

He has a well paid team of lawyers and a prominent public relations firm doing his bidding. The Cardinal is not the problem. The problem is getting legislation passed that will hold him and all who overseer pedophiles, criminally accountable if such incidents are not immediately reported to Civil Authorities.

Though Mr. Biersmith means well, his tactics will not bear fruit as they did in Boston. The circumstances are greatly different. It is far better to have the Cardinal work WITH us instead of AGAINST us. If we cannot reach that point, hostility to him should not be an option. We need to develop a group in each parish that will support us and lead fellow parishioners into supporting legislation when it is presented in the legislature.

In summery, it would be wise if Mr. Biersmith followed the old adage when it comes to dealing with the church hierarchy: “NEVER TRY TO TEACH A PIG HOW TO SING. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME—AND YOU ARE AGGITATING THE PIG.”

Dan Burke Says:

Robert Harrison’s views confirm that ostriches can be found not only on the plains of the Serengeti, Kalalhari, Masai Mara and Etosha game reserves but here in the U.S. as well, if only to a lesser degree even without the sand into which to bury one’s head! In the real world lawyer you get indicted for obstruction of justice. In the real world you get sacked for mismanagement….Cardinal George??

• In 1995 Sen. Bob Packwood [Oregon] resigned following mounting evidence of sexual harassment of his office staffers.
• Boeing CEO Phil Condit, resigned in 2003, as a result of the defense contracting scandal that ultimately saw two Boeing executives, ex Air Force procurement official Darleen Druyun and chief financial officer Mike Sears sent prison.
• Again in 2005 Boeing fired its CEO Harry Stonecipher for having an affair with a staffer, the Board seeking honesty and transparency to maintain crediblity with its stockholders and the investment community at large.
• Just 6 weeks ago, Merrill Lynch fired its CEO Stan Lynch for poor performance, mounting losses,
• Just 5 weeks ago Citibank fired its CEO Chuck Prince for poor performance, mounting losses.
• Just this past March 2007, less than a week after visiting the Walter Reed medical Center following allegations of deplorable conditions, newly installed Defense Secretary Robert Gates summoned Army Secretary Francis Harvey to Washington and fired him on the spot. Harvey’s statement to the press?…..I was head of the Army…what can I say…the buck stops with me…I have to take responsibility. This is the real world Robert Harrison. What Planet have you been living on? Biersmith has it right!

Frank Keating, a retired Governor of Oklahoma and former Chairman of the National Review Board, resigned over frustration arising from the refusal of the Bishops to cooperate, citing their preference to deny, hide, obfuscate, suppress names of offenders, resist subpoenas, noting that the Bishops listen too much to their lawyers and not enough to their hearts. Now goofball George heads up the USCCB…and read George’s comments below to the Catholic lay advisors meeting with him.

Former White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Rep. Leon Panetta, a California Democrat who served on the National Review Board and was one of those who met with Francis George commented on the continuing abuse allegations arising out of the Chicago Diocese stating at a news conference, “it confirmed for me what is at the heart of this pedophile priest problem, the Catholic hierarchy’s failure to understand the seriousness of the crisis”.

George’s response? According to three sources contacted by Sun Times reporters, that when the members of the National Review Board met with George, he issued a warning, “you will be the downfall of the church!” The group was dumbstruck. “The bishops and priests have failed to deal with this scandal” Panetta said he told George. “The healing process could not begin, Panetta said, unless the church acknowledged the problem”.

--(Comment on Fr. Richard McBrien edited out)

Think Francis George like Army Secretary Francis Harvey, should step up to the plate and take a little responsibility [ like resign] for the additional boys molested by Father Daniel McCormack after he and his staffers ignored the earlier warnings of the nun principal trying desperately to call it to the attention of the Diocesan office with phone calls and letters? Think Ratzinger should have fired him or demoted him? Why does the Church always protect its own instead of sending the message….business as usual? No where is the truth of the adage more evident, that an organization cannot be counted on to police itself, than in the Church.

