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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony: Masters of Cunning and Deceit, Part 2

Cardinal Mahony in red at the new Basilica of the Angels in Los Angeles

In Part 1 of "John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony, Masters of Cunning and Deceit", July 17, 2007, we revealed that Mahony shortchanged the 508 victims of Los Angeles pedophile priests of their original asking price of $1.5 Billion in 2004 and that Mahony settled to avoid testifying in LA courthouse that could have become the ‘trial of the century’ and rivaled the O.J. Simpson spectacle in 1995. Most of all, we revealed ‘where angels fear to tread’ -- for the first time in the history of the Catholic Church -- that the Opus Dei is the ultimate responsible leader in the cover-up of the sin and crime of priest pedophilia in the 20th century – hence we disclose them as the real Octopus Dei. And as a sign from God that we are doing right, suddenly ferocious gigantic squids appear in the southern beaches of California. The timing is extraordinary that such sea monsters and the Octopus Dei coincidentally do exist after all.

In Part 2, we reveal how the Opus Dei operates its Octopus Dei tentacles through its vast global media empire owned by their secret members and how they send their professional journalists to write Opus Dei spins here and there around the globe like this AP article. We accomplish this by analyzing in-depth this AP Associated Press international news on Mahony and show its hidden secretive Opus Dei spin. (If one can own the AP Associated Press, one easily own Reuters and the others as a piece of cake.) This AP writer acts like the PR for Mahony on the world stage. Like all other major newspapers act as PR for Mahony and the Pope per cunning and conniving of the Octopus Dei

For an objective study on the Opus Dei go to . The OD operate the same way in USA and in all other countries.

"Opus Dei does not publish the names of its members, and many Opus Del members do not make public their membership in the organisation."

"Because of the high degree of members' allegiance to Opus Dei and its religious agenda, their work in the public sphere breaches the church-state division that is fundamental to modern democracy. It is essential, then, to monitor the organisation's undertakings in secular arenas -- a task made difficult by the fact that individuals' membership is often undisclosed to the public."

"The professions in which Opus Dei is strongest, particularly in Europe and South America (and USA), are the media, medicine, the judiciary, education (especially at the university level), and, above all, high finance and politics."

The OD international spins about the Los Angeles settlements are exemplified by links at the end of this post - from countries in the east Malaysia to countries in the west in America and Spain.

The Opus Dei spin and message is this: "WE rule, you kowtow to us. Other religions did pedophilia too, so the Roman Catholic church ain't so bad. So close shop, you SNAP, Abuse Tracker and Bishops Accountability, you are all finished and done. Put your files in boxes, especially you Bishop Accountability, and go home. The court cases are over. We have paid you off, the crime is paid. The cases are closed. Your files are now irrelevant like the old church Inquisition and the Crusaders history. Who cares to read them today? And who cares to read of your boxes of pedophile priests files? So go home and shut your doors and shut-up. And let us run the church as we deem fit – we want John Paul II to be canonized a saint ASAP so that together with our St? Josemaria Escriba they will rule over you and we’ll trample on you if you don’t obey us – just like we did with the Jesuit Jon Sobrino. Benedict gave him the Notification and the Opus Dei Bishop finished him off by imposing Silence on him prohibiting him to teach and publish [which he has done all his life for the poor people of El Salvador]. We don’t care about the poor; we only care about the impeccable reputation of soon-be-saint John Paul II and St? Josemaria Escriba.

“We don’t care about you and what you do for the survivors and victims of priest pedophilia. We have on only agenda – world domination and the cult and worship of John Paul II and Josemaria Escriba, our founder. You will all bow before us who are more holy than all of you. We pray in Latin, you don’t. The Opus Dei rules the world. See the map in our website? WE rule the world."

The Octopus Dei is so OBVIOUS yet invisible like the AIR we breathe. To prove with legal records the Opus Dei's cover-up of priest pedophilia at the Vatican and around the world is like trying to scientifically prove and hold with one's hands the air that we breathe.

But history is there for all of us to see-- Opus Dei's Joaquin Navarro-Valls was the Press Secretary of John Paul II from the beginning of his papacy until he died -- for more than 26 years.


Analysis of a classic Opus Dei spin via AP Associated Press

This AP news is broken down into phrases for clarity. Our comments are preceded by hyphens. We point out the deceptions written in between the lines. Now let's dissect this Opus Dei spin by this AP secret clone daughter of Escriba.

L.A. cardinal's apology may not suffice

--- The title suggests that Mahony’s apology is not enough and must require some more things other than an apology. But what are these “other” requirements? None, if you read the entire article (which is in italics).

--- Mahony's apology was a rehearsed actor’s speech. Mahony is an actor clone of John Paul II the great actor. Mahony should be charged as a criminal for aiding and abetting pedophiles. He should resign and be exiled to Rome and room with Cardinal Bernard Law at the Vatican quarters of Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei eunuchs.


--- Why is this subtitle all in capital letters, to emphasize “critics”?

--- But who and where are these “critics” and what are their names in this AP news?

--- Not one, repeat, not one LA theologian, nor the LA Times and major LA newspapers hollered at Mahony and cried foul like Boston Globe did to Cardinal Bernard Law in 2002. All LA media were mute about Mahony because most are owned by the invisible tycoon Opus Dei - therefore owned by Mahony. If you need proof go to their list of board members, stock and shareholders and editors. All LA media are reporting watered-down articles just to put on the appearance as if Mahony is "hurt" a little bit but really is "unscathed."

By Rachel Zoll

---- She has written more than one AP article on the LA settlements and they are all deceptive like this one. (Can’t waste my time to search for them now. Just google her name and you’ll see the pattern of her writing)

--- She’s has the signs of a secret Opus Dei member and may have relatives and friends in Opus Dei. She’s either a graduate or has taken extra journalism courses at the Holy Cross Pontifical University in Rome or other Opus Dei run or affiliated universities. She goes to confession to an Opus Dei priest who has instructed her to write this article point by point and praise her for being obedient and for defending the agenda of Opus Dei.

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony approved a record clergy abuse payout

---“approved" is not the correct word; Mahony had to be “forced” by civil law (not church law) to settle or appear in court. He used every legal option to suppress victims’ litigations. He was too chicken to testify in court due the following Monday so he bargained out on Saturday, $660 million instead of the original 1.5 Billion asking price in 2004

opened the files of the Roman Catholic priests involved

--- This is a false statement. In fact Mahony continue to spend millions to delay court proceedings and delay the release of these files for the past 4 years and he had orchestrated to have some personal files to go "missing”.

--- And as this AP news itself suggests, the individual priest can still contest the release of their personal files which Mahony will encourage them all to do.

and looked into the cameras and apologized last week for the victims' treatment

---"looked into the camera" like a professional actor of Hollywood, all right. See his fox demeanor in our July 17 blog -- "But his eyes do not smile, they are wary, watchful, seeking the advantage, covering his sides and back.”

And it still might not be enough to satisfy some

--- This is a classic Opus Dei spin. It suggests something but prove nothing. Very vague. Typical OD line

--- To "satisfy some" who exactly? The poor victims who have no more oxygen to fight Goliath Mahony? Or is she referring to some “critics” like us who are left to voice the truth like the prophet Isaiah?

To fund the archdiocese's share of the $660 million settlement, the cardinal will have to sell property, liquidate investments and cut spending, dismantling part of what he built in more than two decades as the city's archbishop

--- She is praising Mahony now, the Opus Dei major spin.

--- She paints Mahony as a builder "built it in more than two decades" but she does not tell the other side of Mahony that for two decades he covered-up more than 500 pedophile priests, all pedophile criminals who should be rotting in jail instead of saying Mass!

--- She does not report the fact that Mahony and the Opus Dei lawyers are all laughing at the victims who had to settle for less than the original asking price of $1.2 Billion. The insurance will pay half of the settlements, religious orders will pay three-quarter of the other half, and Mahony will pay only about 50 Million which he can easily gain this in annual interest alone from the $4.5 Billion La diocese holdings and investments.

Even so, critics question whether the cardinal should have done more to rein in predatory priests in the nation's largest archdiocese.

--- Who are these "critics”? Imagine an AP professional journalist who cannot support her statement with simple facts.

--- Hello! Not ONE Los Angeles theologian dared criticize and asked Mahony to resign because he put no value in the survivors’ lives. Boston’s priests demanded Cardinal Bernard Law to resign. They pounded him non-stop until he flew to Rome to join the other cohorts-in-crime papal team at the Vatican, the Opus Dei and the then Cardinal Ratzinger.

Bishops answer only to the Vatican

--- Opus Dei is the only Prelature in the church meaning it is answerable only to the Vatican. This is an Opus Dei signature spin.

--- She is declaring that Bishops do not answer to secular judges and the courts of United States. She and the Bishops believe that Bishops are the “Prince of the Church” and are above the law of the land. This is in Escriba’s writings.

--- It had to take $2 Billion dollars to show that Bishops are subject to the law of the nation, that they are “below” or subjects to the courts. But the Opus Dei will spin that this doesn’t count because $2 Billion means zero in their church account. No parishes have been closed; no church properties have been touched in LA. $2 Billion does not make any dent in the vast real estate and secret investments of the church.

which had to sign off on some funding of the settlement, but every church leader needs the trust of the parishioners.

"He acknowledged he made some mistakes, he apologized," said the Rev. Thomas Reese, a fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

--- This is the Opus Dei’s signature: to cite a Jesuit and put him in a negative light, not with hardcore evidence but in slightly negative terms. This is like putting a drop of poison in a potable system of a city; it is enough to poison the entire water system.

--- John Allen in his Opus Dei book used the same strategy, he ended his book by citing a Jesuit who was ‘ignorant’ of the Opus Dei’ work with the poor. But the fact is Opus Dei caters and recruits only the professionals and the rich, 99.9 % of their members belong to the professionals like lawyers and doctors and the richer elite with income above $50,000.

"Now the people of Los Angeles are going to have to weigh the good that he's done over the last 22 years versus the bad things he did and decide whether they can continue to accept him as their bishop."

--- This Opus Dei AP writer couldn’t find any critic of Mahony because there are no critics to quote in Los Angeles; she had to fish Thomas Reese out of Woodstock from the east coast, from faraway Washington, DC in the Jesuit Georgetown University. What happened to the many theologians in LA? They are all being choked by the Octopus Dei threatened to have their teaching licensed repealed.

--- It is important to note that Fr. Reese was the first victim of Ratzinger soon as he was elected Pope. God’s Rottweiler demanded him to resign from his post as Editor of the America magazine in New York. We covered it in our Ratzinger blog –

Last week's deal was made on the eve of a civil trial in which Mahony would have been grilled about why he left some abusive priests in churches without telling parents or police.

--- This civil trial is what forced Mahony to settle. It was the cheapest way for him to dodge the bullet of a trial wherein he couldn't hide the truth no matter how cunning he was. Still it is a small price to pay for his silence, $666 million instead of $1.5 billion.

As part of the settlement, the archdiocese agreed to release the personnel files of accused clergymen, which could reveal any direct links between Mahony and the guilty priests he supervised. But each priest tied to the 508 Los Angeles cases can challenge his records' release -- another potential obstacle to full disclosure.

--- This will be the next strategy of Mahony which is to suppress the disclosure of files. He is already doing this as of today in LA court. Church Attorneys are already objecting to production of documents over and over again.

--- Mahony strategy is “Who cares if the judge already denied this motion, if we file it 100 times, we can really wear down both plaintiff attorneys and the entire Los Angeles Superior Court civil justice system.” (a survivor)

Mahony, 71, has acknowledged the suffering of victims.

--- Oh, really? When and how did he do it? His ONE SPEECH of apology is really a sinister celebration of his own personal victory, he's fooling the people that the "biggest settlement" after all cost even less than the Boston diocese that had to get rid of its Archbishop's palace. When Mahony moves to smaller quarters like Cardinal O’Malley, then maybe he can “feel” a little bit for the “suffering of victims”. But as long as he lives in his Archbishop Opus Dei palace, he cannot feel any compunction for the victims. It’s all hearsay and crocodile tears.

He was among only a handful of bishops who revealed the names of suspected clergy so the public could be protected from them.

--- Who are you kidding? “Only a handful of bishops”? Who is this handful? Why don’t you name facts and faces? The fact is ALL Bishops had to be brought to court by secular lawyers to force them to reveal names of pedophile priests.

After a California judge approved the settlement Monday, Mahony received support from a lead lawyer for the victims. Attorney Raymond Boucher praised Mahony for meeting with victims and for working to persuade religious orders to sign onto the deal

--- This is one of the most insulting things to say to the victims and their good lawyers who worked hard to bring them some compensation and justice. It is tantamount to saying that “Hitler apologized to the Holocaust victims but at the end, their lead Jewish lawyer praised Hitler for convincing the Germans to pay the survivors.”

AP, you have sold your soul to Octopus Dei. How pathetic.


International Opus Dei spins

Editorial: Light at the End of a tunnel

Battle Fatigue

Vatican statement

Religion Beat becomes a test of faith

Clergy sex scandal a lesson for all - (Malaysia)

Sequitur, et Non

Chicago Bishop discusses abuse cases,4_1_JO29_SARTAIN_S2.article

L.A. cardinal's apology may not suffice
AP -

The Teflon Cardinal
Los Angeles Times,0,2757313.story?coll=la-opinion-center

Nuncio in Spain says Catholic Church's cases of clerical sexual abuse rank among the lowest


“Mahony belongs behind bars.”

On Saturday night, June 24, after the première showing of Amy Berg’s film DELIVER US FROM EVIL at the Independent Documentary Association’s Los Angeles Film Festival, a packed house stood amid thunderous applause as the father of victim who had been sexually abused as a five year-old proclaimed, “Mahony belongs behind bars.”

To say that the film documents the career of Fr. Oliver O’Grady, a priest born and educated in Ireland and ordained for the Diocese of Stockton, California would be true, but as deceptive as saying that Gone With the Wind is the story of how Scarlet O’Hara lost the farm.

Berg tells the story of people—parents, children, believing, faithful, church going folk—so easy to identify with that one is drawn delicately into a story as intriguing and riveting as a best-seller summer mystery novel. The story is woven between the families and kids who trusted the priest and the church—and how they became aware of the true nature of both—and O’Grady quietly, casually telling how he was abused by a priest as an altar boy and details the methods he used to groom, seduce, and sexually violate innumerable boys and girls in his parishes.

The camera follows the priest now freely walking the streets of Irish towns that are still unaware of the danger he presents and the trail of spiritual and psychic carnage he left in California as he was transferred from parish to parish to cover his trail of violations of children one as young as nine months old. (Yes, nine months old and vaginally penetrated.)

What could be visually as gruesome as open-heart surgery on TV becomes just the opposite in Berg’s production. It is like being drawn in to viewing Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp. It has a quiet, but somber, intriguing, and instructive mood.