It’s about accountability and transparency Harrison, in case you don’t get it….both of which are woefully lacking in the mission of this church….which did nothing to sack its CEOs ie: the transferring Cardinals and Bishops even though the Church knew of the emerging scandal as far back as 1985 after the submittal of the report by Canon Lawyer Thomas Doyle.

Dan Burke


Shame on the City of Angels

It is quite a coincidence that as we reveal for the first time the role of Opus Dei in the cover-up of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for more than 26 years these giant squids suddenly appear on the shores of southern California.

God is sending the sign (through these giant predators) to confirm that we are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about the Octopus Dei who is the ultimate cover-upper of the priest pedophilia of the 20th century and is the modern predator in the Catholic church today.

Shame on the City of Angels as NOT ONE Los Angeles theologian raised his voice to denounce Cardinal Mahony and asked for his resignation. Shame on the City of Angels as representatives of SNAP and Catholics did not protest Cardinal Mahony's hypocrisy and demand him to step down and leave town. Shame on the City of Angels that has lost its sense of decency and justice - for the children who are least of the brethren of Christ who suffered the most heinous crime of priest pedophilia in the Catholic church in the 20th century.

We in Boston did our job well for the victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and we got rid of Cardinal Bernard Law (one of the commanders of the Third Reich of the JPIIPPA). Cardinal Law was not a good American citizen and so we did not want to see him walk in our Bostonian soil. We refused to hear his liar-voice preaching everyday in our diocese and churches . It was not a surprise that John Paul II took him to Rome to join his other cohorts-in-crime, JPII clones Benedict XVI and Opus Dei eunuchs, Masters of Deceit at the Vatican (prime Opus Dei real estate)where they continue to rule amidst pompous ceremonies like the Tsars using their OD cunning tentacles.

Shame on the City of Angels so immune to sex that it clasps the 508 pedophile priests and kowtow to Cardinal Mahony, Master of Cunning and Deceit. The City of Angels breaths easy amidst LA landscape stenched with sex. Perhaps this is not a surprise as Hollywood reels with sex films; and the Catholic church seething with the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army blends well into the sex scene.

Video of giant squids off California coast

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

John Paul II & VOTF Voice of the Faithful & Tom Doyle's letter to VOTF

The VOTF is preparing to elect its new President and officers. The VOTF members need to be aware that VOTF is infiltrated by Opus Dei foot soldiers, MOLES, Matrix-clones of John Paul II and St? Josemaria Escriva. It is important that every VOTF member read this article in order to smell who are these subtle secretive OD Opus Dei messengers who are slowly corroding its body and choking its throat thus muffling its VOTF voice.

Opus Dei want the VOTF to be an empty clanging cymbal voice against priest celibacy (on this untouchable issue alone)and pretend to "oppose" church dogmas -- and to forget being the voice against priest pedophilia and the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. Opus Dei want to canonize John Paul II as soon as possible and discredit all Devil's Advocate like the John Paul II Millstone who mention about the Achilles Heel of JPII. Thanks to Blogger, John Paul II shall NEVER rest in peace because we point out his greatest sin - the worst crime in modern church history -- the priest-pedophilia -- he presided over for 26 years+ that has cost the USA Catholic church more than $3 Billion. (This is not counting the thousands of cases in Latin America and other countries.)

John Paul II did not cover-up priest-pedophilia alone, he succeeded in keeping it hidden under his Holy Seat of Peter at the Vatican together with Cardinal Ratzinger now Benedict XVI...and the Opus Dei.

Fr. Doyle is right in his letter to the VOTF (see full letter below): The hope is not in the institution or in bureaucratic policies, programs or empty pronouncements.

VOTF, beware and be-aware that Opus Dei is all and only about papal bureaucratic policies, papal programs and papal empty pronouncements -- like the equation in this article written after the National Convention of VOTF in October 2007:

Bishop Fulton Sheen = Opus Dei Fr. McCloskey

The VOTF are being watched under a microscope and very subtly controlled, infiltrated and manipulated by the Opus Dei through members (spies, MOLES, devout Catholics who go to Mass everyday, typical Opus Dei trait) and advicers like Fr. Richard McBrien.