The camera reflects with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel how the church delays, denies, deceives, and defies efforts to protect children from abuse. The anatomy of church control and the shield provided for abusing clergy is a powerful lesson. The depositions of Monsignor Cain, and especially Cardinal Mahony, speak louder than any imaginable commentary. Their performance exudes power precisely because it is literally unbelievable.

The church in predictable knee-jerk reaction will condemn this movie as anti-Catholic or anti-clergy. It is not. But this is no Da Vinci Code. Deliver Us From Evil is fact—well told fact and presented with artistry.

This documentary can be seen in Los Angeles August 18-24 during the Independent Documentary Associations’ DocuWeek. See it there if you can or hopefully in the future at a “theater near you” or the “Academy Awards.”


On June 28 this film was awarded $50,000 for Best Documentary


Thanks to a kind soul from LA for sending me these two very long news articles that illustrate that the LA Times is Mahony's PR machine, therefore a property of Opus Dei. I qoute some paragraphs here because the news are 5 pages long!


Mahony has been adding salt on victims wounds through his lawyers.

See "Cardinal Sins
How the Catholic Church, legal community and PR machine are conspiring to protect Roger Mahony"
February 25, 2004

Mahony’s strategy has been executed masterfully by J. Michael Hennigan of the law firm Hennigan, Bennett & Dorman. His plan has exploited weakness in his opponents, the media and the court. His preference to negotiate with victims behind closed doors has tested their emotional vulnerability and need for closure, while at times pitting them against their own lawyers, who can barely afford to litigate all the cases they have. p.1

Media disclosures, orchestrated at times with the help of public relations gurus Sitrick and Company, have driven a wedge between key reporters at the Times, while betraying a gutless editorial policy of walking on eggshells around the cardinal. (See related story.) And his attempts to reach out to victims and the public have played on the sympathies of a passive, largely ethnic laity in Los Angeles, which has never openly questioned the integrity of Catholic leadership. p.2

Concerns of institutional deference to Mahony should come as no surprise, but perhaps the most troubling is the judiciary. Though Dennis and fellow survivors have complained for months that they have been deprived access to the courts by the trial lawyers they turned to for help, more troubling are the judges who have protected both the Catholic Church and the court’s resources by channeling potentially explosive litigation into private backrooms where the cardinal’s dollars could make all the difference.

The legacy of power among Catholic judges in Los Angeles goes back decades. For years, until recently, no non-Catholic held the position of presiding judge. The St. Thomas More Society sponsors the annual Red Mass, a special church service for prominent members of the legal community. The society seeks “to provide a haven where those who are committed to their Catholic faith can find fellowship and encouragement in the face of overwhelming media and cultural forces working against that pursuit.” “The leadership of Los Angeles Superior Court is almost always Catholic,” says one local judge, who is not. “There is a real interest by people running the courts to protect the church and its assets and preserve papal law. It’s like a scared cow.”

Although the judges handling the clergy cases, Marvin Lager and Peter Lichtman, are not members of the St. Thomas More Society, they still have to deal with the political influence of the church if they are to function in Los Angeles, the nation’s largest archdiocese, with 5 million Catholics. Anyone who questions an institutional juggernaut like the church in the name of judicial independence runs the risk of being accused of being anti-Catholic, according to another Los Angeles judge, a non-Catholic. Similar pressure exists among Catholics, the judge says. “The Catholic Church is very totalitarian,” says the judge. “No doubt there are those who are concerned about perceptions among fellow Catholics that they are disloyal to their faith.” p.2

Likewise, Mahony’s recent denouncing of hundreds of accused priests, whose names were already public, including some who remain in the ministry, is of little solace. “May God help us all,” Dennis writes in an e-mail upon reading Mahony’s disclosure last week, in which he expresses regret for his “mistakes” — two days before a court hearing on his refusal to release Rucker documents. “Mahony will say anything to save face, and he believes he can get away with anything,” she says. “The church thinks it is above the law.”


The Los Angeles Times belong to Mahony and Opus Dei

Journalists covering the clergy sex-abuse scandal have dogged the Catholic hierarchy from Boston to Phoenix, but the Los Angeles Times has skirted around Cardinal Roger Mahony and helped him craft his own public image. With the criminal and civil justice system favoring secrecy in examining charges that Mahony has concealed pedophiles, critics accuse the Times of caving to pressure from Mahony, at times acting as his platform to urge the public to look forward, not back, at what he’s done.

...the Times has allowed Mahony to control the media....

Sex-abuse survivors and their attorneys take an increasingly dim view of the Times. “The Times will publish only what it has to,” says one plaintiff’s attorney who talks to reporters on a regular basis. “Whenever Mahony looks like he might be in trouble, the Times gives him a way out,” says Richard Farnell, who represents victims of priest sexual abuse. “The Times has done a terrible job,” a local trial attorney says.

See complete text "Blessed by the Times
Inside one of the newsroom deals to go soft on the man in the red robe"

By Jeffrey Anderson
Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Paul II, Cardinal Mahony and Octopus Dei

It is quite a coincidence that as we reveal for the first time the role of Opus Dei in the cover-up of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army for more than 26 years these giant squids suddenly appear on the shores of southern California.

God is sending the sign (through these giant predators) to confirm that we are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth about the Octopus Dei who is the ultimate cover-upper of the priest pedophilia of the 20th century and is the modern predator in the Catholic church today.

Shame on the City of Angels as NOT ONE Los Angeles theologian raised his voice to denounce Cardinal Mahony and asked for his resignation. Shame on the City of Angels as representatives of SNAP and Catholics did not protest Cardinal Mahony's hypocrisy and demand him to step down and leave town. Shame on the City of Angels that has lost its sense of decency and justice - for the children who are least of the brethren of Christ who suffered the most heinous crime of priest pedophilia in the Catholic church in the 20th century.

We in Boston did our job well for the victims of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and we got rid of Cardinal Bernard Law (one of the commanders of the Third Reich of the JPIIPPA). Cardinal Law was not a good American citizen and so we did not want to see him walk in our Bostonian soil. We refused to hear his liar-voice preaching everyday in our diocese and churches . It was not a surprise that John Paul II took him to Rome to join his other cohorts-in-crime, JPII clones Benedict XVI and Opus Dei eunuchs, Masters of Deceit at the Vatican (prime Opus Dei real estate)where they continue to rule amidst pompous ceremonies like the Tsars using their OD cunning tentacles.

Shame on the City of Angels so immune to sex that it clasps the 508 pedophile priests and kowtow to Cardinal Mahony, Master of Cunning and Deceit. The City of Angels breaths easy amidst LA landscape stenched with sex. Perhaps this is not a surprise as Hollywood reels with sex films; and the Catholic church seething with the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army blends well into the sex scene.

Video of giant squids off California coast
"They feed like a pack of wolves, and what they'll do is they will force their prey to the surface." (Opus Dei preys on anyone who demand justice for the poor and the downtrodden and who dares point out the truth about their secretive OD schemes.)

"And they just get themselves into an absolute feeding frenzy. These things are literally eating machines." (Opus Dei are literally eating machines on anyone who speaks the truth like the Jesuits).

"Giant squid make for good eating (like Opus Dei may look good in Latin Mass and in their piety). They can be broiled, baked, fried or barbecued. And are considered a delicacy. Just know they are also cannibalistic..." (right, cannibalistic like the holy Opus Dei who mauls on their prey the Jesuits - e.g. Jon Sobrino who has given his entire life to serve the poor people of El Salvador was silenced and prohibited to publish and teach -- by the Opus Dei Bishop who wouldn't dare dirty his hands to serve the poor).

See May 7, 2007 of
for the complete story on Jon Sobrino.

"The squids have been described as looking 'like aliens'" (like Opus Dei holy aliens)

"They get up to about 100 pounds, (and) eight feet long! Eight feet of fighting fury".

Hell knows no fury like the Opus Dei scorned.

(Images: Getty, BBC,AP)

Friday, July 20, 2007

John Paul II and Octopus Dei videos they don't want you to see

Watch these videos and be-aware, beware of the Octopus Dei tentacles!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MR. John Paul II & MRS. Josemaria Escriba speak from their graves: Sexual abuse not just a Catholic problem


Christ is the Groom and the Church is His Mystical Bride. -- Catholic Catechism

For more than 26 years, Opus Dei was the only go-between between Pope John Paul II and the outside world --- and they did NOTHING to bring justice and healing to the victims of his John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who surpass the Swiss Guard Army of the Vatican in numbers. There are about 500 Swiss Guards maximum and there are 500 cases of priest pedophilia with a $666 million prce tag in Los Angeles as of today. In America there are more than 5,000 pedophile priests, 10 times more than the Swiss Guards. Why are the pictures of these pedophile-priests not publicized as much as the Swiss Guards, is it because they are not in pompous uniforms and not as handsome? Most of all, why are they not in jail in America where pedophilia is a crime punishable by law. Is it because the Catholic church has "paid" for their sins and bought their freedom? Isn't this a double standard of morality for the "secular" criminal and the "religious" criminal?

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,148 priests - John Paul II & Josemaria Escriba

The Mystical Marriage of MR. Pope John Paul II and MRS. St? Josemaria of the Opus Dei continue to rule from their graves. And the Vatican continue to sing their OD tune over and over again. "You & me against the world" (See "On the Lot" ------

That is after all the Opus Dei's main strategy. They've gotten Josemaria Escriba canonized as the fastest saint to be canonized in the 20th century, now they also want John Paul II to be canonized in less than no time because -- with two saints on their side, they believe they will be able to rule in perpetuity the Catholic church.

The Opus Dei Pope

The Opus Dei calls Josemaria Escriba "EL Padre" meaning "THE Father" (those were the only 2 words on his tomb), then they call the Pope "The Holy Father". So who is more powerful to the thousands of Opus Dei eunuch numeraries and supernumeraries? (To Escriba, members are not persons but mere numbers,the more numbers the better, hence those OD bizarre names. Not "nuns and brothers" but "numeraries". Androgynous just like his name Josemaria!) To the 85,000 Opus Dei members, the more powerful ruler is the androgynous-one, EL Padre.....and all Cardinals and Bishops must follow EL Padre because he is "THE Way" (as he wrote from his book). And these Cardinals and Bishops must rule over Catholics -- as Opus Dei decree it to be.

John Paul II was a secret Opus Dei member and the biggest proof of that is he immediately went to the Opus Dei house in Rome when Josemaria Escriba had his heart attack. (He had to run to see and embrace his mystical wife one last time!) No Pope ever leaves the Vatican to go to see someone who just died -- and no Pope ever kneels before any recently dead person. The Pope kneels down only before the tombs of religious who have been beatified, but never a recently dead person because has to wait until he declares him or her "Venerable" like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This may sound morbid (and even comical) but this one of the most significant moments that Opus Dei can boast about their "EL Padre" since no other founder can boast of that historical papal record. (We'll see what happens when pedophile Fr. Marcel Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ dies. Benedict XVI probably won't run to his side since he has his own mystical bride, his secretary, --- see )

Mahony $666 Million Los Angeles pay-off = Opus Dei celebration party

Lombardi is a poor Jesuit secretary with an Opus Dei tentacle around his neck and he is just obeying God's Rottweiler - Benedict XVI's orders and so he issued the official Vatican statement which reveals how Opus Dei or rather, androgynous Josemaria still rules. This paragraph about the Vatican (owned by Opus Dei) stance is the most revealing (and most stupid) of them all:

Lombardi reaffirmed a position taken by other Catholic Church leaders in the past -- that other organized religions and institutions should also deal with pedophilia as publicly as the Catholic Church has been forced to by various scandals.(Bold emphases added) to point out that JPII and Escriba did indeed control Catholic church leaders and that they were too engrossed in their saint-factory machine to make Escriba the fastest saint to be canonized - that they covered-up the crime of priest pedophilia for more than 26 years. And like then, now they are "judging" other religions -- to distract again Catholics' attention -- so that Opus Dei can succeed in its selfish agenda to canonize John Paul II speedily as saint.

When the Pope and the Opus Dei are not busy condemning Liberation Theology, they are busy pointing fingers and condemning other faiths.

John Paul II and Josemaria Escriba are masters of deceits and cunning at twisting the truth and misguiding the focus of Catholics on the real issues of priest pedophilia at hand - even from their graves... They have only two goals -- that they are both canonized "saints" so that they can rule ever happily ever after from the Vatican -- and laugh and trample at all of us below their ranks.

So right now, the Opus Dei want us to focus on "other organized religion and institution" and not on the Catholic church who've just lost 2 Billion dollars (how much was Conrad Black found guilty of, $2.5 million, and he is guilty? What about the guys of Enron?) Mahony is guilty of $660 million, and he rules Los Angeles like a prince from his palace surrounded by his Opus Dei confreres! They are all laughing at SNAP and the survivors who had to 'settle for less' and Mahony dodged the bullet and didn't have to testify in shame.

And what OD arrogance to tell other organized institutions to clean up their act? Don't they know what it means to "mind your own business"? It's not the same with the Baptists or Protestants, none have it like the Catholic scale of pedophilia.

Meaning of OD

Those Opus Dei are drugged, OD!

Their initial OD serves them right. OD noun - an overdose of a drug and especially a narcotic. OD verb - To become ill or die from an OD. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

The Opus Dei drug is Latin.

Latin Mass

The Opus Dei celebrates Mass everyday in Latin - but we have two words in Latin for them -- "Crimen Sollicitationis"

(See the Google video of Benedict XVI and Opus Dei in the background for 26 years covering up priest pedophilia )

Weekly Confession

The Opus Dei members go to Confession only to their own Opus Dei priests every week and therefore they expect the victims of priest pedophilia to "confess, forgive and forget" now that they've been "paid-off" by evil Mahony and other Opus Dei cohorts in crime. They think that the "magic" of Confession can heal the survivors and their years of suffering from the hands of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. They are living in the un-real world of Latin utopia.

This Vatican official statement on LA mean that the Opus Dei want a smooth perpetual honeymoon for Mr. John Paul II and his mystical bride MRS. Josemaria Escriba even from their graves. Till death do us part, naaa "in death we'll rule even more".

Read this watered-down manipulative OctopusDei Vatican statement on the Mahony pay-offs. But be-aware and beware of the OD-tentacles as you read in between the watered-down apology lines! And please do not buy into Benedict XVI "crocodile tears" for the victims, he is having the time of his life in the lap of luxury in the Vatican palaces...

Sexual abuse not just a Catholic problem: Vatican

By Philip Pullella
July 17, 2007

From --

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Sexual abuse of children is not just a Catholic Church problem and other institutions should take steps to acknowledge and deal with such "wickedness" within their own ranks, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

The Vatican's chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, also said the record $660 million settlement between the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and victims of sexual abuse was an attempt to "close a painful chapter and look forward".

"The Church is above all clearly pained by the suffering of the victims and their families, by the deep wounds caused by the grave and inexcusable behavior of some of its members," Lombardi said.