VOTF will continue to exist but only as an Opus Dei puppet... "appearing" like a legitimate voice in the Catholic Church, but only to perpetuate the autocracy of the papacy (through doctrines and dogmas) ------ hence VOTF's missions and agenda are curtailed and watered-down (as this article below points out).

The biggest threat to the VOTF is that the Pope and Opus Dei will brand and thus condemn VOTF as a "heretic" group. To prevent this from happening, VOTF has to kowtow to pressures from the Opus Dei. Fr. Richard McBrien is one of the Opus Dei's strongest infiltrator and messenger and how he does it is pointed out in detail in the article below following Fr. Tom Doyle's letter to the VOTF on the eve of their campaign and election of national officers.


VOTF and the Reform of the Governmental Structure of the Catholic Church

Thomas Doyle

January, 2008

If one looks at what has happened in the institutional Catholic Church since 1965, the year that Vatican II ended, one sees a roller-coaster ride of progressive advances and regressive retreats. Since the reign (and I use that word intentionally, rather than "pontificate") of John Paul II the institution has been on what some call a restorationist path. This refers to the process of restoring the Catholic Church to the splendor of the pre-Vatican II days when bishops were princes, the pope was the emperor and the lay people kept their mouths shut and their wallets open.

All along there has been a movement among some lay, cleric and hierarchical Catholics to continue with the vision of Vatican II. Today, all of the bishops in that movement in the US are either dead, retired or in exile. The "Vatican II" clergy are growing old, discouraged, tired and are either retired or have left altogether. They have been replaced by a couple generations of younger clergy who often describe themselves as "John Paul II" priests. Others describe them as the 'Catholic Taliban," "the Young Nazis" or words to that effect. Lately several scholars have written about them and the assessment is worse than discouraging. It's frightening.

The need for deep reform exploded to the surface in January, 2002 with the revelations in Boston that Catholic bishops had been hiding, enabling and supporting sexually dysfunctional criminals in the priesthood. VOTF started off and brought with it hope, a voice for anger, disillusionment and frustration. Now we are five years down the road from January 6, 2002. This was not the beginning salvo of the clergy abuse assault. That happened in summer of 1984 with the revelations in Louisiana that the bishop there had done was Bernard Law had done…but Lafayette is not Boston and the Times of Acadiana is not the Boston Globe.

The years since have brought staggering changes that no one expected. Thus far the cost in dollars to the U.S. church that Ray Mouton, Mike Peterson and I predicted… billion…..has been exceeded and, if all the numbers were revealed honestly, it's probably doubled. The costs for California alone, thanks to the narcissism of Roger Mahony, have gone beyond a billion.

The U.S. bishops still live in their delusional world as far as clergy abuse is concerned. The Dallas Charter, the diocesan review boards, the National Review Board, the Office for Child Protection…..all are bureaucratic attempts to right the wrongs, make the bad memories go away, restore trust and faith in the bishops and above all, create the false image that it's all over. As Archbishop Gregory said in Feb. 2004, the "the history of sexual abuse is today history." More inaccurate words have never been spoken! Bishops continue to force victims through incredibly painful and demeaning court processes in which they and their lawyers do all they can to revictimize them. In State legislatures throughout the country, State Catholic Conferences and the local bishops spend millions of the faithful's dollars to defeat any legislation that would offer greater protection to child victims. They insult our collective intelligence with a variety of false claims based on erroneous information. They bring in their so-called experts to tell the legislatures how much they have done and how much they care and how much they respect our U.S. legal system. The bottom line is that in State after State, the only opposition to child protective legislation is the Catholic Church. How ironic! The world's largest religious organization which is based on the mission of Christ and it opposes State laws that do what it not only could not do, but would not do…protect children from deranged predators and self-centered institutional enablers.

What about VOTF? The past five years have been tumultuous. The "growing pains" that some members speak of are far more than that. What we have seen has been a clash between the deeply rooted clerical dependency that has been systematically woven into our very being by the institutional church, and Catholic Adulthood. It's a long, excruciatingly painful process to grow up in the Catholic Church. Most chronological adults never make it. No matter how liberated and avant-garde they believe themselves to be, there is still a very powerful core, deep down inside, that causes dependency feelings to take over whenever one is faced with the challenge of taking the risk of not only thinking but acting like an adult when in the realm of the Church world. To do so means to challenge the clerical office holders and to express opinions that they do not want to hear. To do so means taking the risk that some of them might try to capitalize on the magical thinking that has supported their power by threatening canonical penalties or equating disobedience to them with disobedience to Christ.

Jesus Christ was all about love. He also was a man of action. Whenever he encountered the religious hypocrites of his day he didn't sit down to tea with them and exchange sweet nothings so that nobody had any ruffled feathers. If he blew his top when he encountered a bunch of hucksters selling birds at the temple can you imagine what his reaction would have been if he'd dropped down to earth during the early days of the reformation? Martin Luther would have ended up the pope and the Roman church bureaucracy would have been vaporized. What would have been his reaction had he appeared at the chancery in Lafayette, LA in the summer of 1984 when the churchmen and the lawyers were putting together what they thought would be legal agreements that would pay off some families and insure their silence. Even better, how do you think he would have reacted reading the Boston Globe on Sunday morning, January 6, 2002…..the Feast of the Epiphany? I suspect that the epiphany the Globe brought that morning would have been followed by another "wake-up call" of cosmic proportions. Bernard Law might have found himself propelled, not to a palace in the Vatican, but to the outer reaches of Greenland to teach catechism to the natives on the edge of the North Pole.

In addition to the anger, distrust, frustration, disillusionment and spiritual aridity the institutional Church has caused because of its totally inept response to the evil of clergy abuse, there has been another equally toxic reaction and that is the profound feeling of nausea in reaction to the self-serving public relations campaign of the U.S. hierarchy by which they continue to try to flip the whole mess around, make themselves look like victims and demonize anyone who has ever challenged their collective stupidity, cruelty and total lack of compassion.

Is there hope for change from within?

As far as reform etc. is concerned, I have lost all realistic hope that the institution will change for the better in my lifetime. The present crop of bishops, courtesy of John Paul II, is far less pastoral, less theologically educated and more clericalist and monarchical than any I can remember. I see no hope and only constant signs of discouragement. I believe in VOTF but I do not believe that they will ever accomplish any meaningful structural change. It's simply impossible for any such change to happen unless it starts at the top. The Catholic Church is a monarchy. Period! Getting a pastoral council up and running here and there is nothing. Sitting down to tea with a bishop is no more than a sop to keep the activists. They are not able or willing to bend or change their approach in something as vital as clergy sexual abuse so why expect them to even think about giving up any of their power in anything else.

The hot button issues that the popes have told us we can't even talk about will remain discussed by lay and clergy alike and closed in the minds of the pope and the bishops. All you have to do is look at the stream of Vatican decrees re-introducing the pre-Vatican II version of the Latin mass to stomping on theologians to get the picture. The young conservatives lap it up and seem to play at church as if it's some sort of surreal dress-up game. What many fed-up people are doing is simply walking away and finding an alternative faith/worship opportunity that is less toxic and more Christ centered.

I am not much interested in working for internal church reform anymore mainly because my experience within the structure over the past two decades has been so painfully revelatory for me. It is way too toxic. Life is short and being part of the Christian community is supposed to be joyful and not poisonous. I have turned to reading the books of John Shelby Spong and find they give me hope and a voice to my theological ideas and related feelings. I do not expect everyone to be where I am at because no one else has been on my journey. As a matter of fact, one of the more painful breakthroughs I have had is that it's not only inappropriate but simply wrong to project that we are all on the same spiritual wave length and that some are right and some are fundamentally wrong about the way they believe.

I don't see any hope in trying to bring about meaningful reform of the structures. One or the other group may convince a local bishop to take an enlightened approach, but then the day will come when he retires and is replaced and then it's a crap shoot as to what happens.