"It has decided to commit itself in every way to avoid a repetition of such wickedness," he said, adding that the Church now had a "a policy of prevention and creation of an ever more secure atmosphere for children and young people in all aspects of (its) pastoral programs".

Lombardi reaffirmed a position taken by other Catholic Church leaders in the past -- that other organized religions and institutions should also deal with pedophilia as publicly as the Catholic Church has been forced to by various scandals.

"The problem of the abuse of childhood and its adequate protection certainly does not regard only the (Catholic) Church, but also many other institutions and it is right that these take the necessary decisions as well," he said.

Lombardi said the Church was aware of its educational responsibilities to youth and intended to be "a protagonist in the struggle against pedophilia", which he said was on the rise worldwide.


The Los Angeles decision involved 508 plaintiffs in cases dating back to the 1940s. The pre-trial settlement means Cardinal Roger Mahony will not have to testify in court.

The settlement reached on Saturday after 4 1/2 years of negotiations came before the first trial was due to begin on Monday. Victims' attorneys would have called Mahony to testify about the church hierarchy's protection of abusive priests.

The Los Angeles settlement dwarfs other landmark payouts. The Archdiocese of Boston, where the U.S. scandal erupted in 2002, reached a 2003 deal for 550 people worth $85 million.

Boston's archbishop, Cardinal Bernard Law, was forced to resign in disgrace in December 2002.

Leaders of the U.S. Catholic Church were found to have moved priests who abused minors to new parishes instead of defrocking them or reporting them to authorities.

In his interview with Vatican Radio, Lombardi spoke of the "sacrifices" the settlement would impose on the archdiocese.

The settlement funds will come from the archdiocese selling real estate assets, including the archdiocese's headquarters, insurers and various Catholic religious orders.

Before his election as pope, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger went out on a limb to decry the "filth" in the Church.

Benedict, who was elected in 2005, has taken a tougher stand on sexual abuse in the Church than his predecessor. Last year he disciplined Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, the 86-year-old founder of the conservative Legionaries of Christ, who had been accused of sexually abusing boys decades ago.

Copyright © 2007

See photos in -,1416,n,n

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony: Masters of Cunning and Deceit

John Paul II's clone Cardinal Mahony got a bargain deal -- instead of the 1.5 Billion asking price in 2004 (see article below), he paid only about 600 Million, that is a third of the asking price. Actually the insurance companies and religious orders will pay most of it, so really Mahony doesn't feel a dent in his bank account.

Mahony is laughing at SNAP and the victims right now -- celebrating his victory with his Opus Dei strategy masterminds.

OD Opus Dei PROOF? John Paul II's press secretary was an Opus Dei member who controlled everything the Pope did. He was the go-between for the Pope and the outside world. "No one goes to John Paul II except through me." And most of all "The Pope will say nothing except through me". Or in more positive terms, "The Pope will only speak through me".

And what did John Paul II say and do for the 12,000 American victims of pedophile priests? NOTHING (or Crimen Sollicitationis -- see video -- Instead, he covered up and protected the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army who surpass the Vatican Swiss Guard Army in numbers. Meaning the Opus Dei covered up clergy sex abuse for the Pope for more than 26 years.

Opus Dei wants to protect its holdings of the Vatican which it bought in the 1970's. See
Vatican includes major dioceses like Los Angeles, therefore this time, Opus Dei fended for its holdings in Los Angeles and its puppet Mahony! Believe it or not.

------------------------- -- very important resource website about Mahony

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Published by Roman Catholic Faithful in Ad Majorem Dei Gloria, Summer 2004
and updated with new data

Above, Cardinal Mahony at a press conference

Below, the fox, which medieval bestiaries present as cunning and deceitful, pretends to be dead so he can lure birds and take them as prey.

Whenever I see Cardinal Roger Mahony's pictures in his archdiocesan newspaper, The Tidings, I am reminded of a fox. On his lips, a gleeful smile as he poses with a grand donor, a celebrity, an honor student, a football player, the workers on strike or picket lines, the illegal immigrants clamoring for driver's licenses. A man of tremendous energy reputed to be one of the most powerful Bishops in the U.S., he never loses an opportunity to tally points with the people. But his eyes do not smile, they are wary, watchful, seeking the advantage, covering his sides and back.

The medieval bestiaries, which look at the animals God created to find what they figure for man, tells us the fox stands for what is cunning and deceitful. This is because the fox has two natures, it pretends to be harmless and good willed but it will use every scheme and trick to get what he wants. Also, when the fox falls into some danger from which escape seems impossible it will bite off his own foot to get free. "The tricks of this creature," Physiologus tells us, "are mindful of the different deceits of treacherous men, and also of the devil" (1).

1) Physiologus, A Bestiary by Bishop Theobald (London, John and Edward Bumpus, 1928). The author is believed to have been Abbot of Monte Cassino from 1022-1035.

I don't think this description is a bit too strong to apply to the progressivist quisling, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who served as Bishop of Fresno, CA (1975-80), Stockton, CA (1980), and has been Archbishop of Los Angeles since 1985.

After the crisis of clergy sexual abuse of minors exploded in Boston in 2002, it soon became apparent that something similar had been taking place in Los Angeles. Victims of clergy sexual abuse began to surface with claims of being ignored and badly treated; information came to light that pedophile priests were protected or shuffled around when their crimes would come to light; investigations showed the archdiocesan seminary and office teeming with homosexuals. Some wondered if Cardinal Mahony would be the next Prelate to resign. Would the Fox fall into a pit of his own making?

So far, at least, the answer is no. To fool his flock into thinking he is protecting them, Mahony has used every trick in the bag - even hiring a costly Century City public relations firm to improve his image. He speaks constantly of openness and transparency. He offers apologies to the priests, the religious, the victims, and the people with as great alacrity as JPII. He boasts that he was among the first to implement the "zero tolerance" policy, and at times assumes a spokesman role at the Bishops meetings insisting on compliance. All this to create a perceived reality of a leader with some few mistakes of the past that should be overlooked in view of his shining present stance and record.

In fact, his mistakes of the past were not so few, and his present is not so luminous. In February, 2004, the Archdiocese said it had already paid $10.4 million in settlements since 1985, and still faces a flood of civil cases. More than 500 claims have been made against the Archdiocese since State lawmakers temporarily lifted the statue of limitations last year on child sex abuse lawsuits. According to new estimates released in August 2004, total damages against the Archdiocese could exceed $1.5 billion, an attorney for victims stated (2).

2) "LA Churches Details Abuse,", February 17, 2004; Jean Guccione, "Priest Abuse Payout May Be Costly," Los Angeles Times, August 29, 2004.

Despite his claims of transparency, Mahony has refused to release accused priests' names and has used legal tricks to keep documents from prosecutors and to dodge depositions. Despite boasts of "zero tolerance," he has shuffled child molester priests from parish to parish even though he knew of their crimes. Despite assertions of complete openness, he has authorized spending millions of dollars to quietly settle sex abuse claims while imposing strict "confidentiality agreements" on victims to buy silence. Despite his call for more lay participation in investigations, it was Mahony who precipitated the resignation of Frank Keating, head of the lay National Review Board, after Keating criticized Mahony's orchestration of a boycott by the California Bishops of its compliance survey.

Let me present some examples illustrating how the Cardinal-Fox works.

The Truth Behind the "Zero-Tolerance" Policy in L.A.

The Cardinal of the nation's largest diocese boldly brags that the Los Angeles Archdiocese was one of the first to implement the zero-tolerance policy in 1988. He would have it appear as a sign of his far-sighted vigilance over his flock. He repeats this so often that many actually accept this flummery as true. Let me point out what really happened.