VOTF has pledged to support Priests of Integrity. There has to be a lot more to this than words and an annual award. There are plenty of good, decent, hard-working priests out there, the center of whose mission and life is not the bishop, pope or Vatican but Jesus Christ. They will never be bishops. They need to be encouraged but not pitied because these men have an inner strength that is grounded in something far deeper and stronger than loyalty to the monarchical system. Maybe what VOTF needs to do is challenge the thousands of priests still in denial who continue to moan and groan because the identified sexual abusers make them all look bad. Not so! What makes Catholic priests look bad is apathy, fear and apparent subservience to a system that is outmoded, unproductive and enabling of those who would victimize others. How many priests have looked at the landscape and privately expressed shame, disgust and anger at the sexual abuse nightmare and the bishops leading role in it….and how many of these same priests have refused to speak out even to a small group for fear of retaliation by the bishop who can't see past the walls of his imaginary kingdom.

VOTF has pledged support for the victims of clergy sexual abuse. This should be the number one priority. Why? Because everything about the clergy abuse nightmare is everything that is wrong with the institution. This is not one of many problems. This is THE problem. People are now getting excited over the revelations of embezzlement and financial mismanagement in Church throughout the US and the world. This is terrible, but we are talking about money here and not human lives. The sex abuse nightmare is a culture of emotional and physical devastation and spiritual murder. If the local VOTF chapters can't make support and defense of victims their first priority, they should close down. If the national leadership equivocates or cowers in fear of what the bishops will think if they take strong and courageous stands, they need to quit.

A word of wisdom from my military days: "Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."

I respect those who continue to work for internal church reform. I am on the board of ARCC (Association for Rights for Catholic in the Church). I respect my fellow board members. I don't believe the institutional Church cares one bit about individual rights or due process when it comes to lay people or lower ranking clerics or anyone who thinks creatively. It cares greatly about protecting the rights and assuring due process for those who are bishops and above…..There are exceptions however. If a bishop stands up for what is right and has the courage to express his stand, he will quickly find himself cast out of the sacred club and into the real church with the rest of us. Tom Gumbleton, probably the only real bishop in the U.S., publicly has stood with victims. The Vatican acted quickly. He was fired on orders from the top because he "broke communio with the bishops." Bravo for Tom! He did what Jesus would have done.

I don't want to expend much more energy tilting at windmills in the world of Catholic Church reform. I have no hope that it will happen. I don't want to spend any more time trudging through what can best be described as a swamp of toxic waste. I believe change will happen because it has happened over the past few years. It has not taken place through dialogue with the hierarchy however. It's happened when the Church office holders (I intentionally don't use the word leaders) have found themselves face to face with powers greater than themselves like the law enforcement agencies or the civil court system. That's where the change will take place. That's why I have consistently urged VOTF leaders to totally support all efforts at legislative change that will provide greater protection to victims.

There has been a vast amount of change and progress since I first became involved in 1984 and especially since 2002. The institutional Church and its bishops would have done nothing to stop institutionalized sexual abuse and done nothing to help the victims it has known about were it not for the fact that we have forced them to do something. If good people back down and believe the nonsense propagated by the public relations machines of the individual dioceses and the National conference of bishops, then we will be back on the road to returning to where we were in 1983. It happened before and it could happen again and it happened before because the hierarchy had too much power, too much influence and too little accountability. That has changed but it hasn't changed enough. There are still countless men and women of every age who cannot come forward to disclose the devastating abuse they have suffered. As long as the clerical-celibate system remains basically untouched, there will always be victims of sexually dysfunctional priests and spiritually dysfunctional bishops.

Is there any hope at all? Yes! The hope is not in the institution or in bureaucratic policies, programs or empty pronouncements. The hope is in the ever increasing number of deeply committed men and women who are being compassionately present to people in need and in pain. These are the men and women of any denomination or belief system or of no denomination but still with a powerful belief system who work with each other to get right to the heart of Christ's message without stopping at any denominational door to get approved by any bishop in order to express charity.

Written after the National Convention of the VOTF
October 22, 2007
By Paris Arrow

John Paul II Squashes VOTF via Fr. Richard McBrien

It is not a surprise, that Voice of the Faithful (one of the original defenders of clergy abuse victims in Boston) has now kowtowed to the Opus Dei -- through Fr. Richard McBrien, their main speaker in their recent (floundering membership and funds) meeting . What a joke, the American Opus Dei puppet mouthpiece and Cardinal Mahony ghost writer delivering a major speech at the Voice of the Faithful national convention.

It was a good sign that SNAP president David Clohessy and other survivors dared speak up against the "Voice" that has changed its tune and now prefer to holler instead about some unforseeable century of "married priest" (barking at a 2,000 years eunuch dogma)- and abandon their original cause for the victims of clergy sexual abuse of the 20th century under the John Paul II the Great quarter of a century papacy. Perhaps if VOTF are to financially survive they'll have to eat out of the the Opus Dei billionaire tentacles.

"What must seem like a bombshell to Rhode Island citizens may seem to [Voice of the Faithful] members as yet another disturbing revelation in a long litany of them," said David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, who said he was a victim of abuse and who joined a dozen other protesters on the sidewalk outside the convention center".

Fr. McBrien past barkings against John Paul II up to 2005

Fr. McBrien used to be a lion who roared and critiqued JPII and the papacy, but now he has become a meek elephant tied and captured by the Octopus Dei tentacle. Fr. McBrien is a permanent columnist for Cardinal Mahony's The Tidings and sings praises to Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei. What else would you expect him to say to the Voice of the Faithful except what Cardinal Mahony "instruct" him to say so.

McBrien never praised John Paul II, the whole world knew it. As the Globe and Mail took consensus on JPII in July 2002 for his (last) trip to North America, it reported:
At the same time, another widely known U.S. Catholic theologian, Notre Dame's Rev. Richard McBrien, puts John Paul's name neither on his list of outstanding popes nor on his list of "good or above average" ones.

On April 4, 2005 on the death of JPII, "Yet Rev. Richard McBrien, University of Notre Dame professor of theology, though ranking John Paul II as historically significant, did not include him in his list of good or outstanding popes in his book Lives of the Popes".

Fr. McBrien in Opus Dei's website 2006 (still a rebel against Opus Dei)

Opus Dei's own website qouted Fr, McBrien connecting him to the Da Vinci Code:

Dan Brown’s novel portrays Opus Dei as a powerful force for regression, which is exactly how the prelature is seen by Vatican II-era progressive Catholics, whose hopes for reform (such as the admission of women into the priesthood and a more liberal policy on contraception) have long been frustrated. As John Paul neared death, Father Richard McBrien, of the University of Notre Dame, a consistent liberal voice, said that one of his complaints against John Paul was his affinity for Opus Dei. “Opus Dei is as close to a fascist organization [as there is] in the Catholic Church,” he told me last year. “They’re a very, very definite, militant, ultra-conservative group in the Church, who are basically trying to undo the work of the Second Vatican Council. In this Pope, they had a willing ally, because there was a quid pro quo. They gave him a lot of money and a lot of support for his efforts, going way back, to support the Solidarity movement in Poland. And they had a great influence in John Paul’s pontificate.”

That deeply critical view of Opus Dei is reflected by Brown in “The Da Vinci Code,” except that Brown’s quid pro quo involves an Opus Dei bailout of the Vatican bank, repaid, in part, by fast-tracked sainthood for Father Escrivá...

Fr. McBrien today, a herald servant for Opus Dei 2007

So like the Voice of the Faithful whose focus he is redirecting, today Fr. McBrien has sold his soul to Mahony and the Opus Dei. Opus Dei "courted" McBrien and they succeeded. If Josemaria could court Franco and Pinochet, McBrien is peanuts!