The Los Angeles and Orange Dioceses were forced by a judge to formally accept a "zero tolerance" policy as part of a $5.2 million settlement in the clergy abuse suit of Ryan DiMaria. Along with four other persons, DiMaria accused Msgr. Michael Harris of molesting them when they were teenagers. Diocesan officials apparently knew of allegations against Harris dating back to the 1970s, but did nothing (3). To keep the case from becoming public, Mahony accepted DiMaria's conditions, including installation of a "zero tolerance" policy.

3) Atila Sinke Guimarães, Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia, (Los Angeles: TIA, 2004), p.185.

What is more, it wasn't until February 2002 that Mahony applied the terms of the policy he had installed to old allegations against eight priests and removed them from ministry. So even with the "zero tolerance" policy he had been forced to adopt in place, it was virtually ignored – except for publicity purposes. Some rigor was applied only when the national clergy sex abuse scandal broke loose and the Catholic public began to demand accountability from Bishops. As investigations began in Los Angeles, many other cases came to light that demonstrated the Cardinal's complacency with guilty pedophile priests.

Was a radical "zero tolerance" policy being applied in L.A., as Mahony so often boasted? Hardly.

A Homosexual-Friendly Archdiocese

As the new Millennium dawned, the Los Angeles Archdiocese was known as one of the most homosexual-friendly in the United States. As early as 1991, Jim Johnson, caregiver to AIDS patients, openly stated that Roger Mahony was "surrounded by homosexual priests" and alluded to several "gay bishops" (4).

In 1993, the Cardinal helped to fund and produce the video A Journey for Understanding Gays and Lesbians in the Church. The video affirmed that there was nothing wrong with any "gay" or lesbian person whatsoever, that "being gay was a blessing and a gift," and had "something prophetic toward remodeling the Church" (5) In 1996, the L.A. Archdiocese celebrated a Mass for its "lesbian and gay Catholics" during "Gay and Lesbian Pride Week" in West Hollywood, and sponsored a booth at its "Pride Festival." In 1997, Cardinal Mahony himself said the Mass and delivered the homily for The National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries at its annual convention in Long Beach.(6)
4) Ibid., p. 87.
5) Ibid., pp. 87-88.
6) Ibid., p. 90.

Mahony also founded a diocesan office of "ministry to lesbian and gay Catholics" as early as 1986. He headed it up with an openly homosexual priest, Fr. Peter Liuzzi, who had nothing but praise for the Cardinal for never "rebuking those gays and lesbians who are not celibate." The Archdiocese also sought out an openly pro-homosexual Jesuit psychologist for its priests, Fr. Curtis Bryant (7).

The same open tolerance for homosexuality prevailed at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, where seminarians spend the first four of their seven years of priestly training. A Newsweek article (May 20, 2002) reported 30-70 percent of the seminarians at St. John's were "gay and bisexual." Seminarians forced to leave for being "too rigid" have described across-the-board tolerance of homosexuality and no teaching on the Church's proscription of it (8). In the sordid atmosphere of a number of post-Vatican II seminaries like this, many sodomites have been ordained priests, protecting and promoting one another in what has been named "the lavender Mafia" (9)
7) "The Shocking 22-Year Record of LA's Archbishop," Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, December 2002.
8) Robert Kumpel, "They Didn't Think It Was Any Big Deal: Homosexuality and St. John's Seminary," Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission, July/August 2002.
9) Guimarães, Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, pp. 117-119.

Has the climate of tolerance for homosexuality changed in the Los Angeles
Archdiocese? While it is not so open or visible – the Gay and Lesbian Ministry office was closed in 2002 for financial reasons – there is no indication of any attitude change.

In an April 27, 2002 interview on Fox News (10), Mahony boasted about the warm and wonderful relationship of the Archdiocese with its "very large gay, lesbian community." He also affirmed that homosexuals should be allowed to be ordained priests, that a homosexual or heterosexual inclination was irrelevant so long as the person was able to commit himself to a lifelong life of celibacy (11).

Mahony shields himself behind the progressivist lie that there is "no relationship whatsoever" between homosexuality and pedophilia. However, even a progressivist expert on the topic, Fr. Donald Cozzens, clearly affirms the opposite. Id est, that regarding the clergy, the two vices are profoundly linked since 90 percent of the priest abusers target teenager boys (12). If the abused teen is under 16, the priest is termed a pedophile, if he is older, the priest is called a homosexual. It is the same vice divided by a thin line of age difference in the victims.

So while the Cardinal drones "zero tolerance" to the press like a broken record, his unconditional support of homosexuality and his personal acceptance of homosexual priests seems to indicate a strong complacency toward the sexual abuse of teenagers over 16, to say the least.

10) "Is the Catholic Church Doing Enough?" transcript of April 27 interview of Rita Cosby with Cardinal Mahony,, April 29, 2002.
11) Ibid.
12) Daniel Cozzens, The Changing Face of the Priesthood , pp. 123-4.

Cover-ups everywhere

It would fill a book to detail the many cases of cover-up of the L.A. Cardinal regarding pedophile priests. Even so, the work would be incomplete, because it is certain that much remains that is unknown. I will simply set forth several cases for the reader to see the pattern that emerges.

Most notably Cardinal Mahony is accused of assigning Fr. Michael Baker to various parishes for a decade after the priest admitted to the Cardinal in 1986 that he had abused some boys. Baker continued to molest boys until 1999. Then, when two brothers who claimed to be molested by Baker threatened to sue the Archdiocese in 2000, Mahony paid them $1.3 million to keep the case quiet (13). Only in 2002 did Mahony report Baker - along with about ten others - to law enforcement. This was the same Prelate, I remind you, who in 1988 firmly stated that he would "never deal with a problem of sexual abuse on the part of priest or deacon by simply moving him to another ministerial assignment." He made this public statement at the very same time that he was dealing with Baker's abuses, transferring him to other parishes…

Another volatile case where Mahony admitted his error much too late to protect the innocent is that of Fr. Michael Wempe. Even though Mahony knew Wempe was accused of pedophilia, in 1988 he reassigned Wempe to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as chaplain without informing officials there of the serious accusations against the priest. Only in March 2002 did Mahony ask Wempe to retire from the active clergy. Obviously, Mahony was aware of the accusations. Later, in September 2003, Fr. Wempe was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing another child in his chaplain's office at the hospital from 1990 to 1995 (14). One more innocent child, therefore, was sacrificed because of Mahony's complicity.

At a press conference, SNAP director Mary Grant holds a pair of handcuffs and calls for the arrest of pedophile priest protector Roger Mahony

Another scandal flared in April 2002 after Mahony appointed his close friend Fr. Carl Sutphin as an associate pastor at the new Cathedral of Los Angeles, despite his knowledge that Sutphin was accused of sexually assaulting boys in the 1960's and 70's. One of his victims, Andrew Cicchillo, stated he had written a letter to Cardinal Mahony in 1991. In exchange for his silence, the Cardinal promised that Sutphin would retire and not be allowed to wear a collar. In 1995, however, Sutphin was given a position at St. Bibiana's Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. With the new Cathedral appointment, Cicchillo came forward and protested. So, only in February 2002 under public pressure was Mahony forced to permanently remove Sutphin from his ministry (15).