You want proof? No hardcore evidence, you say? Again, it is always the Octopus Dei very subtle snake ploy. Recently in Mahony's The Tidings, on June 22, 2007, in a column entitled "Converts to Catholicism" Fr. McBrien put American Opus Dei Fr. McCloskey (photo) in the same caliber as Bishop Sheen. But he did not give the actual name of this "Opus Dei" priest, only a slight mention of the (powerful) office he runs in Washington DC (the nation's capital! Where else? The Opus Dei always control politicians of the top echelon right in the heart of the nation. You will not find them wasting their time and dirtying their elite hands in the farmland of Iowa!)

Fr. McBrien beatified (OD herald and mouthpiece) a living Opus Dei priest alongside Bishop Sheen in this professional journalistic manner:

"Bishop Sheen is no longer with us, and there is no Catholic comparable to him who functions in the same capacity. But a priest in Washington, D.C., who runs the Catholic Information Center there and is a member of Opus Dei, has been doing an impressive job of drawing fellow conservatives into the Church." (Bold emphasis added)

Interpretation: There is no American Catholic at par with Bishop Sheen except Opus Dei priest Fr. McCloskey, the most powerful Opus Dei priest in the USA!

This is a typical Opus Dei tentacle strategy as they secretly put their SAINT(?) Josemaria at par with SAINT(?) John Paul II in the world.

And through Fr. McBrien, they place a living Opus Dei priest at par with Bishop Sheen in America.

Bishop Sheen = Fr. McCloskey

Opus Dei Fr. McCloskey = Bishop Fulton Sheen

This Opus Dei saintly recipe in the saint-factory at the Vatican is recipe for theological diarrhea!

Just like the way they put Bishop Sheen at par with St. Theresa the Little Flower, the Doctor of the Church! Catholic brainwashing in action!

Bishop Sheen = St. Theresa

Bishop Sheen = Fr. McCloskey

Fr. McCloskey = Bishop Sheen = St. Theresa

What an Octopus Dei narcissism! What an Octopus Dei tentacle media spin!

Do you get the picture yet of Opus Dei a.k.a. Octopus Dei?

Opus Dei is quashing Voice of the Faithful by letting them focus only on the issue of marriage for priesthood (keep barking at the wrong tree) - and nothing for the clergy abuse victims.

Opus Dei will make SNAP disappear like a sniff in history.

All organization like Voice of the Faithful, as ALL theologians have, will abandon SNAP and clergy abuse victims!

The only OXYGEN left for SNAP to survive - and thrive - is to be the voice of the Achilles Heel of John Paul II and the hundreds of thousands of victims of his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army worldwide.

America is the first and last bastion of justice for the victims of JPIIPPA as $2.3 Billion was paid to victims thanks to the secular (not church) lawyers who sacrificed their time and personal money.

Now Bishop Brom by order of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei want Catholics in San Diego to donate $25 million (the only amount missing? a small change in San Diego's $6 Billion+ coffer)) to complete its $200 million penalty. What a snake ploy of Octopus Dei as it fools Catholics again through its media spin - as it owns LA TIMES and major media outlets in the USA and worldwide.

Lord, save us from the Octopus Dei tentacles, the new dinosaurs MASTER of the Vatican and the world.

WORLD DOMINATION is the only obsession of Josemaria through the FACE of John Paul II

Wake up, SNAP! Wake up, America!

Benedict and SNAP do not mix. So Opus Dei sends McBrien to quiet down the Voice of the Faithful and make the group become another "servant" of the Octopus Dei, thus, also taking down SNAP with them.

The only way you at SNAP are to remain "breathing" with some oxygen - thus relevance - is to protest the canonization of John Paul II and hold an annual vigil on behalf of clergy abuse victims -- on April 2 (JPII liturgical feastday) - and on October 16, his 26 years papacy anniversary.

SNAP, if you do these protests annually and call on the Achilles Heel of JPII -- SNAP will remain VITAL to children around the world - especially the tens of thousands of cases in Third World countries that will never come to light because Opus Dei are bribing the judges and lawyers - just like they have bought Fr. Richard McBrien's soul! Imagine how "easy" it is to buy the souls of those Third World countries lawyers and judges who have no theological backbone like Fr. McBrien.