In Spring 2002 Mahony was again in the news proclaiming openness and transparency and pledging to do "all that is humanly possible" to prevent sexual abuse in the nation's largest Archdiocese. The same month Rita Miller came forward and asked Mahony to help her identify which of seven priests who consistently sexually abused her 20 years ago was the father of her daughter. She became pregnant at age 16. She said the Archdiocese tried to cover up the abuse by arranging for her to go to the Philippines where she delivered her baby. She stated Mahony approved regular payment to her chief molester, who allegedly was counseled by the Archdiocese to flee the country to protect himself from law enforcement officers (16).

13) Guimarães , Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, p. 185.
14) Richard Winton, "Priest Held Again in Alleged Sex Abuse," Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2003.
15) Guimarães , Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, p. 207.
16) Ron Russell, "Cardinal Cover-Up," Los Angeles New Times, May 2, 2002.

One of the latest problems for Mahony comes from a case from his past. I refer to the notorious sex abuse trials involving two Stockton-area brothers who had been abused by Fr. Oliver O'Grady from the time they were toddlers until they were in their late teens. The Cardinal, who was Bishop of Stockton during a critical period addressed in the lawsuit, testified at the 1998 civil trial involving the former priest. Mahony had ordered an evaluation after the priest himself admitted to him that he was a molester. Then, even after a negative report, Mahony went on to reassign O'Grady to another parish, where he abused victims for years to come. The jury awarded $30 million in damages to the brothers, later reduced to $13 million (17).

In 2003 six more child abuse suits against O'Grady were filed, and Cardinal Mahony's testimony is being sought because plaintiffs' lawyers believe he knew O'Grady was a pedophile, but transferred and promoted him anyway. So Mahony has dodged and delayed the deposition with a number of ingenious ploys. In July 2004, a plaintiff's attorney asked a judge to hold Mahony in contempt of court for his delays and stonewalling of justice (18). The question necessarily arises: Why does Mahony go to such lengths to refuse to testify unless he is hiding more information that could be helpful to the plaintiffs in these - and perhaps other - cases?

A national survey report released in February 2004 showed Mahony had also allowed at least 10 priests with civil cases filed against them in 2003 to stay in active ministry, among them Msgr. Richard Loomis, former vicar of the clergy, the one who actually oversaw misconduct allegations against priests. Loomis' parishioners were told he had the Cardinal's "complete confidence." But when another Loomis accuser came forward, the Cardinal finally had to remove his friend, placing the priest on paid leave. How did Mahony wiggle out of this difficult situation? The crafty fox used the opportunity to falsely assert that this case proved his stern policy of protection was working. More accurately, Mary Grant, a director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, said Mahony's action made a "glaring example" that what he promises and what he does are two different things (19).

From these cases, we can see the Cardinal routinely failed to report errant priests to authorities until a 1997 California law compelled disclosure. He also habitually reassigned priests with long records of sexual abuse to places with access to children. The "one-strike-and-you're-out" Cardinal himself holds a dismal record of protecting pedophile priests. In other words, his touted policy of "zero tolerance" is a ruse and a lie, and he is complacent with pedophile priests.

17) Guimarães , Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, p. 183.
18) Jean Guccione, "Mahony's Testimony Is Sought," Los Angeles Times, July 1, 2004.
19) William Lobdell and Larry Stammer, "Mahony Criticized by National Review Board," Los Angeles Times, February 28, 2004.

Master of Delays

Mahony said he would appeal the September 2004 court order to give prosecutors personnel files. Yet another delay tactic that tests the credibility and moral leadership of the Cardinal.

Los Angeles Times , September 9, 2004

Mahony, backed by his high-powered, high-cost attorneys, is a master in the tactic of delay. With fox-like cunning, he protests loudly that his first priority is care for the victims. Threatened with a grand jury investigation in May 2002, Mahony vowed to give law enforcement officials all the documents tied to molestations by his priests. "We want every single thing out, open and dealt with, period," he said (20).

Notwithstanding, to this day, the Archdiocese continues to present legal snags that keep 2,000 pages of documents out of the hands of law enforcement. Even after grand jury subpoenas and stern admonitions from the National Review Board, Mahony has refused to release the documents or disclose the names of 33 accused clerics, including six in active ministry (21). .

After 27 months of delay tactics by archdiocesan lawyers, on September 8, 2004, a state judge ruled that the Cardinal does not have the right to keep personnel files private and must turn them over. What was the response? Lead counsel for the Archdiocese announced the Cardinal plans to appeal the decision, possibly delaying the file handover for many more months, possibly years (22).

Therefore, instead of helping the victims in the more than 400 civil cases the Archdiocese faces, he works to slow the process down and hurt the victims, who were counting on the private documents that Mahony had promised to release. What is happening here, noted Richard Sipe, former Benedictine monk and expert on sexual abuse in the Church, is that Bishops like Mahony who say they want transparency are exposing themselves as liars (23). They are obviously more interested in child predators and their own careers than the victims and their flocks.

20) "Mahony Resisting Disclosure," Los Angeles Times, March 3, 2003.
21) William Lobdell and Larry Stammer, "Mahony Criticized by National Review Board," Los Angeles Times, February 28, 2004.
22)Jean Guccione, "Judge Rules Mahony Must Provide Files," Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2004.
23) Lobdell and Stammer, "Mahony Criticized," ibid.

Taking Advantage of the Crisis

When one analyzes the practical consequences of the Cardinal's reaction to the clergy sexual abuse scandals, one can see that Mahony has actually tried to take advantage of the dismal situation to forward the progressivist agenda. He has exploited the villainous crisis to bring up the question of priestly celibacy, suggesting that this could be the real root of the sexual abuse scandal in the clergy and that a married clergy should be a topic open for discussion.

I would not be surprised if the Cardinal-Fox would go even further and depict this crisis as a good fruit of Vatican II. My suspicions are not ungrounded, since he claimed just such a thing about the tragic vocations crisis the Church has suffered in this post-Vatican II period. In his 2000 pastoral letter, As I Have Done for You, he made the astounding statement that the vocations crisis in the Church was "one of the many fruits of Vatican II, a sign of God's deep love for the Church" because, without priests, there is yet more opportunity for the laity to participate in the liturgy …

I would agree with the Cardinal that the vocations crisis is a fruit of Vatican II, but a bad fruit, and not a good one as he says. I would also propose to him that a root cause for the torrent of pedophilia and homosexuality that inundates the Catholic clergy and Hierarchy is that same Ecumenical Council. As Atila S. Guimarães points out in his timely work, Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, this crisis is "without a doubt a consequence of the moral leniency that was established in the Church after Vatican II."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony dodged the bullet

John Paul II and Cardinal Mahony dodged the bullet, again. Like father like son, John Paul II dodged the bullet in Rome in 1981, his clone Mahony also dodged the bullet in Los Angeles. Except that this time Mahony got no assassin to blame because the culprit is the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and their eternal legacy of Catholic church pedophilia. (See

The stench of priest pedophilia that John Paul II left behind is costing the church only a mere 2 billion dollars to date - including the $600 Million that Los Angeles will pay out to the 500 victims next Monday. Small dent in the Catholic church bank account. Piece of cake. Peanuts. Too bad, the JPII-clone Cardinal Mahony dodged the bullet and will not appear in court like Conrad Black did and testify - because for the multiple cover-up and obstruction Mahony did, he could rut in jail and in hell 500 hundred times over. The price of secrecy, Benedict's XVI Crimen Sollicitationis and the value of the priesthood have no price tag and the Catholic church would rather pay for the cover-up of the quarter of century of sexual pillage on more than 12,000 American children committed by the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. (See

Of all the many news articles today, this one below seems ok. There seems to be a laissez-faire mainstream media coverage in LA. Every professional journalist seems to be parroting and reporting the same line from the same source newsroom. (Where have all the good reporters gone? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind). No journalist seems to know why -- how come no one (theologians, hello!) in Los Angeles is demanding Cardinal Mahony to resign -- like Boston did with Cardinal Bernard Law? The Boston Globe and media in Boston were more united with the victims then. In Los Angeles, life's a party in the beach. Perhaps the Pacific Ocean wind smells stronger than the stench of priest pedophilia. Or Cardinal Mahony got it contained deep in the (ugly architectural box) Basilica of the Angels.

Or could it be that most Catholics are trapped in silence and choking within the tentacles of OctopusDei?

Compare the CRIMES and their VICTIMS in America

Victims - Attackers - Responsible Leader

Pearl Harbor - 3,000 victims - 170 planes - Admiral Yamamoto

WTC & 9/11 attacks - 5,000 victims - 19 Muslims - Osama bin Laden

USA Priest Pedophilia - 12,000 victims - 5,148 priests - John Paul II & Benedict XVI

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony celebrating Mass in May 2006.

This is the "holy" face of a Cardinal who tried everything to protect his pedophile priests in Los Angeles and to obstruct justice by hiding their personal files from the court. This is the clone of John Paul II who belongs to the Third Reich of the Mystical Body of the JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priest Army.

Settlement Near on Abuse Cases in Los Angeles

Published: July 15, 2007

Lawyers for more than 500 people who say they were abused by Roman Catholic clergy members said last night that they had settled their lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles for $660 million.

If approved, it will be by far the largest payout made by any single diocese since the clergy sexual abuse scandals first became public in Boston in 2002. It will dwarf the $85 million paid for 552 claims by the Archdiocese of Boston.

The lawyers in the Los Angeles cases said the settlement would be announced today, a day before jury selection was set to begin in the first of the cases. Any agreement would require a judge’s approval.

Tod M. Tamberg, director of media relations for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, said in an e-mail message that the only comment he could make was, “The archdiocese will be in court Monday at 9:30 a.m.”

A lawyer for the archdiocese did not return calls for comment.

Raymond P. Boucher, the lawyer who is representing 242 of the plaintiffs in the Los Angeles cases, confirmed in a telephone interview yesterday that a deal would be announced today for $660 million.

“Everything just fell into place,” Mr. Boucher said.

The settlement, which archdiocese officials have said would require the sale of church property, appeared to bring the drawn-out legal wrangling to a close.

“This will resolve all of the cases against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles,” said Katherine K. Freberg, an Irvine, Calif., lawyer who represents 109 plaintiffs. “It’s a global settlement.”

The Los Angeles cases have been particularly complex because they involve so many victims, multiple insurance companies, many Catholic religious orders whose own priests and brothers stand accused, and a prominent archbishop, Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who has cast himself as an ally of victims but has been accused by them of intransigence.

Many dioceses in California have been hit by large numbers of lawsuits because the state passed a law in 2002 that opened a one-year window for cases to be filed without regard to the statute of limitations.

Steven Sanchez, a 47-year old financial adviser who is one of the plaintiffs in the case set to begin on Monday, said he had been girding himself to testify about the abuse he suffered when he was 9 or 10 years old, and he said he wanted to see church officials called to account in a courtroom.

Asked before the settlement was disclosed what he would do with any money he might receive, Mr. Sanchez said simply, “Where can you take that check and cash it that will make you 10 years old again?”

Cardinal Mahony announced in May that, to raise money for a settlement, the archdiocese would sell its administrative building on Wilshire Boulevard and might sell about 50 other church properties that were not being used by parishes or schools.

Mr. Boucher’s co-counsel, Laurence E. Drivon, said, “The primary motivation for the archdiocese to settle is that it is substantially likely that if they don’t resolve these cases they’re going to get hit” for much more than the settlement amount.

The Associated Press was the first news organization to report on Saturday that the archdiocese had agreed to a settlement.

Cardinal Mahony had been expected to be called to testify in the case that was set to begin on Monday, involving what the archdiocese knew about two decades of alleged abuse by one priest — the Rev. Clinton Hagenbach, who died in 1987. Cardinal Mahony became archbishop of Los Angeles in 1985.

The trial scheduled for Monday is only one of more than a dozen that had been set to start between now and January.

A settlement would require the archdiocese to make public its confidential files that could shed light on which church officials knew of the abuse accusations, and when they knew, Mr. Boucher said. Many of the accused priests had multiple victims because they were moved by their superiors from one parish to another when accusations arose.

Mary Grant, 44, is an abuse victim whose case was settled by the Diocese of Orange, in California, and is a plaintiff in the Los Angeles cases. Ms. Grant is Western regional director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and counsels other victims. She said any settlement in Los Angeles would be “a bitter release.”

“We understand there are survivors who are desperately in need of medical care, therapy,” she said. “They may not be able to go through a trial. But on the other hand, there are many survivors really who’ve wanted their day in court.”

She added: “It’s been a long, hard five-year battle for survivors in Los Angeles. So I think that probably a sense of temporary relief that may come from it.”

The Los Angeles Archdiocese, its insurers and several Roman Catholic religious orders, including the Carmelites, the Franciscans and the Jesuits, have already paid a total of $114 million in several separate agreements, to settle 86 claims.

Lawsuits over sexual abuse have already cost the Roman Catholic church in the United States more than $1.5 billion. Each diocese must handle the costs on its own, with no assistance from the Vatican. Few cases have gone to trial, usually because of laws on the statute of limitations.

Settlements are far more common, and victims in California have consistently won some of the largest payouts. In California, the Diocese of Orange paid $100 million for 90 abuse claims in 2004 and the Diocese of Oakland paid $56 million to 56 people in 2005. The Diocese of Covington, in Kentucky, paid about $85 million to about 350 people.

Five dioceses have filed for bankruptcy protection: San Diego; Davenport, Iowa; Portland, Ore.; Spokane, Wash.; and Tucson.

David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said of the reported settlement: “They should feel incredibly proud, and Catholics should be very grateful to them. Without their courage, dozens of predators would still be unknown and maybe working in parishes today, and we would know absolutely nothing about who covered up these crimes.”

He said, however, “We don’t know as much as we would have if some of these cases had gone to trial.”

Michael Parrish contributed reporting from Los Angeles.

Monday, July 09, 2007

John Paul II cohort in crime Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles

Cardinal Mahony just celebrated the feastday of the June Mystical Bride of John Paul II -- St? Josemaria Escriba the founder of Opus Dei at the Basilica of the Angels in Los Angeles. So per advice of the Opus Dei (who control him), he should (not appear in court to testify) settle the 500 sex abuse cases John Paul II and Benedict XVI covered-up for more than a quarter of a century -- since the Los Angeles is worth 4 Billion anyway and the insurance will pay most of it. 500 million is not even a small dent in the bank account of Los Angeles diocese. The Cardinal and the Opus Dei modus operandi will simply be to raise funds again, using the imminent beatification and canonization of John Paul II as bait to get into rich Catholics wallets ...(even if the millions of JPII relics ordered to be produced in China cannot heal any priest pedophilia victims)

See "On the Lot: MR. John Paul II and MRS Josemaria de Opus Dei, the new Mystical Marriage in the Catholic Church"
June -

See " Benedict XVI and Georg his gay? Private Secretary are GAYS.!."
June -

Archdiocese seeks a settlement as 500 sex abuse cases head for trial

The payout could go as high as half a billion dollars, the largest in the country. 'The day of reckoning is near,' says a lawyer for plaintiffs.

Read the full article - July 9, 2007

"This could be a Katrina moment..."

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