Use SNAP to BOYCOTT ALL John Paul II medals, statues, rosaries, etc. This protest is your LAST CHANCE for some oxygen in the clergy sexual abuse movie that is ending and a new movie starring JPII and Josemaria is unfolding subtly......

Links: SNAP statements in Cardinal Bertone's response to clergy abuse

The difference between the Jesuit Jon Sobrino and Fr. Richard McBrien is this: Sobrino refused to kowtow to Opus Dei and therefore was silenced by the Ops Dei Bishop in El Salvador and is now forbidden to teach even to the poor whom he has served and loved all his life as a missionary from Spain.

While Richard McBrien kowtowed to Opus Dei, got a lucrative job at the Tidings of Mahony and party with the $1Billion a year income from oil revenue which the LA Archdiocese inherited from a wealthy mistress of a California heir -- which Mahony gets to manage and ship to the Vatican Bank in Rome. No wonder, not one theologian dared criticize Mahony on the clergy abuse, they have all been bought like Fr. McBrien!


The Vatican Exposed-Facade


Thursday, January 03, 2008

John Paul II's many Gods in Assissi

John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger "silenced" Jacques Dupuis, a Jesuit who wrote Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism

But John Paul II (action-speaks-louder-than-words) worshipped many gods with all the religions of the world in Assisi (watch this video) doing exactly what Jacques Dupuis wrote. So why did he and Ratzinger condemn the Jesuit missionary Jacques Dupuis? Because the Opus Dei want to RULE the Vatican and suppress the Jesuits. The Opus Dei will do anything ruthlessly to discredit the Jesuits because they are very envious and incapable of doing the many Jesuit apostolates worldwide.

Father Dupuis had been editor of the theological journal Gregorianum , and a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Interfaith Dialogue. He had lived in India and taught in Delhi from 1958 through 1984, and his theological work, with its emphasis on the shared insights of major world religions, has been heavily influential in the discussion of "inculturation" in Asia. The Belgian theologian died in a hospital in Rome on December 28, reportedly of a cerebral hemorrhage. In February 2001, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a formal note cautioning against the arguments found in one of Dupuis's works, Toward a Christian Theology of Religious Pluralism , which had been published in 1997. In a 4-page document, the Vatican pointed to serious "ambiguities" and "difficulties" in the theologian's thought, particularly his failure to affirm the unique and necessary role of Jesus Christ and his Church in the work of salvation.

After initially resisting the Vatican's criticisms, Father Dupuis eventually signed the document prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope John Paul II (bio - news). With his signature he agreed to avoid similar errors in his future work. At the same time, the Jesuit scholar resigned from his faculty post at the Gregorian University, where he had been teaching since his return from India in 1984. He had already, in 1998, stopped teaching a course on Christology, since that topic was the main focus of the criticism raised against his work.

In its critique of Dupuis's work, the Vatican's doctrinal office had emphasized that the salvation "of all mankind" is accomplished only "in and through Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of the Father." The Congregation stressed that it is "contrary to the faith" to regard that essential Christian belief as "limited, incomplete, or imperfect," or to suggest that other world religions can provide the means to achieve salvation apart from the Church. The Vatican note cautioned that "the sacred texts of other religions cannot be considered as complimentary to the Old Testament."

In a press conference at the time that the Vatican admonition was made public, Father Dupuis accepted the content of the doctrinal note. But he continued to argue that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had misinterpreted his work. "I do not uphold these false theories," he said.

The Vatican's case against the work of Father Dupuis was based largely on the document Dominus Iesus (doc) , issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in September 2000. That document, affirming the traditional Catholic teaching that salvation is available only through the Church, was in turn designed to counteract the influence of theologians such as Dupuis, and the trend toward religious relativism.

Father Jacques Dupuis, the controversial Jesuit theologian whose work drew a rebuke from the Vatican in 2001, died at the age of 81.Rome, Dec. 29, 2004 (

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